Our annual activewear & sportswear market report measures the 49 biggest brands in sportswear across ten online performance metrics.

Brands Featured

  • sportsdirect.com
  • decathlon.co.uk
  • jdsports.co.uk
  • mandmdirect.com
  • nike.com
  • wiggle.co.uk
  • adidas.co.uk
  • footasylum.com
  • prodirectsoccer.com
  • sportsshoes.com
  • scottsmenswear.com
  • directsportseshop.co.uk
  • kitbag.com
  • prodirectsport.com
  • lovellsoccer.co.uk
  • runnersneed.com
  • prodirectselect.com
  • underarmour.co.uk
  • directsoccer.co.uk
  • newitts.com
  • kitlocker.com
  • gymshark.com
  • prodirectrunning.com
  • unisportstore.com
  • greavessports.com
  • prodirectrugby.com
  • prodirectfit.com
  • newbalance.co.uk
  • startfitness.co.uk
  • lillywhites.com
  • tennis-point.co.uk
  • prodirectcricket.com
  • oneills.com
  • upandrunning.co.uk
  • sportpursuit.com
  • therunningoutlet.co.uk
  • prodirecttennis.com
  • morrant.com
  • daviessports.co.uk
  • prodirectbasketball.com
  • sweatybetty.com
  • lululemon.co.uk
  • runandbecome.com
  • sportswarehouse.co.uk
  • goalinn.com
  • fabletics.co.uk
  • aa-sports.co.uk
  • pursuefitness.co.uk
  • gorewear.com

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What to expect inside

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  • 2022 Sportswear market report winners

Latest insights

  • sportsdirect.com has the best Brand Reach Score in the industry
  • decathlon.co.uk holds the second highest organic visibility.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: decathlon.co.uk, mandmdirect.com and wiggle.co.uk
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year and have seen little to no online growth are: jdsports.co.uk & prodirectsoccer.com

10 minutes Reading time

1-50 Brands ranked

Updated March 2022

What This Sportswear Report Is About

In this sector report, we’ve hit the ground running and collected all the data you need to know regarding the online sportswear industry. Tighten those laces because we’re about dive into who’s doing well and who’s not in this competitive online space.

Held with this analysis is the key to online success when it comes to digital marketing. We break down all your biggest competitors based on essential metrics, such as visibility, page speed, and keyword opportunity.

It’s safe to say that with this report, you can build an effective marketing attack plan for 2021 and learn how to dominate the sportswear market.

Get your free report now by using the form above. If you want to learn a little more about what’s included, keep reading on.

Who has the greatest share of voice online?

Taking Search metrics online visibility score as our market for online share of voice, Sports Direct comes out on top. Their score is more than double that of their closest competitor Decathlon. To boot, their showing no signs of budging from the top spot, having gown 19% YoY. Seriously impressive stuff for such a behemoth of a brand.

Below are the top 10 Sportswear brands listed and their visibility growth % YOY:

  1. sportsdirect.com 19%
  2. decathlon.co.uk 40%
  3. jdsports.co.uk -9%
  4. mandmdirect.com 41%
  5. nike.com 8%
  6. wiggle.co.uk 75%
  7. adidas.co.uk 10%
  8. footasylum.com 8%
  9. prodirectsoccer.com -15%
  10. sportsshoes.com 28%

Who’s grown the most in the last 12 months?

We pick five “winners” every year. These are the brands that have increased their search metrics visibility score the greatest. Here they are:

  1. sportsdirect.com 19%
  2. decathlon.co.uk 40%
  3. mandmdirect.com 41%
  4. wiggle.co.uk 75%
  5. directsportseshop.co.uk 853%

What do you do with this information? You take the chance to study who’s truly winning big in your industry. Look at their sites t gain an understanding of what it takes to win in sportswear.

41/50 brands have seen a period of growth in the last 12 months. This has culminated in the average industry growth to sit at an impressive 22%.

Which brands are trending?

We measure each brand’s average monthly search volume. Meaning the number of people searching for a brand in Google each month. Looking at this data can give an indication of brand popularity, affinity general interest over time. In order to find who the most trending brands are, we’ll look back at cumulative search volume from last quarter & compare to the year before, this gives us an idea of who’s grown in market interest while accounting for seasonality.

Here are some of the brands winning in this aspect:

  1. New Balance (+70%)
  2. Prodirect Soccer (+80%)
  3. Kitbag (+37%)
  4. Lovell Soccer (+29%)
  5. Prodirect Rugby (+21%)
  6. Kitlocker (+30%)
  7. Prodirect Basketball (+32%)

9 out of the 15 of the top most trending sportswear products are related to gym wear.

These are:

  1. gym clothing +19%
  2. gym clothes for men +64%
  3. gym shorts +56%
  4. gym clothing for women +35%
  5. womens gym leggings +19%
  6. gym sets women +47%
  7. gym tops women +54%
  8. gym shorts men +52%
  9. gym wear for men +33%

We think this may signal some increased awareness of overall gym fit’s. Perhaps a Lonsdale tank top & trackies just don’t cut it anymore…

Which brand is most well received by customers?

Tracking overall review score & volume of reviews, we can see which brands are most beloved b their customers. Outside of customer satisfaction obviously being crucial, google now sees this as an important trust factor. Here are the top ten:

  1. sportpursuit.com
  2. wiggle.co.uk
  3. decathlon.co.uk
  4. mandmdirect.com
  5. sweatybetty.com
  6. sportsdirect.com
  7. greavessports.com
  8. footasylum.com
  9. directsoccer.co.uk
  10. gymshark.com

Word to the wise: if your review profile is glowing, flex it all over your site. It’ll instil a sense of calm in your users that they’re in capable hands.

Name brands leading the way in social

Tough competition in this category see’s the likes of Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Under Armour leading the industry in total social following. The leader of the se titan brands is Nike, with an outstanding 246,000,000 social followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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