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Without SEO, you're invisible. A strong statement, but in the connected digital world, if you don't appear prominently in the search engines, you’re going to find it difficult to compete with those that do. Search engine optimisation aims to get your site ranking for the right terms in the best position possible. As an award-winning SEO Chester agency, our SEO services and approach are born from an agile mindset. You can't plan for the unplannable; Your site issues don't give you six months’ notice before they appear, so why should your SEO agency plan six months of activity before they start?

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Using keyword research, page copy & reader profiles, we created a digital magazine to establish Dreams as the owners of sleep.


Changing perceptions of short-term lenders with a selfless content marketing campaign and page copy that drove SEO improvements.

Factory Direct Flooring

Improving user experience, SEO and conversion rate with a content led strategy, Advice Centre creation and site indexation fixes.

77 Diamonds

Producing a unique data piece gaining backlinks from high tier publications and increasing site visibility.

"Salience made the migration process simple, and the results have been incredible. Traffic, visibility, and keyword rankings have gone through the roof, and their continued brilliant support has helped us to capitalise fully on the benefits of the project." AVADO

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We do the hard work, so Google doesn’t have to. A clean, well-structured website that meets the latest search engine guidelines will always put you in the organic good books. We investigate, identify and fix so that you can start climbing up the rankings as soon as possible.

Working with Salience, we have developed a clear understanding of our marketplace

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Copy that gets you to the top and keeps you there. Rich, knowledgeable and unique content about your niche shows search engines you know your stuff. On-page content is vital for SEO but also helps to speak to your customers across the entire purchasing journey.

We’ve been amazed at the success of this campaign in driving engagement with customers and prospects we never would have imagined

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Proper link building works wonders. Earning engagement from trusted communities across the web lets search engines know you're the go-to source. We build quality links and monitor your link profile to give you better results.

I’m impressed with the knowledge and suggestions Salience have actioned to ensure our consistent improvement as a brand

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  • Site Migrations

    Launching a new site or change in domain name can be an exciting time for a business, allowing for improvements across all aspects including technical, backend and creating user friendly experiences.

    However, site migrations can be extremely tricky and are generally one of the most cost and resource-intensive actions an online business can take.

    Although the intentions of a site migration are good, many companies do this wrong – resulting in significant loss in organic revenue and traffic. This often happens when shortcuts are taken, or the new website is launched before it is truly ready. All migrations have some risk to them, but there are some key steps to be taken to not lose traffic during a site migration.

    We have worked on countless migrations here at Salience, from small-scale HTTPS migrations to full frontend and backend code rewrites; we like to think we’re pretty good at them!

    Here are just some of the aspects of a site migration our SEO’s look at:

    Tech Specifications

    There will always be a ‘100% need this’ list when it comes to technical specifications for your site that change depending on what you’d like to achieve.

    Before development starts, we provide a series of definite actions concerning all agencies, developers, and other team members that, if followed, will put your new site in the best position for organic success post migration.

    We will audit the new site before initially going live, ensuring that everything is in top shape before facing the public!

    Risk Analysis

    Site migrations take a huge amount of planning, communication, and collaboration between all parties. We have worked on a number of site migrations, so we understand how critical it is that all parties involved are working in harmony.

    Sometimes, as the project deadline looms, it can be easy to overlook certain shortcomings in favour of getting the launch live. However, launching early or before everything is completed can sometimes have huge repercussions on organic revenue.

    No two migrations are the same – that’s why we undergo our risk analysis on a case-by-case basis to ensure that all stakeholders understand the revenue implications immediately after, and in the months beyond, hitting the big red button.

    301 Redirect Mapping

    As an SEO agency, it is our job to tell Google where your old site’s pages have gone post-migration. We achieve this by 301 redirect mapping old URLs to new URLs.

    Although simple in theory, this can quickly turn into an incomprehensible task if your website contains millions of URLs. This is particularly pertinent with large e-commerce sites.

    We look after your 301 mapping process so that every old page points to where it should, and every new page honours that redirect.

    Post Migration Auditing

    Once the big migration button has been pressed, we extensively review the implementation to ensure everything has been carried over effectively to create as little disruption as possible to your website performance.

    A website migration should be as seamless as pulling away a cloth from a table and leaving all items undisturbed!

    Performance Monitoring

    Now that the migration has finished, this does not mean we are! In the subsequent weeks, we will monitor and gather data on post-live performance to understand how the big move has been processed by both search engines and customers.

    Site migrations can often throw unexpected curveballs, especially if the backend code has been extensively rewritten. With proper planning and execution, Salience can help your website achieve improve organic performance, increase conversions and so much more.

