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Content marketing is strategically creating, delivering and distributing valuable, useful and inspiring content to gain and maintain customers, to build links and to make your brand more prominent.

Our content marketing strategy is search-focused, persona-driven, and lean. We capture audiences at all stages of the customer lifecycle.

As a leading content marketing agency in Chester, we focus on meeting the needs of your customers across the three core areas of their journey to purchase, awareness of your brand, consideration or your products or services and finally giving them the confidence and intent to purchase.

Each piece of content from product or service descriptions through to show-stopping digital PR is created with clear and concise goals that can be measured on your bottom line.

As an award-winning Chester content marketing agency, let us show you what we can do.

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Richard Waters
Sales & Marketing Director


Content Marketing


The challenge: Own sleep. The solution: A digital magazine in the form of 'The Sleep Matters Club', over 100,000 words of enhanced copy, Robust & interactive buying guides and a visual gallery. Sleep, owned.

Factory Direct Flooring

FAQs, fitting & maintenance advice for some pretty wooden content, resulting in several content award wins & shortlists, including best content ROI.


News, guides and advice around one hell of a competitive & regulated market, short-term lending.

77 Diamonds

We brought permanence to celebrity engagement stories through a data-led digital PR asset, giving 77' a diamond-set backlink profile.

"The results we've achieved from Salience's content marketing efforts have exceeded my expectations. We knew content marketing was a viable route to ROI in general, but were unsure if it would apply to flooring. Thankfully, the results were well beyond viable and I'm excited to continue growing Factory Direct Flooring with content."Paul Hambidge, MD

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How Content Marketing Works



No more unseen cat GIFs on your company blog. We create content through data & our extensive experience of what works best for each digital channel.

I’m impressed with the knowledge and suggestions Salience have actioned to ensure our consistent improvement as a brand


Paul Hambidge




No one wants to read a company blog. We reinvent your content platforms as independent publishers, with you as the sole advertiser.

Working with Salience, we have developed a rich source of informative content around sleep and wellbeing for Dreams customers, which drives regular social engagement and web traffic to our site - contributing to our SEO success and underpinning the company’s genuine passion for sleep.


Dhiresh Hirani

Digital Marketing Manager



Balanced acquisition through veteran SEO best practice, digital PR, strategic paid distribution & retargeting.

We’ve been amazed at the success of this campaign in driving engagement with customers and prospects we never would have imagined


Scott Greever

UK Managing Director

  • Content Strategy

    Content sits at the heart of all your digital channels. It’s one of the biggest services we offer, and one of the best investments you can make for your site. Content strategy isn’t all about creation. It’s about looking at your existing assets and seeing what can be used where or what can be done to enhance or monetise it. Got a whole bed of content going nowhere? We’ll give it a purpose. Only writing for half of your target market? We’ll show you how to appeal to them all. Not even sure how much content you have? We’ll set the record straight. As an award-winning Chester content marketing agency, you can leave it to us.

    Content Marketing Strategy

    Once your content strategy is in place, we can start creating new badass content. First, we need to know the brand, the audience and the market. During our content discovery process, we map out who’s doing well in your market already and why what they’re doing is successful. Then we see where opportunities lie and fill the gaps. We build customer profiles and workshop ideas with your insight and help, and we create content frameworks to give us all the best head start. Why do we do all this? People expect an experience that is not only high quality but also tailored to them. And we all remember the 7 ps of planning.

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  • Digital Magazines

    Because nobody wants to read a company blog. This is the place where your awareness content sits. Those articles and assets that engage users in a selfless way. Your brand magazine is the place where you can show off your tone of voice and outline exactly who you are as a company. The shed load of traffic is pretty good, too. It’s your company’s sub-brand, ideal for those in a reputation-impacted industry to build a new name independent of your full site. The end game is to create a magazine that subscribers flock to again and again. This is your owned audience. Find your niche and serve it well.

    Editorial Content

    The delicious filling within your magazine sandwich.

