Our free market performance report for the womenswear industry, featuring YOY Online performance from the top 45 Women’s Fashion brands.

Brands Featured

  • boohoo.com
  • newlook.com
  • riverisland.com
  • monsoon.co.uk
  • missguided.co.uk
  • zara.com
  • farfetch.com
  • dorothyperkins.com
  • peacocks.co.uk
  • quizclothing.co.uk
  • prettylittlething.com
  • warehousefashion.com
  • coastfashion.com
  • littleblackdress.co.uk
  • silkfred.com
  • joules.com
  • goddiva.co.uk
  • simplybe.co.uk
  • reiss.com
  • roman.co.uk
  • wallis.co.uk
  • nastygal.com
  • chichiclothing.com
  • hobbs.com
  • phase-eight.com
  • selectfashion.co.uk
  • ikrush.com
  • theoutnet.com
  • whistles.com
  • oasis-stores.com
  • damart.co.uk
  • isawitfirst.com
  • roxy-uk.co.uk
  • axparis.com
  • mandco.com
  • femmeluxe.co.uk
  • everything5pounds.com
  • hush-uk.com
  • bonmarche.co.uk
  • jigsaw-online.com
  • publicdesire.com
  • pinkboutique.co.uk
  • missselfridge.com
  • marisota.co.uk
  • revolve.com

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What to expect inside

  • 2020 UK womenswear industry Report front cover
  • UK womenswear industry Report index
  • UK womenswear industry Report tear on year winners
  • womenswear industry Report visibility year on year page

Latest insights

  • zara.com has the best brand reach score in the industry
  • boohoo.com has the highest organic visibility score.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: boohoo.com, riverisland.com and goddiva.co.uk
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: prettylittlething.com & missguided.co.uk

10 minutes Reading time

1-50 Brands ranked

Report Updated July 2021

What is this Women's Clothing industry analysis report about?

Here it is, the one all the fashionistas have been waiting for… our women’s fashion report.

In this report, you’ll find which brands have made it to the runway and in the wardrobes of fashion lovers through their online marketing, and which ones have taken a back seat.

We outline the market and its rivals, providing industry leaders with a detailed understanding of all the crucial metrics that make up a fabulously dressed online strategy.

Pull up a front seat to the runway and take a look at visibility, keyword opportunities, and page speed data. And we don’t stop there! We also give you social scores, brand reputation analysis, and brand mention research. Giving you a meticulous perception of the women’s fashion industry.

If you’re an online women’s fashion brand ready to take on the industry by storm with strategic marketing methods and SEO tactics, fill in the form above and receive a free report filled with trendy insights.

The winners and losers in the online Women’s Fashion industry

The online women’s fashion industry has experienced a lot of difficulties in the last year, with the overall industry size decreasing by 3%. Although there are a few shining stars in the top 10, many brands have fallen behind a little.

Chi Chi London (chichiclothing.com) is a brand that deserves special recognition with a YoY uplift of 303%. The UK Sunday Times has already beaten us to it as they recognised the brand as the 49th fastest private growing company. Goddiva has also seen a huge growth in online visibility which has increased by 236%. These are some amazing figures! Who knows, soon they could be contending sales with some of the biggest brands in the women’s fashion industry such as Boohoo and River Island.

Unfortunately, there will be losers where there are winners. Large women’s fashion retailers such as Miss Selfridge have reported an 81% visibility decrease and Pretty Little Thing decreased by 54%. They clearly have some work to do when it comes to digital marketing and SEO. Especially now, as more and more retailers are transitioning from stores to the digital realm.

If you’re curious how your brand stacked up against the competition, get your free copy of the report today. Simply fill in the form above.

Which are the biggest online Women’s Fashion brands in 2021?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:

  1. boohoo.com
  2. newlook.com
  3. riverisland.com
  4. monsoon.co.uk
  5. missguided.co.uk
  6. zara.com
  7. farfetch.com
  8. dorothyperkins.com
  9. peacocks.co.uk
  10. quizclothing.co.uk

Which online Women’s Fashion brands have seen the biggest growth in 2021?

  1. boohoo.com (11%)
  2. riverisland.com (18%)
  3. goddiva.co.uk (236%)
  4. roman.co.uk (100%)
  5. chichiclothing.com (303%)

Which online Women’s Fashion brands have seen the biggest losses in 2021?

  1. prettylittlething.com (-54%)
  2. missguided.co.uk (-38%)
  3. newlook.com (-24%)
  4. missselfridge.com (-81%)
  5. theoutnet.com (-57%)

Which online Women’s Fashion brands have the best digital reach?

