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Brands Featured

  • officefurnitureonline.co.uk
  • varidesk.com
  • furniture-work.co.uk
  • wantdontwant.com
  • kitoutmyoffice.com
  • gof.co.uk
  • officereality.co.uk
  • btoffice.co.uk
  • onlinereality.co.uk
  • ajproducts.co.uk
  • huntsoffice.co.uk
  • bisleydirect.co.uk
  • rainbowzebra.co.uk
  • aston-james.co.uk
  • calibre-furniture.co.uk
  • southernofficefurniture.co.uk
  • bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk
  • msl-interiors.co.uk
  • brothersofficefurniture.co.uk
  • barkhamofficefurniture.co.uk
  • atlantisoffice.co.uk
  • officefurniturescene.co.uk
  • directofficesupply.co.uk
  • ofcg.co.uk
  • 121officefurniture.co.uk
  • nationalofficefurnituresupplies.co.uk
  • cityusedofficefurniture.co.uk
  • benchdesking.com
  • tcofficefurniture.co.uk
  • key.co.uk
  • officeinsight.co.uk
  • direct2u.co.uk
  • theworkplacedepot.co.uk
  • projectxoffice.co.uk
  • silverline-oe.com
  • functionofficefurniture.co.uk
  • dbifurnituresolutions.co.uk
  • equip4work.co.uk
  • planscape.co.uk
  • lofdirect.com
  • kingsofficefurniture.co.uk
  • officefurnitureplace.co.uk
  • somercotesofficefurniture.co.uk
  • piranhafurniture.com
  • chairoffice.co.uk
  • hallways.co.uk
  • hudsonsofficefurniture.co.uk
  • businessfurnitureonline.co.uk

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Latest insights

  • key.co.uk has the best Link Authority Score in the industry
  • key.co.uk has a high volume of referring links, however the average link is of poor quality
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: ajproducts.co.uk, key.co.uk and calibre-furniture.co.uk
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: officereality.co.uk & chairoffice.co.uk

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What is the Office Furniture Market Report?

This Office Furniture Market Report looks at the wins and losses of office furniture brand websites for the year.

Retailers and industry experts can use this data to benchmark their year’s successes against that of their competitors.

We’ve investigated each site’s performance across nine metrics, providing qualitative scores that are ranked against each other individually. This is where the best insight comes in, as your site may be topping the chart for Online Visibility but struggling to make the top ten for Link Authority or Brand Reach.

We can only showcase the top retailers in this report, otherwise, it would be far too long. But, if you don’t see yourself featured, fear not. Our data is sourced from the entire industry meaning we’ll have your metrics neatly stored away somewhere. Just ask and we’ll dig them out for you.

What will this report provide me with?

With this report, we’re giving brands in the online furniture industry a clear understanding of how their digital marketing efforts measure up to their main competition; a snapshot of the giftware and personalised gift industry’s digital performance for the year, considering visibility (current standings, movements, and events that may have contributed), and, perhaps most importantly, we discover industry trends and opportunities for digital growth.

The Office Furniture Market Report highlights where improvements can be made and what you’re doing right with your strategy so far.

Hundreds of marketers and business owners utilise Salience reports to further their understanding of the developing market and to get ahead of their competition. The last thing you want is to be left behind whilst other brands steam ahead up the search engine result pages.

Stay ahead of the curve and download our industry report now. Your digital strategy depends on it.

Our office furniture market analysis

The report is great at giving an overall view of the office furniture market and helping you to see where you fit within the rest of the retail brands. However, the following post does a deeper dive into the market, discussing who is doing well and why. We’ve pulled out examples of content, keyword wins and social media heroes to give you the best insight into this sector’s winners.

Use our furniture report along with this post you’re reading to get the best view of the industry.

Visibility winners & losers in the office furniture market

Generally, if you improve your visibility, other key performance areas like organic traffic, conversions and sales will improve too.

It’s been a fantastic year for this sector with eight of the top 10 making visibility gains.

Calibre Furniture raced into top position after gaining 36% visibility.

Key also improved their place from 4th to 2nd after an impressive increase of 58%.

AJ Products and Online Reality have had a massively successful year after improving their visibility by 272% and 130%, respectively. This has pushed their visibility over 1,000.

It hasn’t been such a great year for Furniture At Work who has seen themselves drop from 1st to 3rd position with a 24% decrease in visibility.

