2371% in brand reach
230% in social engagements
124% in community size

Challenge. Accepted.

Sunny is one of the largest short-term lenders in the UK. They approached us needing a way to talk to customers and potential customers in a way that wouldn’t be overshadowed by the often-emotive perception of short-term lenders.

One of their biggest objectives was to strengthen their ethical position and demarcate themselves from historical perceptions of short term loan companies.

We set ourselves the challenge to create a content marketing campaign that would be truly selfless, helping our readers to find a better way of living and managing their money, meet brand objectives and drive SEO improvements.

We looked at customer profiles and identified five core segments to target. After many brand iterations, late nights and frayed nerves, Good Vibes was born.

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2371increase in brand reach.

The Actions.

Creating a sub-brand and content platform from scratch came with a fair few challenges.

Technical Solutions

The Sunny site was built on a custom CMS which was clunky and required IT support to make any changes.

We identified WordPress as the best solution, allowing us to maintain a consistent user journey with the flexibility to publish freely.

Through testing new formats and innovating over time, we can maintain the benefits a digital magazine brings to organic search.


The brief for the designers was to maintain the look and feel of the main Sunny website, injecting elements from the brand marketing campaign while making it feel like a fun, vibrant and unique place to be for our readers.

The site is updated regularly with seasonal category pages such as ‘Christmas Vibes’ and ‘The Great Good Vibes Bake Off’ to keep it current.

Content Research

Through auditing Sunny’s old blog, topic modelling and competitor content audits, an editorial plan was produced. This gave us a base of content to launch the new digital magazine with.

By combining AdWords, organic rankings for publisher sites and Google Suggest API we built a core database of over 30,000 queries, further broken down by the core categories we identified.

This data has fuelled the entire editorial process.

Over 258,000 social interactions.

Content Production

We have produced some of our most ambitious and exciting work for Sunny.

Interactive quizzes, unique data driven assets and infographics have all been supported by long form articles and expert posts.

Our outreach strategy has gained valuable links for the company and thousands of social interactions.

The Results.

Since its launch, Good Vibes has been incredibly well received across the business and the social media community.

Increase in community size


Increase in brand reach


Increase in Facebook interactions


Increase in social engagement


Over 4.5 million reach.


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We’ve been amazed at the success of this campaign in driving engagement with customers and prospects we never would have imagined. The figures speak for themselves, and it’s a picture that’s been improving with every month that goes by. What we thought were optimistic KPIs when we started out on this journey have been consistently surpassed, and that’s credit to the hard work and intelligence that’s been applied by the whole team.

Scott Greever, UK MD

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