Are you tired of being told you don’t have the right experience for a job, but aren’t being given a chance to gain the experience needed? Well, the Salience Technical SEO Executive role is for you.

This entry-level opportunity is perfect for apprentices, graduates, career changers, fresh starters, and those looking to accelerate their knowledge and skills in the technical SEO industry.

We are looking for an individual with the right attitude, rather than the right experience.

About Salience

We are an agile search marketing agency that was founded way back in 2009. Our agile approach means we work in weekly sprints that give us the freedom and responsibility to plan our own week and pursue the work we are most passionate about. Located in Chester city centre, our office is over two floors and filled with a ping pong table, friendly dogs, beer taps, and much more!

We work hybrid with two days in the office and the rest of the week working from home:


SEO sprint teams head into the office for a day of collaboration to discuss client goals, strategies, campaign vision, client requests, and performance. We decide as a group which tasks are most important for achieving client goals and create that week’s sprint. This then sets us up for the rest of the week where we complete the tasks outlined on a Monday.


An in-office day for the whole Technical SEO team to discuss tasks, ideas, best practice changes, industry news, and more.

Learning and Development Opportunities

At Salience, we want to help you grow into your best self. This is why the Technical SEO Executive role comes with a robust support network to develop your skills and confidence:

Salience Technical SEO Academy

Salience has created a comprehensive Technical SEO Academy that covers a variety of topics from beginner website 101 to JavaScript SEO.

This Technical SEO Academy is required reading and will be the definitive introductory training resource with a 3-month target completion upon starting at Salience.

The training program expects independent learning, team collaboration, academy-specific tasks, and feedback sessions with your line manager.

Salience is confident that, if engaged with correctly, the material in the Technical SEO Academy can accelerate your development and knowledge in Technical SEO.

Supportive Technical SEO Team

In addition to the state-of-the-art Technical SEO Academy, the current Salience technical SEO team is made up of diverse skills and experience with SEO experts who are determined to support and facilitate your learning and development.

The Technical SEO team has decades of experience and comes from a variety of digital marketing backgrounds. This allows us to offer you significant support, collaboration, and education as you develop your technical SEO skillset.


  • Implementing and managing technical strategies for clients.
  • Play a critical role in improving website visibility, enhancing user experience, and driving organic traffic.
  • Conducting website audits to identify technical issues that may impact search engine rankings and user experience.
  • Collaborates closely with client site web developers and to ensure proper implementation of SEO recommendations
  • Provide technical guidance and support to ensure that websites are optimised for search engines and follow SEO best practices.
  • Conduct keyword research and analysis to identify relevant keywords and optimise websites accordingly
  • Optimise meta tags, headings, and on-page elements to improve keyword relevance and search engine visibility.
  • Staying updated with the latest search engine algorithm updates, SEO guidelines, and emerging trends is essential for a Technical SEO Executive.
  • Continuously educate yourself and adapt strategies to meet evolving industry standards and client needs.
  • Proactively address issues such as broken links, duplicate content, site speed, and mobile responsiveness.

Desirable Attributes

  • Comfortable using tools such as Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, SEO Monitor, and SEMrush to analyse website performance, crawlability, and indexability.
  • Proficient in utilising tools like Google Analytics to monitor website performance, track organic traffic, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Required Attributes

  • A Self-Starter: Takes initiative and is proactive in tackling tasks and challenges.
  • Detail-oriented: Pays close attention to specifics, ensuring accuracy and precision in work.
  • Engaged: Willing to fully commit themselves to the fresh challenges and opportunities being presented to them.
  • Problem Solver: Excels at identifying issues, developing solutions, and adapting to changing situations.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Clearly and effectively conveys thoughts, ideas, and information, whether in written or verbal form.
  • Positive Attitude: Maintains a constructive outlook and fosters a positive work environment.
  • Results-Driven: Sets and achieves goals, emphasising measurable outcomes.
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