Office Reality also struggled, losing 30% of their visibility.

Making up the top 10, all with visibility increases are Office Furniture Online (16%), Direct Office Supply (9%), Hunts Office (2%) and Piranha Furniture (103%).

What keywords are up for grabs in the office furniture market?

There are some keywords which are highly competitive and therefore can be difficult to rank for. Others offer a better opportunity as they still have high search volumes but are less competitive. You can find these lists in the report.

With so many big, established home furnishing companies out there, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of difficult competition for most of these keywords outside of the office furniture industry.

Well done to Office Reality who is ranking in position 1 for the term ‘reception desk’.

Their page copy is rich in length but could be improved by making it sound less ‘salesy’ and more informative.

Treating page copy like a guide or short article instead of traditional SEO copy has been proven to improve page rankings within a few weeks.

We know because we’ve done it with some of our own clients. This is something for all office furniture retailers to bear in mind.

Office furniture market trends & opportunities

Dare to be cheap

The word ‘cheap’ appears four times in the keyword sets.

Don’t shy away from using ‘cheap’ in your title tags, meta descriptions and copy – no one is searching for ‘affordable’ or ‘value’, so it’s useless optimising your pages for those words.

Well done to Office Reality, Equip4Work, Furniture Work and Online Reality who are ranking on page 1 for at least one of these terms.

Pay attention to PLAs

According to a study by Merkle, shopping ads now account for 60% of clicks on Google and product listing ad impressions increased by 47% last year.

Understanding this is a tough market, Office Furniture Online has taken up space at the top of the page for a lot of the competition keywords, including the highest competition keyword, ‘desks’.

By occupying all the PLAs and the first ad for this keyword, they are the first brand that people see.

This is a clever use of PPC and one that will undoubtedly have positive repercussions.

How can office furniture retailers build links?

A strong link profile has a major impact on SEO. Links are so important because they give a picture to Google of how trustworthy your site is.

Key is topping the list for links with the highest combined score.

Most of their links are going to products. However, they do have some good links going to certain category pages.

This is likely due to the rich copy on the page which links through to desired products. As we mentioned in our previous episode, Google really values this in terms of ranking.

Key also links through to a blog which is run by their group company, Manutan.

This blog exists on an entirely different domain, meaning any links gained here will not benefit Key.co.uk.

Varidesk is in 2nd place for links. Again, a lot of their links are going to product images.

They do have a blog which is gaining links from the likes of Entrepreneur and Contently.

Their content tends to focus on their products and provides little in the way of design or interactive content.

They could improve their blog and gain more links by introducing more selfless content or unique data such as survey results.

Focusing on your outreach strategy is also vital for gaining those Tier 1 links.

You can read more about your outreach strategy in this post about content outreach mistakes.

Overall, it looks as though there is not much in the way of eye-catching content in this sector. Upping your content game could see you gaining links, followers and even rankings this year.

Office furniture brands on social media

Your social presence can massively influence the success of your site, especially in a lead generation market like this.

Overall, owned social scores are very low in this sector proving that these brands have little to no social presence.

Office Furniture Online is topping the social charts with the highest number of brand searches per month.

Their Facebook feed consists mostly of promotional product posts which read more like adverts than social media posts.

They do not have active Twitter or Instagram feeds meaning they are not reaching their full potential when it comes to social.

Varidesk is in 2nd place with the highest owned social score of the sector.

Their Facebook feed is much more engaging with links to related blogs and topical information.

They also include videos about their products and staff, giving the brand more of a personality.

They use Twitter to talk about concerns that are important to them such as health and education and also retweet customer images showing off their products.

They also post client testimonials and images of their clients using the products with the hashtag #ActiveWorkspace.

Encouraging users to get involved by posting images of your products is a fantastic way of opening your company up to new people and drumming up business.

Having a social presence is more important than ever as more people are leaning to social channels to get a feel for the company they are looking to invest in.

Do I have to pay for the Office Furniture Market Report?

No, all our reports are completely free. We complete many B2B market reports like this one to research industries we’d like to work with. Feel free to download the report at zero cost.

Download the report now.

Why am I not on the report?

We try to cover as much as possible when we research and report on an industry. However, if you find you’ve been missed from our report, feel free to contact us and we can send you a personalised report containing your site.

Need help with any of the above? Challenge us today or download the report for more insights.

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