Its winners of the month.

We as a company, nor I as a person have done this before.

What’s this? Its winners of the month baby.

What’s that? It’s where I glorify high performing digital marketing teams and make them feel AMAZING about their accomplishments.

Like a cheap gigolo, I’ll make you feel good for ten minutes, only in the hope that you pay at the end.

Were gonna look across all the high performers we’ve taken note of over September.

My legs are hairless, I have struck a pose and tonight my typically dusty cowboy boots are clean enough to create a seductive red glimmer off the traffic lights.

Prepare to feel AMAZING.

Social Media Winners

Perfume/ Fragrance market –

Outdoor Retailers –

Holiday Cottages –

Car Dealerships –

These brands are the leading forces of social in their respected categories.

What are the commonalities that have lead them to success?

  1. They post on their platforms daily, if not more
  2. The feeds are not ads – They don’t just peddle products
  3. A multimedia approach is applied, using images & video content heavily.
  4. It’s relevant! They know their audience. See this video from Auto trader:

Trust Scores & Review Winners

Google & your customers want to trust you.

While customers leave reviews, Google is taking notes, it has a naughty list, you best hope your not on it.

Presenting a positive customer review profile is clearly important for a business, irrelevant of ranking factors.

Do business owners & directers understand the first rule of business? i.e. “The customer is always right”

The evidence suggests… sorta.

Among the 139 brands we analysed in September:

  • 11% had no trust pilot profile at all.
  • 27% were rated as ‘poor’ (1 & 2.9 stars)
  • 29% were average  ( 3 – 3.9 stars)
  • 32% were good/ excellent (4 – 5 Stars)

  • On average those rated as poor had 176 reviews
  • Those rated as average had 2,205 reviews
  • Good/ excellent had 9,090 reviews

A winner in this category? – just shy of 80,00 reviews with 86% of them rated as ‘excellent’ they chose to plant their Trustpilot profile right in the middle of their homepage. Clearly its something they are proud of and continuously work on.

A seriously impressive effort and a clear focus on customer satisfaction is demonstrated here.

The Organic ‘Winners’

Here we have our four winners, not necessarily ‘big boys’. But ones who strive to be. is a standout performer, bagging +184% YoY growth, growing twenty times faster than their sector. (+9%).

If I could grow x1.5 every a year, by 2025 I’d be fulfilling that dusty gigolo fantasy. Yeah, that’s right, 6.5″ bro.

The growth gets even more impressive over two years, growing x2.5 times their original size:

(This graph moves! Click it to animate)

The cause of this growth? Clever content marketing? Data-driven insights? Stellar site structure and navigation?

Answer: None of the above – it’s merely one of our digital-age gods smiling fondly. The God smiling is comparable with an ancient god of destruction. One who holds both benevolent and fearsome depictions.

The god I’m talking about? Google.

Their choice of weapon to smite with? Algorithm updates.

However, our God does not always smite, for sometimes it is forgiving, and even, rewarding. Amen.

What the hell am I talking about?

See the first spike in September 2019?

That’s exactly when Googles ‘September 2019 Core Update’ was released.

You thought I was here to make you feel good? Wrong.

Like any good “adult servicing professional” I make you feel kinda bad before I make you feel good.

(ok, I’m done with gigolo analogies)

All credit to Independent cottages for maintaining steady growth for another 12 months post-update.

It will have meant lots of analysis, understanding their users & market all whilst applying the basics that no one seems to get right. Seriously guys, awesome work.

This year, you’ve entered the VIP, the top 10 biggest holiday cottages in the UK,

You ARE one of the big boys.

I’ll be watching.