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  • Baby products market performance report cover
  • See where your brand sits within the market in terms of visibility and organic performance.
  • Discover where the best keyword opportunities lie and see which ones are the most competitive.
  • Find out who is gaining the most links in the Baby Products sector and who's gaining the highest quality links.
  • Find out who is gaining the most links in the DIY & Tools sector and who's gaining the highest quality links.

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Brands Featured

  • mothercare.com
  • mamasandpapas.com
  • vertbaudet.co.uk
  • tommeetippee.co.uk
  • jojomamanbebe.co.uk
  • bugaboo.com
  • stokke.com
  • elc.co.uk
  • cosatto.com
  • alexandalexa.com
  • nuk.co.uk
  • kiddicare.com
  • preciouslittleone.com
  • maxi-cosi.co.uk
  • gltc.co.uk
  • hipp.co.uk
  • polarnopyret.co.uk
  • quinny.com
  • philandteds.com
  • panachekids.co.uk
  • online4baby.com
  • angelwholesale.co.uk
  • pramcentre.co.uk
  • bambinomio.com
  • britax-roemer.co.uk
  • pramworld.co.uk
  • tuttibambini.co.uk
  • emmaljunga.com
  • direct2mum.co.uk
  • mokee.eu
  • uberkids.co.uk
  • outnabout.com
  • silvercrossbaby.com
  • hippychick.com
  • meblik.co.uk
  • groovystyle.co.uk
  • boori.com
  • babyandco.com
  • newbiestore.com
  • baby-barn.co.uk
  • buggybaby.co.uk
  • custardandcrumble.co.uk
  • bubbaroo.co.uk

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Latest insights

  • stokke.com has the best Link Authority Score in the industry
  • mothercare.com has a high volume of referring links, however the average link is of poor quality
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: mothercare.com, pramworld.co.uk and pramcentre.co.uk
  • Sites that have stagnated in the last year and have seen little to no online growth are: stokke.com & searchlightelectric.com

What this Baby Product Market report is all about...

We’ve produced a Baby Products Retailers Market Performance Report focusing on data from 2017-2018.

With this report, industry leaders can enhance their understanding of their digital landscape, seeing how they compare to other competitors in the Baby Products market.

Looking at the biggest brands within the industry this year, we’ve produced an analysis that ranks the best performers against each other. The report gives a qualitative score on how each brand performed across nine key performance metrics. It gives an unbiased insight into Brand Reach Score, Link Authority & SEO visibility within the Baby products market.

If you can’t see your company in this data, just ask and we’ll send you through some new data. We examine the whole industry when sourcing data but just include the top performers in the report.

Our online baby product industry analysis

While producing this report, we don’t just gather data and put it in tables. We also look at trends, research which brands are doing well and how they’re doing it to give both us and you a better insight into the industry online. It makes us more knowledgeable on the subject so that if you want to work with us, we’ve already done the groundwork. These are some of the standout things we noticed about the baby product market and its retailers throughout 2018.

SEO winners and losers in the baby product market

Visibility is usually the one aspect of the site that most brands who come to us need help or advice on. We use Search Metrics to find out which brands have performed well and who has lost visibility over the year. Here are our findings from the baby products brands.

It was a difficult year for most brands in the top ten with only three retailers making gains.

  • Mothercare is miles ahead of the rest of their competitors with an impressive visibility of over 75K. They have maintained their visibility with a small 4% increase.
  • In the top 4, ELC and Mamas and Papas have made losses of over 10% with Kiddicare losing a quarter of their visibility. However, these are still miles ahead of the rest of the table.

Elsewhere in the top 10, the results are pretty disappointing overall.

  • The only two retailers making gains are Pram World with an increase of 18% and Pram Centre who has increased their visibility by more than half (56%). Well done to these.
  • Vertbaudet has made a significant loss of 32%.
  • Jojo Maman Bebe is down 16%, and Precious Little One is down 11% on their visibility.

Keyword opportunities in the baby products online market

Brands often make the mistake of going after the most commercial or popular keywords with high search volumes. These keywords are often highly competitive, meaning it’s very difficult to rank on page one for them. We’ve highlighted the 15 highest competition keywords and 15 others which pose great opportunities.

The top competition keywords are more focused on clothing and prams. A lot of the keywords actually contain the word ‘baby’.

The opportunity keywords are mainly different variants of prams and other furniture.

It’s interesting to see that ‘cheap pushchairs’ is one of the high competition keywords while ‘pushchair sale’ and ‘stroller sale’ are in the opportunities table.

Retailers often shy away from the word ‘cheap’ however, as we can see, this is a valuable term to consider. Online4Baby is ranking position 1 for ‘cheap pushchairs’, beating Mothercare.

Mothercare is ranking position one for both ‘sale’ terms. However, both listings don’t lead us to the right destination.

For ‘pushchair sale’ we see a title tag that begins with ‘sale’. The link does take us to the sale section of the site with pushchairs selected, but a lot of the products listed aren’t technically on sale. They may just come with free items or be part of a bigger multi-buy discount.

For the term ‘stroller sale’, we are taken straight to the buggies & strollers subcategory page.

The word ‘sale’ has a clear intention behind it, so it’s important to ensure that your pages are ranking for the right keywords. Otherwise, you’ll end up with angry customers.

One of Google’s biggest ranking factors at the moment is that sites are serving the user intent. Make sure you’re doing that with every page.

