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Our Paid Media Approach

Paid media marketing uses clever ad campaigns to reach audiences with accurate content, at the optimum time and in the best place, driving audience growth to convert customers.

Our pay per click agency approach is mathematically precise, carefully targeted and uses the most efficient channels to get you the best results. We understand how our campaigns contribute throughout the buying cycle so our campaigns are always effective in increasing traffic, growing revenue and improving ROI.

Paid media has evolved from a simple search engine auction model to a vast ecosystem of channels, devices and user behaviour. Whether looking to drive a greater R.O.I from AdWords, gain efficiencies in your shopping campaigns, define audiences across social media or increase your reach across native and display channels, we understand what it takes to deliver the right blend of reach and profitability.

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Optimising this homeless charity's AdWords account led to a huge increase in donations and revenue at their busiest period - Christmas.

Shake That Weight

Cutting through the noise of a saturated market with well-targeted ads that are consistently refined and optimised.


Restructuring the AdWords account, creating fresh ad copy and focusing on keyword expansion captured a greater percentage of the market share.

Funktion Events

Maximising relevancy to the searchers query through tight knit ad groups and geo-targeting has pulled CPAs down while maintaining a high volume of conversions.

"Working with Salience, we have developed a clear understanding of our online marketplace. They have helped develop an online strategy that continues to deliver sales, engage our audience and grow our business." Eric Cooper, Shake That Weight

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This is how we do it


Improve cost efficiency

The investment you place in your paid search campaigns needs to be measured in your returns. Optimising your campaigns by using your business's key performance indicators as decision making information will help yield greater results.

"Salience have transformed our online search marketing programme. Their technical expertise and knowledge in this area are impressive, and they are a pleasure to work with."

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Richard Moody

Head of Supporter Engagement


Drive new business

A gap analysis of the market will offer an opportunity to expand or diversify, driving new, relevant traffic to your site; the key to kickstarting a successful paid search campaign, maximising your reach and exposure.

"Working with Salience, we have developed a clear understanding of our online marketplace. They have helped develop an online strategy that continues to deliver sales, engage our audience and grow our business."

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Eric Cooper



Increase sales, fast

Paid search often offers the best opportunity for an immediate impact on sales and revenue. By either optimising your current campaign or starting from fresh, you can expose your company to more opportunities, capturing new customers.

"The team at Salience have helped us to refine our PPC strategy to get the absolute most out of our ads. Their knowledge has enabled us to create campaigns that are focused and performing better than ever."

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Jay Broughton

Managing Director

  • Campaign Discovery

    Campaign Discovery

    During the onboarding and initial auditing processes, it will often become clear that there are quick wins and opportunities available on most accounts, ranging from set-up issues to incorrect spellings in ad text to optimisation for ROI. Every hour a paid search account is live is a potential hour of wastage if your campaigns are suboptimal. At the start of the relationship, our PPC experts get stuck in to the data and refine your campaigns, but whilst knowledge of your business and what is important to you is vital for us to understand, Paid Search best practices, our industry experience and expertise will be used to ensure ongoing optimisation improves your account from day one.

    Goals and Objectives

    Before we determine the optimum long-term approach to take for your paid search campaigns, it is essential to understand your goals and objectives. For most, this would be maximising revenue, leads or ROI, but the path to take to achieve your goals is often more complex, requiring a deeper understanding of your products or services and what level of importance you place to the different strands of your business. Ensuring goals and objectives are challenging but achievable is equally important, we see engaging with our clients as a vitally important way of harvesting all the information we need to get campaigns off to the best start possible.


    Following on from our conversations during the onboarding process, we will look to expand any auditing that has taken place on your accounts, taking a deeper dive into your advertising history to finding valuable insights we can make. Learning from data available is one of the critical aspects of paid media, the more data, the better. Therefore access to as much additional data as you can provide will only improve decision making.