  • Site Architecture

    A clear navigational strategy and site architecture is critical in helping search engines understand the relationship between different pages. Think products grouped into categories and subcategories.

    Having unclear navigation and site architecture can confuse bots, blurring the lines between related pages, meaning they aren’t able to support each other as effectively.

    When on site, intuitive navigation and architecture also makes it easier for customers to find, and buy, what they are looking for.

    Keyword Strategy

    Keyword strategy is where it all begins, shaping the direction of a campaign.

    We will work with you to define a clear keyword strategy, targeting a diverse group of keywords across your site. In doing so, we are helping search engines see the relationship between pages, allowing them to attribute visibility to keyword clusters at a category and subfolder level, rather than a single page.

    To help us achieve this, our SEO’s combine leading industry tools, our own tried and tested techniques and wealth of experience to ensure that you have an accurate and expansive keyword universe.


    A surprisingly overlooked aspect of a website is the site navigation.

    This is how search engines and users will navigate through your site, so it is critical that all the right pages are included here, as well as positioned correctly.

    Positioning plays a huge role in what users do and how they expect to navigate your website, yet poor positioning of internal links can leave a user confused or struggling to find what they want.

    Here at Salience, we will review your navigation structure, ensuring that all the relevant pages get their best chance at success, and the user is happy while navigating your website.

    Category Structure

    Category and subcategory pages are often the big-ticket items within the search results – especially for e-commerce sites.

    Imagine ranking for the term “beds” as a bed retailer for example! We love showing businesses that sometimes, these huge terms are out of reach; leading to huge increases in organic traffic and revenue – like what we have done for Dreams.

    By improving category structure, we are helping search engines assess the semantic relevance and allowing them to rank accordingly. Not only this, but by having a clear category structure, users will be able to know exactly where they are within your website at any time.

    For more information, read our guide on how Google reads your site.

  • Mobile SEO

    As we become more and more connected, mobile SEO continues to grow in importance. So much so that Google are switching their crawler to mobile first. This means that they are ranking results based on the mobile version of that page – as opposed to a mixture of desktop and mobile results.

    Mobile first

    The usability of a site on mobile is critically important since the majority of searches in Google are now done via a mobile device. As of March 2018, Backlinko reported that 58% of all searches in Google are now done via a mobile device. And that trend keeps on growing – according to Google there are 27.8 billion more queries performed on mobile than desktop.

    Delving into the device

    A typical Mobile SEO audit we complete for a client may delve into:

    • Page speed – often websites will have a super quick desktop version, but a slow mobile version of their site
    • Mobile menus/navigation – can users navigate as effectively as they can on the desktop site?
    • Mobile Usability errors in Google Search Console
    • JavaScript errors
    • Organic performance – mobile vs. desktop
    • Mobile usability improvements

    With the advancements in mobile and wearable technology, we don’t see this trend changing any time soon!

  • Local SEO

    We know your local ranking signal and how to target on-the-go searches with a local SEO strategy. Let us…

    • Make you salient in your target audience no matter their location or search term
    • Build a local SEO strategy bespoke to your website and industry
    • Help make you faster and more mobile-friendly
    • Drive geo-targeted traffic to your optimised-for-local pages
    • Show you how to get Google to favour your local pages over other brands
    • Work on your trust signals with customer reviews at every opportunity
    • Create localised structured data to help define your site
    • Optimise your local search profile

    Get mobile friendly

    Customers are searching for your business on the move, or soon will be. It’s imperative to have a mobile-friendly website. Google has rolled out multiple mobile-friendly boosts in the past few years – with our tweaks, both the searcher and Google will love what’s in front of them.

    The need for speed

    It can’t just be friendly; it must be speedy too! Google recently built speed straight into its search algorithm with a Speed Update – and have confirmed it as a ranking factor!

    This, combined with mobile-first indexing now a reality, means technically a faster site on mobile could outrank a slower one in a list of local results. Our page speed audits will have you racing ahead of the competition.

    Website localisation and localised content

    Great local content answers the questions being asked in local searches – we’ll develop a local SEO content strategy so you can serve content created to meet specific needs of your potential customers and provide information based on their local searches.

    This goes so much deeper than just language, as on an international scale, dialects can play a huge role! A truly localised listing can increase footfall and organic traffic.