Surprisingly, supermarkets and department stores are challenging the baby products retailers for the top three competitive search terms.

Sainsbury’s and Asda are ranking within the top 3 positions for ‘baby clothes’.

Matalan has taken the top spot for ‘baby girl clothes’, and Marks and Spencer is winning for ‘baby boy clothes’.

In fact, Mothercare is the only baby specific retailer ranking on page one for this term. But the page that is ranking has a clunky URL and is described as ‘newborn’ despite having items up to the age of 18 months.

Jojo Maman Bebe is ranking within the top 3 for the term ‘baby grows’. This phrase is a variant of the more commonly used ‘sleepsuit’ or ‘romper’. As one of the highest competitive search terms, other retailers are missing a trick by not utilising all semantics to their favour.

With clothing being such a competitive market it’s important to optimise all your pages well, with a meta description that covers key points and neat title tags.

What do your customers want?

The keywords highlighted in the tables show that there is a clear motive for buying online in this market. However, if we look at the opportunity keywords, ‘baby essentials’ stands out as a question.

The search term shows a featured snippet of an article from baby blog Emma’s Diary called ‘Everything you will need for your baby for the first six weeks’. There are also related questions shown such as ‘what I need to buy for baby?’ and ‘when should you start shopping for baby stuff?’.

Mothercare has still managed to dominate this search term, ranking in position one with a fantastic buying guide with shoppable content. Within it, there are tips on dressing, feeding, changing and bedtime.

Using shoppable content is a fantastic way to deliver useful information while increasing revenue and sales.

Read more about shoppable content.

Which Baby Products Retailers are getting all the links?

We look at who is getting not only a volume of links but the kind of quality engagement that will drive their SEO campaign and amplify their brand presence.

We use Link Research Tools to measure the number of new links per month and the quality of the engagement.

Despite Stokke topping the list, they don’t have any form of content outlet. Most of their links are gained from images and their sites from different countries.

As we’ve already discussed, Mothercare has a fantastic set of buying guides which gain ample links. These range from advice on what to buy, health issues such as feeding and safety and inspiration videos.

Their advice section also gains links with this interactive infographic on how to throw a baby shower gaining over 100 links.

Their blog promotes campaigns the company supports, gives tips on caring for a newborn and lifestyle posts. This is a fantastic hub for new mums and dads or those preparing for a baby.

Mamas and Papas has a great Discovery section on their site. However, this doesn’t seem to be gaining any links.

They produce articles which advise four sections – Learn, Grow, Support and Inspire. They also give focus to Dads as well as Mums who are often overlooked on baby advice centres.

With the right outreach strategy, this could be a fantastic link building opportunity for the site.

Hippy Chick falls under the high quality, low volume category for links. They do have a blog which barely picks up any links apart from this post collaboration with blogger Slummy Single Mummy. Using expert contributors or influencers in your posts is a brilliant way to engage more readers and build your audience.

This is something we introduced as part of our content strategy while working with bed retailer, Dreams. We did a series of articles called ‘Sleep Perspectives’ with experts from various fields for their digital magazine, the Sleep Matters Club.

Our post by Ex-marine Ant Middleton performed particularly well after he shared it on his social media channels, gaining over 300 shares.

Precious Little One comes under the low quality, high volume category. They do have a blog however it sits on a different domain meaning they will lose valuable link equity from this.

The blog has sections on safety, apps, budgeting, buying guides and planning, so there’s a great wealth of content. Tweaking their outreach strategy or involving influencers could have a positive effect on their link building.

Baby products and social media

Using social media is crucial for brands now more than ever. Effective use of social channels allows you to take an earned or paid audience and turn it into an owned audience. Owned audiences have a direct connection to your brand, improving relationships with existing customers and cultivating relationships with new prospects.

Mothercare is topping the table here with an impressive number of brand searches and high owned social score.

Their Facebook feed features promotional posts with quotes from their celebrity designers, video interviews and competitions. They recently posted at 2 am inviting users to ‘join in the conversation and chat with other parents awake at this hour’ which is a nice way to share experiences.

They post regular live updates on their Twitter feed including pictures from events they’re attending. They also promote causes they’re involved with such as their #GiftABundle campaign which gained over 3K shares on social media.

Stokke has the highest owned social score by a clear lead. This is probably because their social media feeds encourage users to engage at every available opportunity.

From polls and customer pictures to posts that encourage users to comment pictures of their favourite #StokkeMoments, their Facebook feed is like a love letter to the brand and its customers. When posting customer photos, they cleverly include shoppable links allowing customers to click and buy immediately.

They use Instagram and Twitter in the same way with inspiration posts and calls to action on most posts.

Tommee Tippee also has an impressive social media presence. They produce unique images of polls, quotes and facts to engage users to interact, comment and tag their friends. This is a brilliant way of widening your audience and making a connection with more people.

They, too, have shoppable product posts and fun, topical humour. They also do regular competitions to win their products.

Being topical and current is important for all retailers and, when done well, it really pays off. Mamas and Papas brought out a clothing range inspired by BBC show Peaky Blinders, and it was covered by the likes of The Sun, the Daily Mail and the Mirror. This Pretty52 article gained 20.5K shares alone.

For the full data, download the report. If you’d like us to audit your site or give some insight into how you could improve your performance, set us a challenge today.

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