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Content marketing is strategically creating, delivering and distributing valuable, useful and inspiring content to gain and maintain customers, build links and make your brand more prominent.

Our content marketing strategy is search-focused, persona-driven, and lean. We capture audiences at all stages of the customer lifecycle.

As a leading content marketing agency in Chester, we focus on meeting the needs of your customers across the three core areas of their journey to purchase; brand awareness, product or service consideration and intent to purchase.

Each piece of content, from product or service descriptions to show-stopping e-commerce SEO and digital PR, is created with clear and concise goals that can be measured on your bottom line.

Making your content king

Within the world of digital marketing, it's well-known that "content is king", but ensuring your content deserves that title is where we come in. Our data-driven storytellers combine creativity, logic and persuasion to help you meet your customers' needs. With a bespoke approach to every client, we aim to deliver on unique brand needs and goals. We believe in human-first content, and so our content marketing is created for humans and by humans.

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Content Marketing


The challenge: Own sleep. The solution: A digital magazine in the form of 'The Sleep Matters Club', over 100,000 words of enhanced copy, Robust & interactive buying guides and a visual gallery. Sleep, owned.

Factory Direct Flooring

FAQs, fitting & maintenance advice for some pretty wooden content, resulting in several content award wins & shortlists, including best content ROI.


News, guides and advice around one hell of a competitive & regulated market, short-term lending.

77 Diamonds

We brought permanence to celebrity engagement stories through a data-led digital PR asset, giving 77' a diamond-set backlink profile.

"The results we've achieved from Salience's content marketing efforts have exceeded my expectations. We knew content marketing was a viable route to ROI in general, but were unsure if it would apply to flooring. Thankfully, the results were well beyond viable and I'm excited to continue growing Factory Direct Flooring with content." Paul Hambidge, MD, Factory Direct Flooring

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How Content Marketing Works


Access to a team of experts

At the heart of every campaign is a team of experts. From content writers to PRs and everything in between, our team has an array of talents and various backgrounds; some have come to us through having their own blogs or traditional PR, and others from entirely different industries. We listen to every team member, which keeps the ideas fresh and flowing.

I’m impressed with the knowledge and suggestions Salience have actioned to ensure our consistent improvement as a brand


Paul Hambidge



Cohesion and consultancy

We believe collaboration between ourselves and our clients is the key to success. And so we love to work with developers, writers, buyers and merchandisers to support your team. The more knowledge your team has about what we do, and the more knowledge we have about your team, the more performance will bloom.

Working with Salience, we have developed a rich source of informative content around sleep and wellbeing for Dreams customers, which drives regular social engagement and web traffic to our site - contributing to our SEO success and underpinning the company’s genuine passion for sleep.


Dhiresh Hirani

Digital Marketing Manager



Not only do we love to collaborate with your team, but we also love to work alongside other teams in our agency too. Working with our PPC, Technical SEO and PR teams, we use experience from all areas of digital marketing and align campaigns across a full spectrum. We all have our own experiences, and we can draw upon these for fresh ideas and exciting campaigns.

We’ve been amazed at the success of this campaign in driving engagement with customers and prospects we never would have imagined


Scott Greever

UK Managing Director

  • Content Strategy

    Content sits at the heart of all your digital channels. It’s one of the biggest services we offer and one of the best investments you can make for your site. Content strategy isn’t all about creation. It’s about looking at your existing assets and seeing what can be used where or what can be done to enhance or monetise it. Got a whole bed of copy going nowhere? We’ll give it a purpose. Only writing for half of your target market? We’ll show you how to appeal to them all and then some.  As an award-winning content marketing agency, we work alongside your team to teach them what we know. We’ll brief up articles and let your writers do the talking, or we can set our writing team to task.

  • eCommerce SEO Content

    We’ve become experts in eCommerce SEO; we’ve been doing it since 2009, so we can handle the ever-changing retail landscape with ease. With our agile way of working, we can react to what the data tells us, whether this be market fluctuations, user, or competitor data. Also known as intent content, we will give your customers the confidence to buy from you. We don’t just care about improving rankings; we want to ensure the results are reflected in your top line too.

  • Resource Hubs

    Like Wikipedia but reliable. Also known as consideration content, this is the place to answer all relevant questions and share the right advice. We find this through keyword and market research, alongside audits of what you already have. Advice centres can have articles, guides, eBooks, assets and tools, all in the name of education. Evergreen stuff that’ll stay relevant for years. People who come to you for advice are more likely to trust you. Trust equals investment. Investment equals revenue.

  • Digital Magazines

    This is the place where your awareness content sits. These articles and assets engage users in a selfless way. Your brand magazine is the place where you can show off your tone of voice and outline exactly who you are as a company. The shedload of traffic is pretty good, too. It’s your company’s sub-brand, ideal for those in a reputation-impacted industry to build a new name independent of your full site. But we don’t just deliver content for content’s sake; we write content when it’s needed and when it serves a purpose. This keeps you current, vibrant and en pointe. The end game is to create a magazine that subscribers flock to again and again. This is your owned audience. Find your niche and serve it well.

  • Content Optimisation

    Getting your content to the top when we know it can be done. Content optimisation works because it takes a job you’ve already done well and, using SEO insight and market knowledge, makes it perform better. Tired of being on page 2 for a juicy term? We eat drink juicy terms for breakfast. And by drink, we mean we get you on page one. Doing it proactively means we spend resource wisely. We don’t waste our time or your money. And we’ll only do it if we truly think we’ll get results. Whether a simple tweak or a big overhaul, we tailor our content optimisations to each page, and the results speak volumes.

  • Content Distribution

    Your name in lights. The reason why publications are seen as trustworthy is a high standard of editorial control. People trust what they already know, and publications understand what their audiences respond to. Digital PR helps break us through that barrier and get your name seen by new audiences. We’ll only outreach our work to channels we believe will have a genuine interest, putting it in the right hands from the get-go. This gives us the best chance of placing work and getting coverage.

  • Content Amplification

    Through paid social media, we will amplify your content, getting it in front of your intended audience. We look to find you new audiences to turn into customers by taking advantage of the super granular interest-based targeting of social media. Our paid social media aims to get people off social media and onto your website, as that’s what’s important for your ROI, and so that’s what’s important to us.

  • Schema Targeting

    There’s a lot of furore about how Google is killing e-commerce sites by presenting web content through SERP features such as snippets, knowledge graphs, people also ask and more. But where others see danger, we see opportunity. We’ve been fans of SERP features for a while now. Why spend a year optimising for a position 1 result when you could get to the top of the SERP with a half-hour optimisation? By playing ball with how search engines want content to be structured, you can quickly jump ahead of more authoritative players and burst through the kitchen door to gorge upon the feast.

  • Digital Assets

    Too good to ignore, too difficult to copy. If you stick to this rule, you have the right start. Our digital assets come in many forms, but they all exist to gain links. Infographics, videos, quizzes, whitepapers and the rest. Whether it’s branded research or selfless insight that the press can’t resist, our content team loves a good creative campaign.

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