    Customer reviews

    A steady flow of customer reviews – and identifying where best to get them – will help your brand be deemed trustworthy, not only to customers seeing those reviews, but to your SEO effort. That’s not just a theory in 2019; Google has added something called “E.A.T.” to their quality guides – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

    Google this, Google that

    Perfect your brand on Google My Business, optimise your brand on Google Knowledge Panel – they’re affecting local rankings right now. We’ll help you master schema and structured data to give your local listings an upgrade with informative data that stands out from the crowd.

    Social media

    Even if it’s indirect (and a little bit clouded in mystery), social visibility and engagement does contribute to SEO too. Let’s get it in your local SEO strategy and use it to help with an additional boost to your local rankings. The good stuff we’re looking for here: social growth, brand-related mentions, shares, likes, retweets, along with lots of reviews and the right contact information.

    Don’t forget links

    Google has evolved in how they display local companies in search but links still definitely matter – local directory listings, award sites, bloggers and influencers are just a handful of relationships we’ll help you build in your local online community, relationships that will add value for users and for your website’s authority as viewed by Google.

    Your local strategy

    Think your SEO strategy is all sewn up already? Potential customers are searching for products and services in your area, so you need to appear in local searches too.

    Success with organic and local rankings are no coincidence, and we’ll help you achieve both.

    Backed by conversion rate optimisation (CRO) testing and results, our SEO Chester agency develop a bespoke SEO strategy for all the brands we work with. Whether it’s on-page content, Google My Business, Knowledge Panel, authoritative link building, or performance tweaks to get you racing ahead of the competition, we’ll ensure you’re optimised for local search.

    Google is fast becoming the new homepage for local business. Get ahead of the mobile-first curve and target on-the-go searches with a tailor-made local SEO marketing strategy from Salience.

  • Page Speed

    A fast site is an absolute necessity if you want good ROI from digital, and yet it’s one of the first things to get hit. Development bolt-ons, outdated code and unwieldy imagery added by blog teams. They creep up over time, subtle at first yet damning to your visibility when you notice.

    Speed in the Algorithm

    One important reason the need for speed is more important than ever? It’s built right into Google’s search algorithm. A close competitor with a speedier site could technically now outrank yours, leaving you in the dust!

    The rumblings of this were felt in July 2018 for instance, when Google announced a Mobile Speed Update. This page speed algorithm refresh would specifically go after websites with poor speed on mobile, which followed the move to mobile-first indexing a few months prior. At this time Google encouraged webmasters and developers to “think broadly about how performance affects a user’s experience of their page”.

    Small load time, big business

    These jaw-dropping stats revealed in our Why Is Pagespeed Important? article demonstrate that improving page speed goes beyond ranking signals:

    • Amazon calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could potentially cost them $1.6 billion in sales each year.
    • experienced up to a 2% conversion increase for every single second of page speed improvement, according to a Radware study.
    • Firefox reduced their average page load time by 2.2 seconds, which amplified downloads of their browser by 15.4%, leading to an estimated 10 million additional downloads per year.
    • cut load times in half and experienced a 13% increase in sales.

    Site Speed Slowers

    The list of issues that can affect your site speed is monstrous. To name a few so you believe we’ve been around a bit:

    • JavaScript rendering
    • Bloated CSS & image files
    • Server response time
    • Redirect misuse
    • Unnecessary code

    Our initial time with you is led by a discovery audit in which we identify the biggest issues affecting your site, of which page speed always features. We work with your developers through bite-sized actions to get the biggest improvements, fast.

  • Expertise, Authority & Trust (E-A-T)

    One of the main concerns for websites and content on the Internet is: can it be trusted? This is particularly true when it comes to purchasing products, and sensitive topics or important life advice such as medical guidance and financial issues.

    The reason? It’s in Google’s interest to provide search results we trust, otherwise we’d use their search product less.

    This is why Google introduced Expertise-Authority-Trust (E-A-T) into their algorithm in August 2018. The aim is to show websites and content from trusted sources, particularly in areas where accurate information is critical.

    In their search quality evaluator guidelines – a document Google uses internally to judge the quality of their search results – E-A-T comprises the bulk of the “Page Quality Rating: Most Important Factors”. Therefore, promoting trust has never been more important for your brand.

    At our Chester SEO agency, we have alert systems in place to warn us of any potential algorithm updates. From this, we dig into our current client base and their competitors to find trends that cross sectors. Based on these and wider learnings, and with our agile approach to deliverables, we’re able to create reactive plans alongside our active

    Promoting Trust Online

    Building and encouraging trust on your website is crucial for both search engines and customers.

    For example, Bright Local research shows that 91% of people read online reviews, while 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. These customers then make their decision quickly – 68% form an opinion after reading between one and six online reviews.

