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Agile working practises are rooted from a simple idea; whenever you start a project, why not check in regularly, see if it’s heading in the right direction and if it’s actually what people want? The key question we need to ask ourselves as a search marketing agency is –

What do we do when things go wrong?

Why should one team define and determine what another team of multi-skilled practitioners deliver to a client for the next 6 months? Agile marketing takes its inspiration from agile development. The digital landscape is changing daily, making the requirement for a constant and quick cycle of building, testing and learning more and more critical. The traditional agency way of working with long-term goals and campaigns plans do not encourage teams to inspect and adapt.  For most search marketing campaigns, the desired outcome is often not fully known, or in constant flux. There is often a need to adapt and change to market, customer or competitive signals.

The War Room

  To ensure success we need to be able to quickly respond to change, and test in smaller incremental steps, rather than delivering big, (often expensive) and flashy campaigns. As an agency in an ever-moving digital world, agile represents to us exactly how marketers should work; act quickly, fail fast, learn, and repeat. Our War Room means you have immediate access to all our available skills and experience, without you being restricted to pre-defined planner tasks.

Our agile mentality leads our agency values

  • We lead the way, using our experienced multi-skilled team, data and insight to determine the route towards the quickest results.
  • We find opportunity and encourage change and growth.
  • We are positive and confident in our work.
  • We encourage our teams and clients to collaborate, working together towards aligned goals.
  • We take pride in what we do, constantly reflecting on success, and giving us the freedom to adapt to change.
  • We welcome criticism, learning and adapting as we work.
  • We make it better by using our reflections to encourage change.
  • We earn trust with our transparency and honesty.
  • Simply; we move fast, and get shit done.

We don’t hide behind contracts, plans, or pre-defined rules. We work in short sprints, leveraging all of the skills across the agency to attain your goals. We encourage honesty and transparency. We question everything. We learn from failure, embrace change and respond to data and insights. We pride ourselves on delivering campaigns for our clients that are transparent, accountable, effective, that deliver growth and success.

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