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We are B2B specialists having worked with businesses such as Aurora and Avado. We continually stay up to date with market intelligence and trends to ensure our clients stay up to date and on top of their SEO strategy.

B2B Statistics & Trends

Around 5.7 million businesses operate within the UK. From manufacturing goods, constructing factories to providing services, these businesses contribute to the UK economy by employing around 27 million people. It is estimated that the annual output these employees generate is around £1.8 trillion.

A recent survey found that when businesses are selecting a lender, competitive interest rates are the most important factor. This survey also found that 27% of businesses applying for funding had already done so within the past 12 months. Why is funding for businesses becoming more sought after? Working capital, acquisition and refinance were some of the most common reasons for seeking more funding.

Globally, the banking system and its financial services are now bigger and more profitable than ever before. Banks have become more resilient over the last ten years which has led to better capitalisation.

Searching for Solutions

We were going to have to throw the ‘B-word’ in there somewhere… the uncertainty of Brexit harmed many businesses, especially for smaller ones. With many businesses already searching for solutions for their finance requirements, it is estimated that it will be more difficult for small businesses to get access to finance post-departure. To monitor B2B finance as the UK leaves the European Union, keep an eye on our annual reports.

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