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  • Delivered in a 1.5/hr video meeting, entirely free
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  • Identify the technical issues hidden on your site
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1.5/hr Meeting

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What's In This Free Strategy Audit?

This isn’t a bog-standard SEO audit tool…

10+ hours work, delivered in a 1.5/hr video meeting, entirely free.

Forget cobbled together screenshots, this audit provides real, actionable search marketing insight developed specifically to surge meaning full change + revenue.

We assess digital competence across 3 core pillars, we believe these pillars make foundations to fast track growth:

Tech SEO

The digital world moves fast, so why do agencies plan 12 months of activity during the pitch process?

Instead, our many award-winning campaigns revolve around agreed-upon goals and targets rather than tasks planned 12 month previously. With agile SEO and a multidisciplinary team of tech, content, design, and commercial-focused SEOs, we regularly analyse performance to ensure your brand is best set for success. And with that agile methodology at heart, we can morph to your current goals and challenges as often as they change.

This audit identifies the fundamentals, does your site meet best practices? Are you in the right place technically for stratospheric growth?

  •  Site structure – the basics, are your foundations well-laid? Have previous webmasters taken shortcuts?
  • Intent analysisSEO is less about keywords these days and more about servicing user intent. While keywords still matter, we discuss them through the lens of intent.
  • Technical Analysis – 1-2/hrs of an SEO consultant under the hood of your site. They’ll return actionable recommendations

Content & Experience

Content marketing is strategically creating, delivering and distributing valuable, useful and inspiring content to gain and maintain customers, to build links and to make your brand more prominent.

Our content marketing strategy is search-focused, persona-driven, and lean. We capture audiences at all stages of the customer lifecycle.

  • Awareness – Is the road paved for the user? Is onsite content genuinely valuable, selfless and well-placed?
  • Consideration – Do you answer all the questions customers have? Can your guide/Q&A and brand content differentiate you from your competition?
  • Intent – Is the right content in the right place? Are you generating traffic that makes purchases?

Digital PR & Link profile

Relevance, above all else.

We believe that the way for you to succeed in link-based search algorithms is through relevance-first Digital PR. Not outreach for SEO. Not link building.

We utilise what makes you unique to put you in front of your audience around the web. Developing entities around your brand, people and product to land coverage that drives brand salience, traffic and links.

  • Link Profile management – are you making the most of your existing links?
  • Digital PR – are your links part of the brand XP, or a detached SEO-play?

  • Why do this for free?

    You guessed it, for us, this is a chance to impress a potential client. However, don’t feel pressurised, we’re just as exited to share sound digital advice as we are to create holistically valuable campaigns.

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