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Without SEO, you're invisible. A strong statement, but in the connected digital world, if you don't appear prominently in the search engines, you’re going to find it difficult to compete with those that do. Search engine optimisation aims to get your site ranking for the right terms in the best position possible. As an award-winning SEO Chester agency, our SEO services and approach are born from an agile mindset. You can't plan for the unplannable; Your site issues don't give you six months’ notice before they appear, so why should your SEO agency plan six months of activity before they start?

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Using keyword research, page copy & reader profiles, we created a digital magazine to establish Dreams as the owners of sleep.


Changing perceptions of short-term lenders with a selfless content marketing campaign and page copy that drove SEO improvements.

Factory Direct Flooring

Improving user experience, SEO and conversion rate with a content led strategy, Advice Centre creation and site indexation fixes.

77 Diamonds

Producing a unique data piece gaining backlinks from high tier publications and increasing site visibility.

"Salience made the migration process simple, and the results have been incredible. Traffic, visibility, and keyword rankings have gone through the roof, and their continued brilliant support has helped us to capitalise fully on the benefits of the project." AVADO

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We do the hard work, so Google doesn’t have to. A clean, well-structured website that meets the latest search engine guidelines will always put you in the organic good books. We investigate, identify and fix so that you can start climbing up the rankings as soon as possible.

Working with Salience, we have developed a clear understanding of our marketplace

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Copy that gets you to the top and keeps you there. Rich, knowledgeable and unique content about your niche shows search engines you know your stuff. On-page content is vital for SEO but also helps to speak to your customers across the entire purchasing journey.

We’ve been amazed at the success of this campaign in driving engagement with customers and prospects we never would have imagined

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UK Managing Director



Proper link building works wonders. Earning engagement from trusted communities across the web lets search engines know you're the go-to source. We build quality links and monitor your link profile to give you better results.

I’m impressed with the knowledge and suggestions Salience have actioned to ensure our consistent improvement as a brand

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  • Site Migrations

    Everything above …plus… 301s mapping, Tech specifications, Auditing, Risk Analysis Site migrations are one of the most cost and resource-intensive actions you can take with an online business. It’s a chance to change things for the better, but in the same vein poses a significant risk to your organic revenue if shortcuts are made during the migration process. Every one of the sections above must be considered for site migrations – that’s standard. But there are a few extra bits that need to be considering…

    Tech Specifications

    There will always be a ‘100% need this’ list when it comes to technical specifications for your site that change depending on what you’d like to achieve. Before development starts, we provide a series of definite actions concerning all agencies, developers and other team members that, if followed, will put your new site in the best position for organic success once live. Auditing An extension of the technical specifications; we audit your new site on your development server to ensure your organic visibility is waving, not drowning when it goes live.

    Risk Analysis

    Development, hosting, payment providers, SEO, PPC… the list of agencies involved in a big migration goes on. As the project deadline looms completion, it’s easy to overlook certain shortcomings in favour of getting it done. But what’s the risk to your organic revenue? Whether you’re looking at your lowest ever visibility post-live or your highest, it’s important for stakeholders to understand revenue implications immediately after, and in the months beyond after hitting the big red button.

    301 Mapping

    Particularly pertinent with large e-commerce sites. Telling Google where your old site pages went seems simple enough to talk about, but can quickly turn to an incomprehensible task. We look after your 301 mapping process so that every old page points to where it should, and every new page honours that redirect with appropriate.

  • Site Architecture

    The architecture of your site encourages users to navigate it in a certain way and gives search engines clues about what you’re most invested in. Good site architecture can greatly improve your visibility, but also your user metrics and revenue.

    Keyword Strategy

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall. We work with you to improve your keyword strategy, ensuring you have clear and diverse keyword targeting across your site. This prevents search cannibalisation and means that search engines can correctly attribute visibility to keyword clusters at a subfolder and category level rather than single pages.


    Whether it’s the main CSS navigation of your site, footer navigation or otherwise, the internal links within are solid signals on your most important pages. We review and improve your navigation structure so your best pages get their best chance at success.

    Category Structure

    For e-commerce sites, category and subcategory pages are often the big-ticket items in search. Improving category structure enhances a search engine’s ability to assess their semantic relevance and rank everything within them accordingly.

  • Site Speed

    A fast site is an absolute necessity if you want good ROI from digital, and yet it’s one of the first things to get hit. Development bolt-ons, outdated code and unwieldy imagery added by blog teams. They creep up over time, subtle at first yet damning to your visibility when you notice.