    Your editorial articles give you the voice to discuss newsworthy trends and celebrate seasonality. They also give your company the best chance of ranking for popular search terms that your main site won’t.

    We create content when it’s needed and when it serves a purpose. This keeps you current, vibrant and en pointe.

    We’re specialists in editorial, so expect nothing less than our A game.


    Influencer Content

    ‘I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip-flops, so I bought army pants and flip-flops.’ If Mean Girls taught us anything, it’s that influencers are so called for a reason. Using carefully selected experts in your market, we can engage audiences that we otherwise might not reach. We’ve had designers, psychologists, marines, explorers, sailors, hotel inspectors to name a few. What does that do for your business? It makes you relevant, desirable and salient.

  • Resource Hubs

    Like Wikipedia but reliable. Also known as consideration content, this is the place to answer all your FAQs properly. We find these FAQs either from your FAQ section (if you’re handy enough to have one) or mostly through keyword and market research. Advice centres can have articles, guides, eBooks, assets and tools, all in the name of education. Evergreen stuff that’ll stay relevant for years. People who come to you for advice are more likely to trust you. Trust equals investment. Investment equals revenue.

    Shoppable Content

    If you’ve already got the customer on site, with your stellar resource content, the next step is to enhance their shopping experience. Providing product links, images and recommendations along with your words gives them a resolution. Shoppable might sound complicated, but once set up you won’t need a developer to do the work for you (sorry Dave). Some cool things you can do with shoppable content:

    • Take a live version of your XML shopping feed into WordPress – any content editor can build shoppable experiences across all points of the user journey
    • Intelligent product replacement – so you don’t end up with a blank space when your product goes out of stock
    • Hotspot imagery – great for fashion, offers click-to-buy features on editorial images

    Answer their question. Solve their problem. Increase your sales.

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  • Content Optimisation

    Getting your content to the top when we know it can be done. Content optimisation works because it takes a job you’ve already done well and, using SEO insight and market knowledge, makes it perform better. Tired of being on page 2 for a juicy term? We eat drink juicy terms for breakfast. And by drink we mean we get you on page one. Doing it proactively means we spend resource wisely. We don’t waste our time or your money. And we’ll only do it if we truly think we’ll get results.

    How we optimise

    It all depends on what you need. Optimisation can range from changing a few H2s on a blog post to combining posts together to stop them cannibalising each other for the same keyword. Some things we might pick apart when optimising your content:

    • How can we get more traffic to it?
    • How can we make it an integral part of the user journey (enhanced with shoppable content and good CTAs)?
    • Is it easy to navigate?
    • Does it meet Google’s accessibility standards?
    • Is the UX on point?

    It takes your content from unseen to top of the SERPs. Whether a simple tweak or a big overhaul, the results speak volumes. And it’s all tailored to you.

  • Links Through Digital PR

    Digital Assets

    Too good to ignore, too difficult to copy. If you stick to this rule, you have the right start. Our digital assets come in many forms, but they all exist to gain links. Infographics, videos, quizzes, whitepapers and the rest. Whether it’s branded research or selfless insight that the press can’t resist, our story team love a good creative campaign.

    PR & Outreach

    Your name in lights. The reason why publications are seen as trustworthy is a high standard of editorial control. People trust what they already know and publications understand what their audiences respond to. Digital PR helps break us through that barrier and get your name seen by new audiences. We’ll only outreach our work to channels we believe will have a genuine interest, putting it in the right hands from the get-go. This gives us the best chance of placing work and getting coverage.

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    Blogger Engagement

    Bloggers are your secret weapon. When implemented correctly, engaging the ever-growing blogging community is a powerful tool offering more consistency and flexibility than Digital PR. This approach is one of the most consistent ways to gain mid-tier links to your site or digital assets. When done as part of a wider PR mix, blogger engagement is invaluable. Gaining links in this way gives us more control over their placement and targeting by finding bloggers within your niche. Every link counts.

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  • Paid Engagement & Retargeting

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