We've produced a Safari Travel Performance Report that Ranks Industry Leaders Against Each Other, Analysing Key Performance Metrics.

Brands Featured

  • kuoni.co.uk
  • freedomdestinations.co.uk
  • naturalworldsafaris.com
  • safaribookings.com
  • go2africa.com
  • expertafrica.com
  • andbeyond.com
  • virginlimitededition.com
  • capetown.travel
  • rainbowtours.co.uk
  • naturetrek.co.uk
  • africasafari.co.uk
  • rhinoafrica.com
  • mahlatini.com
  • africanbudgetsafaris.com
  • africaodyssey.com
  • travelbutlers.com
  • yellowzebrasafaris.com
  • safariandbeach.com
  • aardvarksafaris.co.uk
  • realafrica.co.uk
  • africatravel.com
  • kenya-safari.co.uk
  • theluxurysafaricompany.com
  • timbuktutravel.com
  • africatravelresource.com
  • royle-safaris.co.uk
  • 2by2holidays.co.uk
  • asiliaafrica.com
  • safari-consultants.com
  • african-pride.co.uk
  • africanbushcamps.com
  • senseafrica.co.uk
  • visionsofafrica.co.uk
  • safari.co.uk
  • churchillwild.com
  • aquilasafari.com
  • safarisun.co.uk
  • yoursafari.co.uk
  • sanbona.com
  • busangasafari.co.uk
  • naturefriendsafaris.com
  • ecotravelafrica.co.uk
  • tanzaniasafariholidays.co.uk
  • sababu-safaris.com
  • gamewatchers.com
  • olarrokenya.com
  • chameleonholidays.com
  • holidaystosouthafrica.co.uk

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Latest insights

  • kuoni.co.uk has the best Brand Reach Score in the industry
  • freedomdestinations.co.uk has the second highest organic visibility
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: kuoni.co.uk, freedomdestinations.co.uk and andbeyond.com
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are; africasafari.co.uk, go2africa.com and capetown.travel

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November 2020

The holiday market is vast and expanding with new niches gaining momentum each year. This report looks specifically at the travel companies offering Safari holidays. We’ve analysed the safari travel industry as a whole but within the report, you’ll find information on companies which specialise in just Safari holidays, too.

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In the report, we’ve analysed key metrics that are important for any company’s online success, such as SEO visibility, social scores and page speed. Companies can use this information to benchmark their success against that of their competitors. It also highlights where you might be succeeding or areas in which you could improve.

What Is This Safari Travel Market Report About?

This online safari travel report analyses year on year performance across the industry. You’ll find out who’s the leader of the pack in this space and who’s digital marketing strategy needs some work. The report gives an overview of the online pecking order and where the top 50 brand fit in.

Why Is This Report Important For Online Safari Holiday Providers?

This report lets you know who the movers and shakers have been in the online safari holiday industry this year. You’ll learn how your competitors approach their digital marketing strategies and gain some valuable insight into opportunities for your own improvement.

The report takes a look at a number of the biggest metrics to measure online success, including organic visibility, domain authority, brand reach, and much more. If you’re an online safari holiday provider, you’re not going to want to pass up this opportunity for a thorough analysis of the industry.

If you’re interested in seeing how your brand stacks up against the opposition, and how you can leapfrog them in next years report, download today using the form above. Alternatively, get in touch for some impartial advice from our team.

SEO Winners And Losers In The Safari Holiday Market

Organic visibility is how we separate the big cats from the small fry. If you have high visibility then you’re taking up more of the overall space of the online safari holiday sector. This means the likelihood of you showing up in rankings is greater than those further down the pecking order.

The size of the industry has ballooned by 11% this year. As the market’s expanded, some brands have thrived and others have given way to newcomers. Freedomdestinations are perhaps the most notable of the former, climbing up to 2nd place with huge growth of 114%.

In spite of the industries upstarts, kuoni cemented their place at the top for another year, gaining a further 8% of the visibility share. This sort of growth is difficult to consistently achieve, so kudos to them.

It’s a game of peaks and troughs, however, and the top 5 has been shaken up this year. Expertafrica and capetown.travel and have both slipped away from this lucrative spot, suffering -14% and -2pped away from this lucrative spot, suffering -14% and -27% losses. Work to do if they’re to bounce back next year.

To see all the winner and all the losers, get the full story and download our free report today.

Who Are The Biggest Online Safari Travel Brands?

