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Salience has been in search marketing since 2009. Previously known as Inside Online, we've been lauded as one of the 50 fastest growing digital marketing agencies in the UK, with awards spanning our SEO, PPC and Content Marketing campaigns.

A digital marketing agency in Chester, Salience specialise in digital strategy for Retail, Lead Generation, Finance and Charity, and we regularly provide insights and reports for all of them. See our services page to find out why we're the Chester digital agency to make your business more prominent and profitable.

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We have a fair few search marketing tricks up our sleeve. Here they are.

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  • Client Story

    Factory Direct Flooring Logo

    A content-led SEO solution which addressed technical site issues and developed a new advice centre, resulting in an ROI of 10.5 and improvement across the board.

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    Factory Direct Flooring Case Study
  • Client Story

    Dreams Logo

    Establishing Dreams as the ‘owners of sleep’, creating a brand new digital magazine Sleep Matters Club which now has a readership of 90,000.

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    Dreams Case Study
  • Client Story

    Sunny Logo

    Boosting brand reputation by creating a sub-brand that helps and inspires, providing reliable, impartial information to build an owned audience.

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    Sunny Case Study
  • Client Story

    Shake That Weight Logo

    Identifying a gap in a saturated market using copy, content and paid media to cut through the noise and increase conversion rate.

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    Shake That Weight Case Study
  • Client Story

    SquareMeal Logo

    Bringing SquareMeal to the forefront of a well-established market with a PPC campaign to capture a greater percentage of the market share and increase conversions.

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    SquareMeal Case Study
  • Client Story

    Crisis Logo

    Optimising Crisis’ AdWords account to capitalise on their peak period, gaining maximum visibility and following successful charity trends.

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    Crisis Case Study

Search marketing news & guides.

At Salience creating content is one of the biggest assets, our greatest passions and our strongest outputs. We have a lot to say and we’re not shy about sharing.

What that means is we’ll give away our insight into the dos, don’ts, industry news, best practices and reviews of all things digital marketing for the price of a mouse click.

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  • What Is Brand Salience?

    Brand salience is the prominence and notability of a brand. For buyers on the fence, a salient brand springs to mind when it matters most. Salience deals with visibility – if your brand isn’t at the forefront of customer’s minds when purchasing, it’s practically invisible.

    To be salient is to be instantly recognisable and unforgettable – shaped by your strength in the market. How many times have you gone for a household name over an unknown brand during difficult buying decisions? Increased visibility will take your brand out of the shadows and into the hearts and minds of customers.

    That’s the salience effect. But how do you increase brand salience? If your fledgling business needs a boost, there are many ways to become more salient. Salience is the puppet string which pulls customers into your brand. By creating associations and memories, customers will gravitate to your brand time and time again.

  • What Does Salience Mean In Marketing?

    You can define salient as something which very clearly stands out. This is the overall goal of salience marketing. Leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of digital dominance, brand salience can be built through dedicated marketing campaigns and the creation of memorable assets.

    Being known in your market is powerful. Increased brand visibility can only lead to more revenue and stature. In marketing, achieving salience should be your primary target, separating your brand from the pack and positioning yourself leagues above the competition. So, how do you do this? Achieving salience requires marketers to create emotional connections between brand and audience.

  • What Does Agile Marketing Really Mean?

    Agile means the ability to move quickly and easily. These characteristics are essential in an ever- shifting and unpredictable digital landscape. More than a buzzword, agile marketing helps to increase brand salience by focusing on high-value projects.

    Marketing teams achieve noteworthy results by tackling the most meaningful tasks in short bursts of focused work known as sprints. Agile frameworks for marketing value collaboration and teamwork and are driven by data. Agile marketing embodies flexibility, responding to issues as they happen.

    This is one of the benefits of agile. By being responsive to problems and changes as they happen, we’re never stuck in the mud when spinning plates hit the ground. Agile marketing doesn’t rest, dynamically tweaking and changing the approach to find the best methods for success.

    Read more:

  • Why Do We Use Agile SEO Marketing?

    Marketing for SEO has outgrown waterfall methodologies and structured plans. We choose agile campaigns as they allow us to move with the market. This agile methodology fits the erratic nature of SEO like a glove, adapting to algorithm updates, competition movement and a host of other challenges in real time.

    Read more: Why You Should Work Agile For Your SEO Campaign

    Things can, and do, go wrong in online marketing. Sticking to a rigid plan in this volatile landscape limits the abilities for quick reactions. Agile working methods live in the present, constantly reflecting and improving to encourage consistent growth. You can’t move forward if you sit still. Agile SEO marketing is the most effective way of delivering results that really make a difference.

  • How Can The Agile Methodology Work For You?

    If you want increased brand salience (and why wouldn’t you), then an agile marketing strategy is the way to go. The agile methodology focuses on achieving maximum results by shifting priorities based on your current goals.

    By utilising data and trends, an agile strategy acts on irregularities and opportunities, pouncing on chances to make your brand more salient as they appear. By responding fast, agile workflows help your business achieve improved brand salience, revenue and visibility.

    But what does a tailored agile SEO campaign look like for your company or brand? Get in touch for further information on how an agile campaign from Salience can bridge the gap between you and the top.

  • Differences Between Search Marketing And Digital Marketing

    Conventional digital marketing practices are being left in the dust when it comes to search marketing. 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine and mastering SEO is the key to bringing those searchers to your brand.

  • How often do you scroll to page 2 of Google?

    Search marketing aims to catapult websites onto page 1, earning ranking spots and traffic through on-page and technical SEO techniques. While digital marketing focuses on all arms of the online space, SEO marketing homes in on the biggest opportunity – search engines.

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