    Do search engines and customers trust your website?

    How do I make my website trusted?

    The Salience Trust Audit reviews your websites current E-A-T efforts and delivers recommendations on how to build trust with your customers.

    We provide feedback on informational content, helpful guides, customer reviews and more to understand your trust footprint and where it can be improved.

    Building website trust is an ongoing process, which is why the Salience Trust Audit includes both short-term and long-term strategies. Our findings will help you promote expertise, authority & trust, futureproofing your website against further Google algorithm updates.

  • International SEO

    What is International SEO?

    International SEO is the practice of optimising your website so Google can identify which countries and languages you want to target for your business.

    A multilingual website offers content in more than one language, whereas a multi-regional website explicitly targets different countries. Google distinguishes between the two, and there is HTML markup and different setups to reflect this.

    A website can also be multilingual and multi-regional e.g. a website with different versions for the US and Canada could have French and English versions of the Canadian content, and Spanish and English versions of the US content.

    Despite our SEO agency being based in Chester, we work with clients across the globe. From fashion houses in Amsterdam to medical practitioners in the USA, we’ve built up a solid team of tech practitioners and content strategists who know how to push your results in the areas you need them to succeed.

    Why is International SEO so difficult?

    International setups require a huge amount of expertise and collaboration with other partners or stakeholders to be implemented correctly.

    With extensive hreflang that needs to be added on many pages, creation and management of variations of international pages, content suited for the international variants and much more that needs to be considered, it’s no surprise that many businesses get this wrong.

    Here at Salience, we know how to ensure content is being ranked correctly and in the right location, as well as providing all the hreflang signals to search engines so they understand the relationship between all the international pages.

    We will undergo an international SEO audit that will review your website’s global signals, and provide suggestions to fix, improve or implement international SEO best practice.

    Related: A Beginners’ Guide to International SEO


  • Structured Data

    With a focus on schema, Salience can help implement the right structured data to give Google an improved understanding as to intent of a given page and potentially improve its click-through-rate thanks to rich snippets displayed on the SERP.

    Schema specialities

    Claim and influence your Google Knowledge Panel, perfect your Open Graph tags, and enhance your search appearance with schema the likes of:

    • Organization
    • Article
    • BreadcrumbList
    • Organization
    • Review & AggregateRating
    • FAQPage
    • Product
    • LocalBusiness
    • FAQPage

    We review the current structured data implementation of a website and uncover errors to tackle, and keep up with best practices and emerging trends to present suggestions for new additions and amendments. Like Google, we recommend JSON-LD encoding for schema markup included in the audit.

    Related: A Guide to Implementing Structured Data and SCHEMA Markup

  • Penalty Recovery

    Manual Penalty? Surely Not

    You’re unlikely to see a manual penalty hit your Search Console inbox this side of September 2016, after real-time Penguin became part of Google’s core algorithm, but that doesn’t mean Google’s ban hammer doesn’t have a tangible effect on your visibility and revenue if it deems your online activity wanting.

    Now, smaller changes are more frequently added to the core algorithm, and with the exception of some obvious offenders – interstitials, anyone? – figuring out what you did wrong can quickly turn into a whodunnit of digital marketing practices. We use our principles of indexation, content and links to assess your site and figure out what needs tweaking and how much to tweak it before Google puts you back in their good books.


    Depending on the scale of the problem, it’s not always a precise science, but that doesn’t mean there’s no science; Have a fast, indexable site with quality content and links to serve a searcher’s intent, wherever you appear in the search. It sounds so simple…

    Related: How To Compile & Submit A Google Disavow

  • Algorithm Recovery

    What are Algorithm Penalties?

    On a daily basis, Google releases changes or updates to their algorithm to improve their search results. Unfortunately for some website owners, this can mean a decline in their traffic and visibility, especially if penalised by the more severe Google algorithm updates.

    There is no way to immediately recover from algorithm drops. Any search marketing agency that tells you otherwise is simply not being truthful to you.

    In fact, Google even confirms this themselves:

    “Pages that drop after a core update don’t have anything wrong to fix. We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward.”

    How to recover from Algorithm Penalties?

    So, while there is no clear “Fix X to return your organic visibility”, a robust long-term SEO strategy targeting best practices like enhanced content, quality backlinks and a well-structured responsive website is the best way to recover from algorithm declines and thankfully, Our Chester SEO agency are experts with this.

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"Working with Salience, we have developed a rich source of informative content around sleep, which drives regular social engagement and web traffic to our site" Dreams

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