173% in page value
31% in organic revenue
9% in organic traffic

Challenge. Accepted.

77 Diamonds is an award-winning jeweller, specialising in diamonds and bespoke engagement rings.

They wanted to become the leading authority on engagement rings in their market. We knew this would be a tough ask given the trust and reputation already built from other jewellery retailers.

To increase brand awareness, we decided our best course of action would be to design and produce an asset for link building. The idea was to gain backlinks from high tier publications with a view to increasing site visibility.

We noticed that celebrity engagement stories get people excited yet disappear from memory quickly. The Celebrity Engagement Ring Audit aimed to bring permanence to the throwaway world of celebrity engagement stories by providing the press with historic information, trends and forecasts on engagement ring styles.

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173% increase in page value.

The Actions.

Creating a unique data piece took effort from multiple channels in order to succeed.

Market Research

A research team analysed 100 high-profile proposals to see what gems make the rich and famous tick. Factors under consideration included value, ring style, metal and the ‘7 Cs’.

From the data, trends and forecasts were highlighted and displayed in illustrated graphs. We converted the figures into dollars and euros to ensure maximum global pickup.


We kept the design and copy sleek and concise, with on-brand colours throughout.

We knew the data would speak for itself so highlighted key points with illustration and used snapshots from Instagram to engage tabloid audiences.

Outreach Strategy

Creating this report gave us an entry point into a sector we’d never worked in before. However, this also meant we had to build relationships from scratch.

We took a four-pronged approach to our outreach, focusing on 4 verticals: celebrity, fashion, relationships (including weddings) and trade titles. This guaranteed that all bases were covered.

We used a mixture of tools to source contacts and corroborate the sources to fully meet the outreach potential.

When it came to our blogger outreach campaign, we approached micro-influencers in the fashion and women’s lifestyle sectors who had both an engaged audience and a good Domain Authority.

Gained over 280 backlinks.

Follow Ups

We know that following up your contacts can be the difference between gaining a link or not.

We approached targets on a tier-by-tier basis. With tier one and two targets we distributed a well-crafted press release tailored to their industry, followed by a more personalised follow-up to ensure maximum coverage opportunities.

We did not make all of the raw data publicly available, only giving access to journalists who requested it. This allowed us to entice journalists into contacting us and enabled us to develop a rapport with these new associates. It also established ourselves as a point of contact for future celebrity engagement enquiries.

The Results.

77 Diamonds saw massive exposure with a number of Top Tier links and mentions on a variety of mainstream sites.

Increase in visibility


Increase in organic revenue


Increase in page value


Links gained from over 57 unique domains.


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