    Site Speed Slowers

    The list of issues that can affect your site speed is monstrous. To name a few so you believe we’ve been around a bit:

    • Javascript rendering
    • Bloated CSS & image files
    • Server response time
    • Redirect misuse
    • Unnecessary code

    Our initial time with you is led by a discovery audit in which we identify the biggest issues affecting your site, of which page speed always features. We work with your developers through bite-sized actions to get the biggest improvements, fast.

  • Penalty Recovery

    Manual Penalty? Surely Not

    You’re unlikely to see a manual penalty hit your Search Console inbox this side of September 2016, after real-time Penguin became part of Google’s core algorithm, but that doesn’t mean Google’s ban hammer doesn’t have a tangible effect on your visibility and revenue if it deems your online activity wanting.

    Now, smaller changes are more frequently added to the core algorithm, and with the exception of some obvious offenders – interstitials, anyone? – figuring out what you did wrong can quickly turn into a whodunnit of digital marketing practices. We use our principles of indexation, content and links to assess your site and figure out what needs tweaking and how much to tweak it before Google puts you back in their good books.


    Depending on the scale of the problem, it’s not always a precise science, but that doesn’t mean there’s no science; Have a fast, indexable site with quality content and links to serve a searcher’s intent, wherever you appear in the search. It sounds so simple…

  • Local SEO

    Local SEO services

    “We know your local ranking signals. Target on-the-go searches with a local SEO strategy.”

    Let us…

    • Make you salient in your target audience no matter their location or search term
    • Build a local SEO strategy bespoke to your website and industry
    • Help make you faster and more mobile-friendly
    • Drive geo-targeted traffic to your optimised-for-local pages
    • Show you how to get Google to favour your local pages over other brands
    • Work on your trust signals with customer reviews at every opportunity
    • Create localised structured data to help define your site
    • Optimise your local search profile

    Get friendly on mobile

    Customers are searching for your business on the move, or soon will be. It’s imperative to have a mobile-friendly website. Google has rolled out multiple mobile-friendly boosts in the past few years – with our tweaks both the searcher and Google will love what’s in front of them.

    The need for speed

    It can’t just be friendly, it must be speedy too! Google recently built speed straight into its search algorithm with a Speed Update. This combined with mobile-first indexing now a reality means technically a faster site on mobile could outrank a slower one in a list of local results. Our page speed audits will have you racing ahead of the competition.

    Website localisation and localised content

    Great local content answers the questions being asked in local searches – we’ll develop a local SEO content strategy so you can serve content created to meet specific needs of your potential customers and provide information based on their local searches.

    Customer reviews

    A steady flow of customer reviews – and identifying where best to get them – will help your brand be deemed trustworthy not only to customers seeing those reviews but to your SEO effort. That’s not just a theory in 2019; Google has added something called “E.A.T.” to their quality guides – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

    Google this, Google that

    Perfect your brand on Google My Business, optimise your brand on Google Knowledge Panel – they’re affecting local rankings right now. We’ll help you master schema and structured data to give your local listings an upgrade with informative data that stands out from the crowd.

    Social media

    Even if it’s indirect (and a little bit clouded in mystery), social visibility and engagement do contribute to SEO too. Let’s get it in your local SEO strategy and use it to help with an additional boost to your local rankings. The good stuff we’re looking for here: social growth, brand-related mentions, shares, likes, retweets, along with lots of reviews and the right contact information.

    Don’t forget links

    Google has evolved in how they display local companies in search but links still definitely matter – local directory listings, award sites, bloggers and influencers are just a handful of relationships we’ll help you build in your local online community, relationships that will add value for users and for your website’s authority as viewed by Google.

    Your local strategy

    Think your SEO strategy is all sewn up already? Potential customers are searching for products and services in your area, so you need to appear in local searches too.

    Success with organic and local rankings are no coincidence, and we’ll help you achieve both.

    Backed by conversion rate optimisation (CRO) testing and results, Salience develop a bespoke SEO strategy for all the brands we work with. Whether it’s on-page content, Google My Business, Knowledge Panel, authoritative link building, or performance tweaks to get you racing ahead of the competition, we’ll ensure you’re optimised for local search.

    Google is fast becoming the new homepage for local business. Get ahead of the mobile-first curve and target on-the-go searches with a tailor-made local SEO marketing strategy from Salience.

"Working with Salience, we have developed a rich source of informative content around sleep, which drives regular social engagement and web traffic to our site" Dreams

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