February – the month of Valentine’s, pancakes and snowy weather.

Aside from all that, there have been big changes in IO this month. Here’s the Salience February scoop.

KFC said ‘FCK’

KFC had a nightmare this February when their new suppliers failed to deliver chicken to most of their branches across the UK causing them to close.

Consumers were livid, with one angry customer furiously ranting that she ‘had to go to Burger King’ in a news clip that went viral. There were also reports of KFC meals being sold for over £25,000 on eBay.

After a week of this madness, they were ready to issue a statement. So they printed a simple image of the signature Bargain Bucket with the acronym spelling FCK complete with a sincere apology in the Metro. A fantastic piece of marketing if ever we’ve seen one.

They’ve since followed up with a Twitter campaign highlighting customer FAQs and answers. They’ve also created a Direct Message feed which tells you your nearest open branch of KFC.

Going local

Did you know that nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location? Our PPC Manager Nate shared this article from Search Engine Land about How to create content to support local SEO.

In it, you’ll find tips on ranking for local search results including creating local content ideas, local SEO and local link building. Author Kristopher Jones says:

When we think of local SEO, we often think of just the basics, acquiring local directory links and registering for Google My Business. While these are important, local SEO has many more advantages over broad SEO, especially with the continued rise of mobile search.

Two of our IOers flew the coop…

After almost 18 months, we said a sad goodbye to our PR and Outreach Executive, Helen. She’s gone to Manchester to study Journalism, so look out for her name in print soon!

And our very talented designer Lucy left to pursue a career change. It’s the end of an era.

We’ll miss them in the office but wish them both all the luck in the world.



Link up

If you’re trying to 1-up your link strategy or just fancy hearing what makes up the highest performing content marketing campaigns, this article is ideal. Featured on Moz, the piece comes from Fractl‘s Associate Marketing Director Kerry Jones. She discusses the success of campaigns based on factors such as emotional response, the broadness of appeal and surprise factor.

Say hello to Koa

If you follow us on social media you’ve probably already seen our #PuppyPics.

Our PPC Manager Nate has a new addition to the household. He adopted gorgeous Border Collie pup Koa and we’re all in love. He’ll be our new Office Apprentice and our third IO pooch.

Koa border collie puppy

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