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Since 2009, we've delivered award-winning eCommerce SEO campaigns for online retail, from FMCG to durable goods, online-only to household names.

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Our Approach to eCommerce SEO

We've worked in a lot of sectors since we started in 2009, but eCommerce SEO has always been our main contender. Our experience in online retail means our activity supports your business as a whole, from merchandising to customer service, not just your marketing stakeholders.

Aside from industry experience, our shoppable content software and experience with a host of platforms enables you to create content-rich experiences that propel your bottom line.

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Our Work in eCommerce SEO and Retail

Factory Direct Flooring

Home & Interiors
SEO & Content
81% increase in revenue


Durable Goods
Organic Search
781% increase in organic traffic

77 Diamonds

Technical SEO & Digital PR
173% increase in page value

Shake That Weight

Paid Search
122% increase in mobile goal completions

Recent analysis from our eCommerce SEO team

  • Trust Your Data

    Data confidence is imperative. If you’ve got a hunch that something is amiss with your analytics, you might be right.

    Data Integrity

    We expose and fix analytics errors so that you can make decisions with 100% confidence in the stats behind them.

    Data Mining

    Analytics tools provide so much data that you can miss a trick when looking for insights. Our extensive audit process finds them.

    Data Optimisation

    Out of the box analytics tools aren’t always fit for purpose. We make sure your analytics setup works for you and not the other way around.

    Data Visualisation

    Short but meaty report visualisation. The difference between stakeholder buy-in and stakeholder zone out.

  • Mend Your Site Structure

    Back to basics. If there’s one eCommerce SEO service that’s key, it’s sorting site architecture. By nature, online retail involves a shed load of pages. There are countless issues that come with high page volume, but the biggest issue for organic is indexability. While the crawl budget debate rages on, a messy and unmanageable site is tough for robots and humans to navigate. We fix that problem. Here are some of the things we assess within site architecture:

    • Overall website structure
    • Main CSS Navigation
    • Internal Links
    • Landing Page Access & Orphan Pages
    • On-site Search
    • Product Filtering

    There’s a pretty big list, but you don’t have all day. What’s next?

  • Rich Shopping Experiences

    Shoppable content provides a more visual way to shop. Instead of the usual product pages, this eCommerce SEO service enables you to enrich your blog, guide pages and virtually anywhere on your site with engaging layouts and imagery that provides a healthy new revenue stream. Online retailers need ways to be prominent in their shopping experience, and shoppable content is how we make that happen.

    Intelligent Product Feeds

    Managing the constant churn of new and end-of-line products can leave your site full of 404s and mess if you’re not careful. Our shoppable content platform hooks into the same product feed you use for Adwords and automatically replaces any product that’s out of the picture and replaces it with the next best thing.

    ROI for eCommerce

    Our shoppable content product contributed to a 220% increase in revenue for Dreams, and a 10.5 ROI for Factory Direct Flooring. Check out the client stories if you’re interested.

  • ROI Focused Content

    Call them what you want; a content platform is somewhere aside from your eCommerce pages that house guides, editorial and video content. This could be a blog, a buying guide, FAQ, or an entire subbrand. A lot of sites have one of these things, but only the best do it well.

    What’s the point?

    • Increase organic traffic through mid and long-tail traffic.
    • Provide assisted revenue, or direct revenue if using with shoppable content.
    • Create brand salience – be seen as the expert in your market.
    • Increase owned audience through email signups.
    • Increase conversion by answering your customer questions.
    • Attain quality backlinks to boost overall site visibility.
    • Increase domain metrics through semantic depth and relevance in your market.

    What kind of content platform do I need?

    Whether it’s adapting an existing content platform to generate better returns or starting from scratch, it’s important you get the right platform. Which one you pick depends on a number of factors, but there’s a good rule of thumb to start off:

    • Low volume retail = resource centres & buying guides
    • High volume retail = digital magazine & content rich subcategories

    That said, it’s a case by case affair. Challenge us and we’ll check your case.

  • Integrate Your Marketing Channels

    From digitising tube campaigns to visualising brand research, we’re experts at creating a digital home for your brand material. Digital marketing for eCommerce can involve multiple agencies. This is great when they work together – less so when they don’t. Here are some of the things we love bringing together.

    SEO / PPC Campaign Integration

    Misalignment between SEO & PPC has a very direct cost to your business in the form of cannibalisation. We create harmony between the two and ensure that you’re maximising your search prominence without wasting cash or resource. Too often, great PPC landing pages are condemned to noindex without thought of their organic potential. We enhance the effectiveness of your high-conversion pages by looking at the bigger picture.

    Content / ATL & Offline

    On-site content that complements your ATL activity increases brand reach and retention by ensuring customers always have an answer in their ‘remember that ad?’ moments. This is particularly effective for offline campaigns, too, such as tube or print campaigns, as it brings your audience into your owned, trackable territory.

  • Know Your Enemy

    Anyone who thinks Usain Bolt moves fast probably hasn’t worked in retail around peak. Unexpected events and pivoting strategies come as standard in the industry, and that applies to your competitor activity, too. Standard SEO tools such as Search Metrics give you an expected view of organic visibility, but we take things a step beyond by looking at competitor content marketing, PR activity, and on-site changes so that you have the edge when making your marketing decisions. We produce weekly reports on numerous industries, keeping our nose at the forefront of all things eCommerce SEO and beyond.

  • Business As Usual

    We apply agile methodology to all our eCommerce clients. We believe this puts us in the best position to work to your ever-changing needs without sacrificing on results. Read more about what agile means for our agency.


"Working with Salience, we have developed a rich source of informative content..." Dreams

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