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Here at Salience, we don’t just report on retail data, we provide search marketing services to retail brands and have done so since our launch in 2009. We have created award-winning campaigns across organic and social media channels to drive retail trends.

Analytics in Retail

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the growth of e-commerce and the increasing cost of rent for high street stores, businesses in the UK have been having a tough time. These retail data findings (taken pre COVID-19) were according to a survey conducted by Display Wizard. Those interviewed thought that the biggest threat to retail business was first, rental costs; second, online shopping; and third, competition.

60% of retail report respondents said that the main advantage of shopping in-store rather than online was the ability to sample goods before purchasing. But will this be enough to keep high-street retail alive, especially following the pandemic lockdown? The outlook on retail businesses resulted in a pretty close divide with just 55% of survey respondents having a positive forecast for the future.

The Salience retail trends 2020 reports shows all the insights, data and analytics you need when navigating the tricky waters that lie ahead.

Retail Parks

According to Global Data, the UK retail market is expected to grow between 2017 and 2022 by 13.8%. Retail parks have dominated the real estate investments against shopping centres for the last 3 years. According to figures from Knight Frank, retail parks have sold for a combined £449m during the third quarter of 2019. To see more retail trends 2020, check out our FREE industry reports today.

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