Trick or treat? Find out what happened this month at Salience HQ…

News of the Month – Shortlisted for Multiple Awards

If this month were an episode of Friends, it would have to be called ‘The One with the Nominations’. Our first thrilling victory of the month happened when we found out that our client Sunny had picked up a nomination at the Drum Social Buzz Awards for its finance and lifestyle magazine, Good Vibes. Next came┬áthe Drum Content Awards, in which both Sunny and Factory Direct Flooring have been recognised; at the CMAs, Sunny is up for yet another award, this time accompanied by Dreams. Last but not least,┬áDreams scooped up another nomination for its SEO strategy – this time at the UK Search Awards. Find out how we did in next month’s roundup.

Awards logos

7th – 9th – Google Search Algorithm and Ranking Update

Towards the beginning of this month, our SEO team (and the industry as a whole) noticed some pretty big changes to Google’s algorithm. We saw some big ranking fluctuations following this unnamed update with industry tools pointing to the weekend of the 7th – 9th as the first few days that these changes were experienced. For more information, take a look at Search Engine Round Table’s write-up about the update.

13th – Manchester Design Festival

Friday 13th may be unlucky for some – but not for our designers, it seems! Armed with sketchbooks, Courtney, Lucy, Jess and James got to experience the fifth annual Manchester Design Festival, picking up the latest industry knowledge and gossip from arty influencers.


24th – The Highlight Launches

After a combined effort from our development, design and content teams, we launched online magazine The Highlight for beauty e-retailer Gorgeous Shop. If you want to know more about making your own at-home spa treatments or learn what hair washing crimes you’re guilty of, it’s the place for you.

The Higlight Face page

27th – Brett Goes Viral

We’ve rarely seen our Head of Content Brett happier than when he announced that George Takei of Star Trek fame had shared his video on Facebook. The 1 Second Every Day video documents the pregnancy of his first baby – yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds. If you speak to him this week, expect to hear the current view count.

30th – Farmageddon

You could probably hear the screams from Mars when the team headed to Farmaggedon in Lancashire. This is a farm like no other, with monsters lurking around every corner ready to pounce on nervous digital marketers! We managed to escape with our lives – but only just…

Inside Online team at Farmageddon

Birthday Round-Up

This month we said happy birthday to Developer Dave, Head of SEO Harry and Content Manager Chris!

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us! We’ll let you know how we get on next month…