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  • Find out who is gaining the most links in the Office Supplies sector and who's gaining the highest quality links.
  • See who is topping the social charts in terms of brand searches and owned social score.

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  • ACS
    Choice Stationery
    Choice Stationery
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    Global Supplies
  • Office Stationery
    Office Stationery
    Office Range
    Office Range
    Office Team
    Office Team
    Post Office
    Post Office
    UK Office Direct
    UK Office Direct
  • ryman.co.uk
  • viking-direct.co.uk
  • officedepot.co.uk
  • postofficeshop.co.uk
  • lyreco.com
  • euroffice.co.uk
  • choicestationery.com
  • staples.co.uk
  • officemonster.co.uk
  • officestationery.co.uk
  • commercial.co.uk
  • officeteam.co.uk
  • ukofficedirect.co.uk
  • paperstone.co.uk
  • officesupplies.org.uk
  • dgos.co.uk
  • zenoffice.com
  • graysofficesupplies.co.uk
  • monkeyoffice.co.uk
  • a2bstationery.com
  • aosonline.co.uk
  • globalofficesupplies.co.uk
  • citrusofficesolutions.co.uk
  • jenkinsons.co.uk
  • acsacs.co.uk
  • officerange.com
  • officesuppliesnow.co.uk
  • qosonline.co.uk
  • knofficesupplies.co.uk
  • theofficesuppliessupermarket.com
  • opinfo.net
  • allsorts.co.uk
  • officexpress.co.uk
  • clares.co.uk
  • quillsuk.co.uk
  • ukosplc.com
  • frasersoffice.co.uk
  • principaloffice.co.uk
  • prismoffice.co.uk
  • comstatofficesupplies.co.uk
  • 5stareasyofficesupplies.co.uk
  • rossoffice.co.uk
  • bos4you.co.uk
  • mmoffice.co.uk
  • caboodle.co.uk
  • setoffice.co.uk
  • mayfairstationers.co.uk
  • officestationerywarehouse.co.uk

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Updated May 2018

Latest insights

  • ryman.co.uk has the best Link Authority Score in the industry
  • paperstone.co.uk has a high volume of referring links, however the average link is of poor quality
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: ryman.co.uk, ukofficedirect.co.uk and euroffice.co.uk
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: postofficeshop.co.uk & officestationery.co.uk

What we know about the Office Supply industry.

We’ve produced the latest annual Office Supplies Market Performance Report for 2018.

The report contains comparisons against competitors within the Office Supplies industry to give them a better insight into where they fit within it.

The top websites in the Office Supplies sector have been ranked and analysed in certain areas of performance. We’ve looked at technical and social aspects of sites to give qualitative scores on metrics such as Brand Reach, SEO Visibility and Link Authority. The tables show year on year change.

We’ve only featured the Office Supplies sites that performed the best this year in our 2018 report, but you can still get hold of data that includes your brand if you can’t see your name in the list. Get in touch, we’d love to speak to you about our data and send across a set that’s most relevant to you.

The Office Supply Industry Trends 2018

As well as gathering data to produce these reports we also analyse our findings to give you the top industry trends, highlights and see who’s doing well and why. This is what our research has drawn up for 2018:

Office Supplies SEO winners and losers

A site’s SEO performance can go up or down for various reasons. Data discovered throughout the report can aim to conclude why, but first, we like to see who are the frontrunners in the market and who needs to up their game in the coming year. We use Search Metrics to source our data; it lets us track huge keyword sets to see the historical performance of a brand online.

  • Staples remained the market leaders but have stagnated this year.
  • Ryman has climbed into 2nd place after a huge 67% increase last year, overtaking Viking Direct whose visibility was down 7%.
  • It’s been a hugely successful year for UK Office Direct (+219%) and Euroffice (+165%) who have had massive visibility increases.
  • It hasn’t been such a great year for Post Office Shop who lost 43% of their visibility.
  • Outside of the top three, the visibility drops significantly.

Keyword opportunities in the office supply industry

We’ve identified the 15 top competition keywords and 15 keywords that offer the best opportunity in terms of quick wins in the landscape.

