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We’re a retail specialist search marketing agency who’ve worked in the fashion market since 2009. From high-street clothing to online-only and fast fashion brands, we know how to get brands from the bargain bucket of online prominence to the catwalk of the clothing industry SERPs.

Fashion Industry Statistics From 2018 - 2020

With worldwide revenue from eCommerce fashion on the rise year upon year, fast fashion retailers are now dominating the market. Countries such as the UK and the US seem to generate the most of the fashion market revenue worldwide. Many retailers are now struggling on the high street and the closure of stores is no rarity. Despite this, the online clothing market continues to generate growth. However, with increased market competition, there is economic uncertainty across the market.

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Due to consumer demand of speed and value within retail, garment designs go from concept to completion in just a matter of a couple of weeks. The rise in social media usage and influencer endorsements is resulting in many big names using sites like Instagram as their key marketing platform. Therefore, sales through social are on the rise.

Despite the fast fashion industry being in high demand from consumers, it has come under fire in the last few years for its negative impact on the environment. The demand for cheap clothing is resulting in poor labour conditions, the development of a throwaway society, as well as more plastic, entering our oceans. This movement has urged many fashion market brands to be more ethical and more transparent with their manufacturing process. An example would be H&M who have pledged to use 100% sustainably sourced cotton by 2020. Although fast fashion has been criticised, it doesn’t look like the clothing industry will be slowing down anytime in the near future.

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Fast Fashion and Mobile Commerce

With most consumers shopping through their smartphone devices, it is expected that all clothing market brands have sites with efficient page speeds and as well as sites that are optimised for mobile. It is estimated that 47% of consumers browsing the web will only wait 3 seconds for a page to render before opting to abandon that site altogether. Browse our clothing market reports to see our findings on page speeds and other fashion industry trends.

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