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We understand that for charities making a true difference is the goal, often using a shoestring budget, so cost & ROI are Imperative. We've been working with Charities large and small to meet these demands for the last 10 Years.

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Our Approach To Digital For Charities & Non Profits

Aside from our longstanding experience providing digital marketing for charities, working with charities is principally important to us as it's our best way of giving back. We make sure that brands get the most out of their digital campaigns and available grants, so they can carry on making the world a better place.

We offer reduced rates for all registered charity digital marketing campaigns.

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"Over the past 5 years Salience have transformed our online search marketing programme"" Richard Moody, Head of Supporter Engagement - Crisis

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How We'd Do It

  • Free media spend with Google Ad Grants

    If you hold valid charity status and are based in the UK, you’re most of the way there to receiving $10,000 per month in free Google ad spend. Despite this, many UK charities are not using it at all or throwing away the cash through unoptimised campaigns.

    Application Help

    If you’re yet to utilise this grant, or your team is too small to deal with it, we’ll walk you through the application process to make sure everything goes to plan.

    Charity Campaigns

    If you’re using Google Ad Grants, but don’t feel you’re getting the most from it. Our Paid Media team can help you strategise, build and optimise your campaign to ensure you make the absolute most of your available grant.

  • Technical Fixes

    While every charity and the story that started it is different, there are certain things that we find on every new account that can drastically improve digital performance.

    Trust Your Data

    We’ve found issues in the analytics setups in nearly all of our client’s accounts. With data being the starting point of all marketing decisions, it’s imperative you can trust its integrity. We dedicate time to ensuring all the numbers add up.

    Technical SEO

    One of the biggest setbacks for charity sites is historical tech issues that restrict the amount of traffic you can achieve through search marketing. Our first month, ‘Sprint 0’ is dedicated to finding the biggest technical issues in the smallest time possible to identify what to work on first.


    Charities often have fewer available conversion points than larger sites, meaning each chance for conversion is more important. Our CRO team assess your site from a technical and from a user’s point of view to find areas to increase the number of users completing commercial actions on your site. These improvement actions will be prioritised to provide the maximum return as soon as possible.

  • Emotional Stories. Big Audiences.

    Charities always have an emotional story behind their existence. We help bring your story to life through compelling Content Marketing and paid media campaigns to ensure your potential audience stand with you.

    Paid Audiences

    There are a lot of humans these days, so why restrict your story to those who already know you? We look to expand the list of potential donors by exploring new interest and demographic groups, with the aim of reaching as many of the right kind of person as possible through traditional PPC and paid Social Media. We also have facilities to further digitise your story through video, opening up new levels of engagement and enabling new avenues for traffic.

    Content Marketing

    While paid media campaigns offer immediate returns, a strong content marketing campaign is the long play. Cheaper, and with a longer lasting effect, we create owned content platforms that enable you to become a publisher. We help you plan, create and distribute selfless content that will turn new audiences into loyal brand advocates who convert, with a lot of benefit to your organic traffic potential. We also ensure all new to site content is ran past our e-commerce SEO team to maximise organic potential too.

    Creative Copy

    Beyond big campaigns, we assess your core pages to see if they’re fully SEO optimised, and, if not, how to improve them. Good copy is almost always a quick and reliable way to increase your organic performance, and help potential customers buy into your principles as a charity.

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