  • Well done to Staples who is ranking for the highest competition keyword ‘office supplies’ and to Ryman who is ranking for the highest opportunity keyword ‘stationery’.
  • Viking Direct has also done well to win position 1 for the term ‘office furniture uk’. They’re competing with large home retailers and office furniture specialist to gain this spot.
  • UK Office Direct has also beat the big 3 retailers in this sector to gain position 1 for the term ‘office supplies uk’. Their listing also includes one-line sitelinks so customers can click directly on the category they want.

Key opportunity areas:

  • Optimise for types of paper – carbon, colour, copy and printer paper all feature in these tables. The people ranking have optimised their categories well with meta descriptions and title tags.
  • Think about offering guides where needed – a3, a4, and a5 searches all bring up a paper size guide with dimensions and diagrams. Why not create your own?
  • Don’t be scared to say cheap – none of our retailers is ranking in the top 3 for keywords ‘cheap office chairs’ or ‘cheap stationery’.

Google’s Venice update

Since 2012, the Venice update changed the way Google looks at local markets. Taking a user’s location into consideration, the search engine now populates results that appear most relevant to their location and query.

This is great for small businesses but means the competition can be harder than it was before. It looks like this is a Venice related market, so a blended organic and paid strategy is required when it comes to search.

Set up rank tracking to see where you rank well for each location in the UK. Sites that rank well organically can be excluded from your search campaign.

Which Office Suppliers are getting all the links?

Google uses links as a primary ranking factor. It’s not all about quantity; high-quality links are extremely valuable. We use Link Research Tools to measure the number of new links per month and the quality of the engagement for our featured brands.

Ryman is topping the link charts with an impressive average number of links of a high quality. Their Back to School Quiz has gained almost 300 unique links including ones from Buzzfeed and FQ Magazine. They also did a revision survey which was covered by Huffington Post UK and South Africa as well as the Sunday Post and regional newspapers.

Unique data pieces such as surveys are a fantastic way to build links. They give you something new to outreach and allow you to offer exclusive details to top tier publishers for those high domain authority links.

Staples has the highest average number of links per month. They do have a Knowledge Centre, but this isn’t gaining a great number of links. Instead, most links are going to their product images. They have some fantastic assets and in-depth guides for buying certain items. With a revised outreach strategy, they could gain some brilliant links on these pieces.

Zen Office falls under the high quality, low volume category for links. They clearly have a content marketing strategy in place with a blog that has branded feature images and covers important topics. However, their posts could be vastly improved by including H2s, images, and internal links. The blog itself is also difficult to navigate, displaying only 2 posts per page with no category options.

Google’s Danny Sullivan revealed on Twitter that companies should ‘remain focused on building great content’ to continue to perform well. Read our blog post all about it.

The office supplies market on social media

Nowadays, a brand’s presence on social media is essential for enhancing brand exposure and audience reach. By getting to know your brand better through social channels, you can turn your earned audience into an owned one. Owned audiences have a direct connection to your brand, improving relationships with existing customers and cultivating relationships with new prospects.

So, who out of these brands has their finger on the social pulse?

It’s first worth pointing out that Post Office Shop have a noticeably higher owned social score than any of the other retailers, but this is because they use the Post Office social media feeds to cover all aspects.

Of the remaining retailers, Ryman’s owned social score is the highest. And Ryman is, once again, topping the charts overall for social.

It’s unsurprising after seeing the variety over their social channels. Here are some of the things we loved about their social campaigns:

  • Their posts are topical, featuring content that relates to national days and events.
  • They use hashtags to make themselves appear more often in searches.
  • They post competitions which encourage likes, tags, and shares, opening them to a wider audience
  • They promote their products using high-quality images and videos with ideas on how to use them
  • They include links to their own articles

Lyreco has the highest number of brand searches per month.

Their Facebook feed includes a lot of the same things that Ryman’s has but also includes updates on events they’ve attended. Their Twitter feed is particularly insightful, and they often post about the charities they support and their staff achievements. This puts them in a positive light to customers as it shows they care about people, not just products.

Download the report to see where you fit in, or to get a better overall view of the office supplies market in the UK.

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