From Easter to the Grand National, the April showers certainly hit Chester this month.

Despite the rain, we’ve been very busy! Here’s all the Salience gossip you’ve been waiting for with a dash of industry news.

Google was at it again

Following the broad core algorithm update in March, Google confirmed it released another one this April.

Last month’s update left some site owners feeling annoyed after rankings were down on sites that usually perform well. They were then told that there was ‘no fix’ other than to focus on building great content.

They had no new information to give on this latest update and instead referred to their previous advice.

Luckily, we summarised it in this handy article. You’re welcome!


Extended copy can improve page ranking

So, if you read the article we suggested above, you’ll already know this.

But if you’ve not yet read the full thing (we forgive you), we want to highlight our findings on the impact of extended copy.

Treating page copy like a guide or short article instead of traditional SEO copy has been proven to improve page rankings within a few weeks. We know this because we’ve done it with our own clients. Here’s an example of some page copy we did for Dreams on wardrobes.

What you’ll notice is it answers questions, gives suggestions and still manages to get in all the ‘wardrobe’ related keywords in. As the copy is located at the bottom of the page, it doesn’t hinder the user experience but also provides information if they should need it.

If you’re wishing your site copy looked like this but aren’t sure where to start, speak to us and we’ll show you how.

Welcome baby Finn!

We gained a new mini Insider this month as our Account Manager Gavin and his wife Treasa welcomed their beautiful son into the world. Baby Finn was born on 10th April and is thriving. Congratulations!

Baby Finn

Furniture News loved our report

Our latest Home Furnishings Digital Insight Report was featured in Furniture News this month.

Some of the highlights from the report included:

  • Wayfair moved to the top of the market for visibility after a 67% increase
  • Ikea topped the social charts with the highest number of brand searches and biggest owned social score
  • They also gained the highest average numbers of links, gaining coverage from multiple Tier 1 publications

You can read the full report here.

Mobile-first indexing notifications go live

The mobile-first index was first introduced to webmasters back in 2016. We wrote an article all about it last year.

You may have noticed some messages from Google Search Console about your site being ‘enabled’ for mobile-first indexing.

That’s because the notifications have finally been rolled out. The messages state:

‘This means that you may see more traffic in your logs from Googlebot Smartphone. You may also see that snippets in Google Search results are now generated from the mobile version of your content.’

It’s official – mobile is no longer the future, it’s the present!

Read the full Search Engine Land article about it here.


Stat happy

Who doesn’t love a solid statistic to back up their strategy? We came across this fantastic article by – 30 Content Marketing Statistics, Trends & Data For Your 2018 Strategy.

With insight from the length of time people are spending looking at your content to the most popular ways they do it, there are so many insider tips that you can take away and use to your advantage.

April Birthdays

It wouldn’t be a monthly roundup without a birthday shout-out.

First up we had Director James who celebrated on 24th.

And Nate’s birthday was the following day!

They both got a lovely new golf club which Andy insists were not on a 241 deal…

Clayton and nate birthdays

Disclaimer – we asked the birthday boys for some pictures of themselves and this is what they provided!

That’s all for this month! Keep an eye on our Magazine for any other industry or agency updates.