It may be silly season in the media world, but there’s no shortage of news from Salience HQ this month…

4th August – Great Results for Factory Direct Flooring

When we first started working with this Warwickshire-based flooring firm, they were down 51% YOY for organic traffic. This month our SEO team were pleased to reveal that they’re now up 81.8% YOY – yay!

FDF banner

7th August – The Big Move

If you spotted any red-faced people carrying all manner of office supplies along Pepper Street and wondered what on Earth was going on, ponder no more. This month we said a (not-so) fond farewell to our St. John Street home and moved all of 100m down the road to our new office at Newgate House.

A special mention goes to Andy Jobber and Lucy Skelton who acted as personal chauffeurs to our beloved goldfish, Mike.

1st August – Happy Eighth Birthday!

We celebrated eight years of ups, downs and beers with a birthday party, complete with sweet-stuffed party bags to take home. A scavenger hunt saw us divided into teams and sent running all around Chester in search of Roman soldiers, happy dogs and red doors to take photos with. Here are a few of our favourites photos…

Inside online party treasure hunt
One of these is not like the others…

Eight years in business marks some HUGE changes for Salience (formerly Inside Online) – but more about those another time. We said goodbye to Hatty, our yoga-loving Sales and Marketing Manager, and welcomed Dave, one of our web developers, as a permanent member of staff. Much to the joy of the office dog lovers, Dave comes complete with a fluffball called Chewbacca – despite the name, he’s adorable. No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of him on our social channels!

Chewy the dog
Chewy giving the puppy dog eyes

18th August – Motoring On

We dispatched this year’s Motor Insurance Digital Insight Report, an analysis which compares the top players in this competitive market from an online perspective. The report got us coverage in two key industry titles – check them out on Insurance Business Magazine and Insurance Post.

23rd – 24th – Lucy Goes to London To Buy Heat Magazine

Lucy, our Digital Project Manager and resident Wrike wizard, enjoyed a few days in the capital learning about all things management. Under the guidance of leadership guru Denis Howlett, she learned about the various management methodologies, from the traditional waterfall to scrum and agile, and how to use them in a digital environment.

Denis Howlett speaking
Wise words from Denis Howlett

She came back with a Certification of Continued Professional Development from Econsultancy and can’t wait to start using her learnings across the business!

26th August – Brett’s Birthday

Happy birthday to our Head of Content and office bookworm!

Brett as a baby
Young Brett the dog whisperer

29th August – The Great British Bake Off Begins

Are you a fan of Flo or supporting team Tom? Take your side, because the annual office GBBO sweepstake has begun… and there can only be one winner!

See you next month for more Salience news!