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As a search marketing agency who work with some of the top businesses within the leisure market, we’ve discovered what allows brands to grow and expand so they reach the top of the SERPS.

Leisure Industry Statistics

According to KPMG, the leisure sector is worth around £120bn which means it makes up for a big part of the UK consumer sector. This comes as no surprise with the average family in the UK spending 22% of the weekly budget on leisure activities.

It is estimated that the leisure sector has grown at around 2-3% per year due to consistent consumer spending. Consumers spend their disposable income on experiences rather than ownership of goods. The spending habits of consumers, however, are likely to change with the economic uncertainty of Brexit.

Striking for Success

The bowling sector over the last 6 years had been one of the fastest-growing markets within the leisure category. This is most likely due to the expansion of the services it now offers. Bowling alleys have evolved into offering hours of entrainment with activities such as laser tag, escape rooms, mini-golf and more. To see what leisure brands are top of the board, check out our industry reports.

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