It’s crucial to know how well your brand reaches its target audience, especially if you’re doing business online. We’ve included a digital reach league table in our report to show who’s digital voice is the loudest in women’s fashion.

Our report will show you who is adopting social media and branded marketing to increase their visibility among their ideal clients. A wide range of social media signals, as well as monthly branded searches, are taken into account in the league table. These are added together to get a comprehensive final figure.

Zara is the current digital reach leader, according to our women’s fashion industry data. Zara receives a whopping 1830K monthly searches and has a social score of 106653, which is pretty impressive when compared to other industries.

Zara’s online presence is definitely worth taking note of if you’re looking to build yours! If you’re wondering how effective your marketing has been over the past year, download the free report and take a nosey.

What are the high competition keywords in the online Women’s Fashion industry?

Every industry has high-competition keywords, and finding them can be challenging. Keyword research takes a lot of dedication and time! But don’t worry, our report can help you identify the keywords you should be targeting in no time.

Keywords with a high search volume are considered competitive. They’re the shorter tail keywords that make up the majority of searches in any industry. If you can rank for one of these keywords in a healthy SERP position, you’ll see positive results in website visitors. And we all know the more visitors your site receives, the more chances of increasing your revenue.

The most competitive keyword in the women’s fashion industry is “women’s coats,” which receives 165K searches per month and has a competitive rating of 59/100. If you manage to rank on page 1 on Google for this keyword, we do not doubt that your website will flood with visitors.

To discover a whole list of competitive keywords in the women’s fashion digital realm, download the free report.

What are the keyword opportunities in the online Women’s Fashion industry?

The report delves into the keywords that hold potential in the industry too. We’re talking about those low-competition keywords that could quickly help you gain more visibility if you know a thing or two about SEO.

Here’s a trend we found after reading the report and analysing the data…

Women’s Coats

An extensive amount of the low competition keyword terms with high search volume include the word “coat” and “women”. Clearly, the past year hasn’t seen much hot weather! But in all seriousness, if you’re a women’s fashion brand that doesn’t yet stock coats, it’s a must if you want to see some online growth.

If you already do and want to boost your SEO and marketing efforts, focus on your coat category content and support it with some supplementary content, such as educational guides and blog posts.

To explore more keyword opportunities, download the free report. You’d be surprised how much insight you can learn from it.

Which online Women’s Fashion brands have the best online reputation?

E-A-T has become increasingly important in 2021. It demonstrates to Google that your site is trustworthy. To live, you must eat. The same idea should be shared throughout your website content. Yes, it’s a different kind of “eat,” but the goal is to improve your Google ranking. You can start to build trust by presenting trust signals throughout your site, and one method to do so is through reviews.

As reviews are now critical to your website’s performance, we conducted an analysis on all the Trust Pilot reviews of the women’s fashion brands mentioned in the free report. All so you can see who is receiving the most positive feedback from their customers. With this information, you know whose marketing strategy to take influence from.

Here are the top 5 brands with the best online reputations:

  1. isawitfirst.com
  2. boohoo.com
  3. prettylittlething.com
  4. everything5pounds.com
  5. pinkboutique.co.uk

Want to see where your brand ended up? Get the report now.

Which online Women’s Fashion brands have the fastest page speed?

We shouldn’t have to keep harping on about website load times. You should already be aware of its significance. Page speed is one of Google’s ranking factors, so make sure it’s speedy to climb up the SERPs.

We put all of the brands in the women’s fashion report through a speed test so you know who you’re competing against.

Here’re the websites that PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest Women’s Fashion websites:

  1. bonmarche.co.uk
  2. pinkboutique.co.uk
  3. dorothyperkins.com
  4. coastfashion.com
  5. hush-uk.com

If you’d like to find out your brand’s speed rating, download the free report.

Read more about the importance of page speed here.

Is this report free?

Yes, absolutely! Like all our others, this report is completely free! We love to build relationships with brands. And what better way to do this than sharing comprehensive value and competitive intelligence? Sounds good, right? To download the report, simply fill in the form at the top of the page. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

I can’t find my brand?

Don’t worry if you haven’t noticed your brand, this doesn’t mean we don’t have any insights to share with you. Whilst this report displays the top performers in the industry, we always audit the entire sector to provide you with a complete picture of your industry. So, we always have more data up our sleeve.

If you’d like a bespoke report that includes your brand or are curious about how we can create an SEO strategy for your brand, get in touch today.


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