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Getting ROI from social media is attainable, yet achieving this has been a mystery for brands over the past few years. Our social media approach integrates with your paid media and content plans to attain that ROI, and bring prominence to your social media marketing.

Our core social strategy is to create new audiences and get potential customers off social and onto your site through a three-step process of prospecting, engaging and remarketing to take advantage of the super granular interest-based targeting that gives social the edge over other paid platforms.

Quicker than organic. Cheaper than buying data. An essential part of your marketing mix.

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This is how we do it


Own Your Audience

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter change quickly. We believe an effective social campaign get users off the rented land of social and on to your site.

The targeting options available through Facebook and LinkedIn mean you can be more precise and effective with your ad. Write and design ads that speak directly to each of your niche audiences.

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Brett Janes

Content Director


Reach Potential Customers

Paid social is capable of reaching potential customers much quicker than most organic methods, meaning you can boost your immediate return on a marketing campaign.

"Facebook is now a major player alongside Google in the paid advertising market. However the targeting of the two giants is fundamentally different. Adwords mainly uses keywords whereas Facebook makes greater use of demographics and behavioural data. Having the power to segment your key demographic and serve ads directly to them is extremely powerful."

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Nate Williams

PPC Manager


Intelligent Targeting

Our prospecting approach makes the most of social targeting to ensure that we're paying for potential customers to see your content and not the general public.

"By generating audiences based on how they interact with your site (specific products, categories or pages they viewed), we can fine tune both imagery and messaging to create highly targeted re-marketing ads."

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Nate Williams

PPC Manager

  • Prospect, Engage, Remarket

    Prospecting, Engaging, Remarketing

    Working with us means you’ll have some awesome, selfless and social-ready content marketing campaigns on your site. We promote that content to huge audience numbers across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn with thousands of interest and demographic variants. This produces a large list across countless social groups who are likely to further engage with your brand. At this stage, we’re after high numbers, not conversion. That’s still coming. The result is a list of potential customers you acquired without spending thousands on a pre-made list, and with the immediate effect you can’t get through organic.


    Most brands have more than one facet, appeal or product. Engaging is about refining and reducing our potential list and matching the variations to your product offering. Slightly smaller numbers. Much more interested in you. The result is new audiences you never guessed would be interested in your brand. Who new you were such a hit with middle-aged dolphin enthusiasts from Jersey.


    We intelligently remarket products and content to your much smaller but higher converting list. 3rd party pixel data can be added at this point to ensure customers have multiple touch points with you brand. The testing, engagment and remarketing process continues to ensure you can consistently add the social string to your bow, and we always report ROI. Sorted.

  • Working With You

    What We Do. What We Don’t Do.

    We do

    • create, manage and maintain social media campaigns on their own, or in conjunction with our full service, paid media and content marketing campaigns.
    • Report primarily on hard metrics such as traffic, revenue and ROI.

    We don’t

    • Pull wool over your eyes with soft metrics such as likes, comments and reach.
    • Do social community management. Not that we don’t think it’s useful, we just think it needs to be managed by someone who lives and works in your office, with your team.
  • Don't Get Lost In Social

    Social platforms and their worth in a nutshell

    Social media is rented land. We’ve seen social platforms punish brands who put too much marketing resource into the platform itself. Our social media offering operates on the belief that it’s our job to get people off social media and onto your site, turning them into an earned audience that isn’t subject to the whims of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn developments. We believe that community management has great indirect benefits to your brand, both through consumer evangelism and through decreasing negative sentiment – angry tweets anyone? – and we believe that responsibility lies with you. People want us around to increase their ROI from digital marketing, and we like it that way.