Based on organic visibility, the top 5 sites in the online safari holiday market are;

  1. Kuoni.co.uk
  2. Freedomdestinations.co.uk
  3. Naturalworldsafaris.com
  4. Safaribookings.com
  5. Go2africa.com

What are these brands doing to yield such positive results? Download the free online safari travel market report and find out for yourself.

Which Online Safari Brands Have Shrunk This Year?

Based on the biggest visibility drops over over the past 12 months, the 5 safari brands who’ve lost out this year are;

  1. Africasafari.co.uk
  2. Capetrown.travel
  3. Africaodyssey.com
  4. Expertafrica.com
  5. Naturetrek.co.uk

What Keywords Opportunities Are Available To Online Safari Travel Providers?

Within our report, you’ll find the biggest terms in the industry. These are split down the middle into two sections – high competition keywords and low competition keywords. You can expect the big boys to dominate high competition SERPs – in fact, the biggest head term ‘safari holidays’ has our table topper kuoni just behind virginholidays.

You’d be hard-pressed to go against these guys for the big keywords. Aiming for the low competition is your way into the market. These are our opportunity keywords. One of the more juicy terms, ‘safari and beach holidays’, gets 880 monthly searches and a competition score just below 68. This is arable ground for feasting on visibility.

The featured snippet for this term has been taken by go2africa. Considering the outdo a more aptly titled domain, in safariandbeach.com, they’ve clearly got their content fine tuned here. They’ve presented a listicle format article, which seems to work well in this space. Their strategy is one to keep an eye on when it comes to hitting these opportunity keywords.

To see our full list of opportunity keywords for online safari travel providers, download our report today.

A Fallen King Of The Jungle

If you’ve kept your ear to the grindstone in the industry this year, you’ll be no stranger to the demise of STA Travel. Formerly a mainstay of our top 10, they’ve now ceased trading. This presents perhaps the biggest opportunity available to middling brands in this industry.

We’ve written in length about how to capitalise on STA Travel’s poor fortune. As is the law of the jungle, a dethroned king presents a chance to reign. STA’s exit from the market left tons of visibility and backlink potential behind. Give our guide a read and see if any of the strategies apply to your brand.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Our report found reviews to be seriously lacking in the online safari holiday market. Is it a sign of the times or a digital misstep? Either way, getting reviews in shape represents a huge opportunity for making some gains in this space.

Of course, the world grinding to a halt is sure to have an impact on the number of reviews we’ve recorded. However, there’s such a disparity between the two extremes of our scale that it’s worth a mention. In fact, 13 sites have recorded 0 reviews with a further 7 sites notching less than 10. This is not the way to get people excited about your brand.

Up at the peak, Rhinoafrica dwarf the competition, with over 3,000 more reviews than their closest rival. They’re highly responsive to both positive and negative reviews, clearly taking the latter on board with their last bad review coming over a year ago. As such, their average review score is 4.9 – nice work.

Reviews are key in such a trust-heavy market, yet they seem to be a second thought to most brands. Yellowzebrasafari, for example, have a perfect average review score of 5 despite sitting in mid table for visibility. Imagine how well they’d be doing if they bulked out their 874 reviews?

Focusing on areas your competitors struggle, such as reviews, presents a pathway to a greater chunk of the online space. The report is strewn with examples of where competitors are getting this key digital feature wrong – download your copy today to get the inside scoop.

Which Online Safari Travel Site Has The Fastest Page Speed?

If your on page content is tip-top yet you’re still struggling in the SERPs, it may be down to page speed. In the online safari holiday market, and any digital industry, having a Cheetah-fast website is a key indicator to Google’s ranking algorithm. If you’re lagging behind, your rankings will follow suit.

As identified by PageSpeed Insights in our page speed league table, here is a snapshot of the top 5 fastest online safari brands;

  1. Safarisun.co.uk
  2. Ecotravelafrica.co.uk
  3. Theluxurysafaricompany.com
  4. Churchillwild.com
  5. African-pride.com

Want to see where you compare for page speed? Download the free report today.

Do I Have To Pay For This Online Safari Travel Market Report?

No, this online safari sector report is completely free of charge. We understand the value this analysis has, and we want to broadcast it to show a glimpse of our data-driven approach to marketing. If you’re an online safari travel brand, you can download the free report using the form above.

I Can’t Find My Brand – Why Is That?

As is the case with all of our Travel & Accommodation industry reports, there are thresholds brands must meet to be included. Chances are, if you can’t find your brand it’s because you didn’t meet the requirements. If you’re interested in getting this insight tailored to your brand, get in touch – we can provide a personalised report just for you.

Contact us for any further questions or enquiries you may have about this report, the data, or any further assistance you may need.

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