    Now that we have gathered as much information, historical and current, and our knowledge of your business, its goals and objectives are at the desired level, we can put together the optimal strategy for your campaigns going forward. This strategy will look at the required keywords to drive traffic – generic through to product-specific, the reach and scope of your campaigns – your optimal match type strategy, location targeting and ad scheduling – and the optimal structure for your campaign factoring in use of budget available for maximum performance. Once we have the strategy, we can begin using our time to implement the optimum paid media campaigns for your business.

  • Campaign Creation

    Campaign Creation

    For any advertising campaign to be successful, you need to engage with your audience at the optimum moment and at the most relevant time. Matching your PPC campaign to your goals is vital. Therefore, understanding where is best to engage with your customers and how this will help achieve your goal is ever more critical. We will work with you on your overall Paid Media strategy, ensuring you are engaging with customers on the right medium – be that Search, Shopping, Remarketing or RSLA, Display, Social or Youtube – at the optimum time, helping you nurture your audience and maximise conversions.


    An efficiently structured campaign benefits from separation by demographic, user intent and relevance. All of which create a richer data set for ongoing optimisation and fine-tuning of your account. We create campaigns based on semantic relevance and themes, while grouping keywords, demographics or targets into tightly themes groups. Campaign creation using this method has many benefits including:

    • Granular optimisations
    • Enabling bespoke, keyword-relevant ad text
    • Allowing bespoke objectives or goals to be used at a campaign level
    • Prioritisation of spend
    • Generation of a richer data set for analysis and more accurate optimisation

    Ad Creative

    Through discovery sessions with yourself, we will learn what it is about your business that makes it stand out amongst the competition. We will discover your best USPs and most efficient call-to-actions are and apply these, alongside our industry know-how, to your ad strategy, creating adverts will drive the required traffic to achieve your targets. We have a multi-disciplined team that works alongside our PPC Experts to get the absolute most out of our text, image and video ad creations. However, the principle discipline in Ad Creative lies in testing – regularly and efficiently – to maximise opportunity and continue to improve.

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  • Campaign Performance Optimisation

    Campaign Performance Optimisation

    Optimising your campaigns to drive towards targets and goals is bread and butter to a Paid Search expert. Through daily checks of performance to highlight opportunities, there is always something to improve in a Paid Search campaign, more likely many things at once – our skill set includes advanced level data analysis, used to highlight all opportunities and react to data.


    Your campaign goals may vary from increasing revenue or goals, improving engagement or driving brand recognition – whatever they are, measuring a return on investment is an absolute must for every business. During our discovery period, we will determine what it is you want to achieve from your PPC advertising and go forth to optimise and report on that.

    Click Through Rate

    Optimising click-through rate is massively crucial in many ways:

    • Reduce wasted spend – streamlining by search query reports reduces any budget that is potentially being lost to waste
    • Improve user engagement and brand affinity – presenting potential customers with what they want to see only sells your business better, kickstarting a healthy customer relationship
    • Quality score – show yourself to be a solid marketer and reap the rewards with a sound quality score at a keyword and account level, with reduced cost per click as a result
  • Keyword Research

    Keyword Research

    There’s more than one reason why you might opt for a PPC campaign. Whether you want to expand the reach of your campaigns, understand available opportunities or analyse your competitors’ search efforts in more detail, thorough keyword research will give you the perfect foundation from which to sculpt your campaign. We find, refine and organise the most relevant keywords in your market to understand your customers, serve their intent and deliver optimum results.

    Gap Analysis

    Knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses are the key to success. When it comes to keywords, analysis into gaps in the market will highlight endless opportunities and help us identify where you could be ranking instead of them. We’ll also find out what keywords are unique to your domain and use our overall findings to construct a campaign that uses your budget wisely.

"Over the past five years, Salience have transformed our online search marketing programme. Their technical expertise and knowledge in this area are impressive, and they are a pleasure to work with." Richard Moody, Crisis