Our Health, Beauty & Fitness Brands

Over the last ten years, we have worked with a variety of health and beauty brands. As a search marketing agency, we aim to give retailers raw data allowing them to see where they sit against the competition within the industry. We take the top sites in the market and analyse SEO visibility, social presence, page speed and more.

Health & Beauty Statistics

The retail value within the wellness market is on the rise and there is a trend growing in momentum which is expected to continue for many years to come. As consumers invest in themselves and their overall wellbeing, companies strive to keep up with demand. Globally, the wellness economy was worth around $4.5 trillion in 2018.

Much like other markets, the digital world is rapidly evolving and changing customers expectations as well as their demands. A recent study shows that fitness providers are one of the industries making the most of this opportunity as they adapt their facilities and products to align with their consumer’s needs.

It is estimated that UK consumers spent a total of £27.2 billion on beauty products and services in 2018. It is thought that the UK is leading the way globally for facial skincare as over 37% of the world’s launches during 2018 were in the United Kingdom.

Wellbeing Awareness

With the use of social media and the digital world becoming more and more of a day to day norm, it is no wonder that induvial health and wellbeing is rising on the agendas of schools, workplaces and companies within the wellbeing industry. Raising awareness of mental health and innovating technologies to aid positive mental health are at the forefront of many company’s ambitions.

To see how the market leaders in health and beauty are keeping up with current trends, check out our free annual reports.

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