Our free market performance report for the Men's Clothing market, featuring YOY Online performance from the top 50 mens clothing brands.

Brands Featured

  • matchesfashion.com
  • mainlinemenswear.co.uk
  • burton.co.uk
  • endclothing.com
  • moss.co.uk
  • scottsmenswear.com
  • choicestore.com
  • boohooman.com
  • jacamo.co.uk
  • mrporter.com
  • tmlewin.co.uk
  • slaters.co.uk
  • 80scasualclassics.co.uk
  • bbclothing.co.uk
  • suitdirect.co.uk
  • zeeandco.co.uk
  • terracesmenswear.co.uk
  • workwearexpress.com
  • dobell.co.uk
  • ctshirts.com
  • reemclothing.com
  • samuel-windsor.co.uk
  • standout.co.uk
  • woodhouseclothing.com
  • orvis.co.uk
  • theidleman.com
  • bensherman.co.uk
  • jackjones.com
  • aphrodite1994.com
  • musto.com
  • luke1977.com
  • vanmildert.com
  • stuartslondon.com
  • cho.co.uk
  • wrangler.co.uk
  • designerwear.co.uk
  • brother2brother.co.uk
  • northernthreads.co.uk
  • peterchristian.co.uk
  • repertoirefashion.co.uk
  • premierman.com
  • dunhill.com
  • bigclothing4u.co.uk
  • falke.com
  • eqvvs.co.uk
  • spoke-london.com
  • king-apparel.com
  • orlebarbrown.com
  • bigboys.co.uk
  • wellgosh.com
  • zegna.co.uk
  • rawdenim.co.uk
  • deadlegacy.com
  • publicrec.com
  • peterengland.com
  • stephenmuldoon.com
  • nohowstyle.com
  • mrbutton.in
  • malfordoflondon.co.uk

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What to expect inside

  • 2021 mens clothing report front cover
  • 2021 mens clothing vis YOY table
  • 2021 mens clothing winners & losers

Latest insights

  • boohooman.com, again, has the best brand reach score in the clothing industry (UK)
  • burton.co.uk is top of the organic visibility table
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY: boohooman.com, suitdirect.co.uk and orvis.co.uk
  • Sites that have lost SEO visibility YOY: burton.co.uk, mainlinemenswear.co.uk and scottsmenswear.com

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1-50 Brands ranked

Last Updated 23rd July, 2021

What is this Men's Clothing Market performance report about?

In this iteration of our sector reports, we look into the world of men’s online clothing to see which brands have a tightly buttoned SEO strategy. If you’re a men’s online clothing brand and looking to achieve better results with your online marketing, this report should be your new bible.

Inside, you’ll see a whole range of essential metrics for your industry, including visibility, keyword opportunities, and page speed. Each and every one of your competitors is marked and compared, giving you unprecedented insight into your competitive field. Using this information, the sky is the limit when it comes to the SEO potential of your online men’s apparel brand.

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The winners and losers in the online men’s clothing industry

The online men’s clothing industry has been a little flat this year, only increasing by 2% in overall organic visibility. Despite the relatively small increase, this could potentially mean thousands of additional visitors to a brand’s website. Let’s take a look at how this change has impacted individual brands within this report.

Brands that have won this year include the likes of BoohooMan and Suit Direct, who both saw an increase of just over 30%. Not bad, especially considering Boohoo is already a massive brand. However, they weren’t the biggest winners this year. That award goes to Orvis, who saw a dramatic increase of 168%. Check out their site if you’re looking for quick tips!

Of course, not every men’s clothing brand was a winner in this report. The online market leader Burton lost -22% in organic visibility this year. Ouch. Jacamo and TM Lewin also reduced in visibility, both decreasing by -33%. As you can see, not all brands experienced positive growth this year.

Want to see where your brand came in our visibility league table? Get the free report now.

Which are the biggest online men’s clothing brands in 2021?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:

  1. burton.co.uk
  2. moss.co.uk
  3. matchesfashion.com
  4. mainlinemenswear.co.uk
  5. endclothing.com
  6. boohooman.com
  7. choicestore.com
  8. suitdirect.co.uk
  9. scottsmenswear.com
  10. bbclothing.co.uk

Which online men’s clothing brands have seen the biggest growth in 2021?

  1. boohooman.com (36%)
  2. suitdirect.co.uk (33%)
  3. orvis.co.uk (168%)
  4. cosstores.com (87%)
  5. terracesmenswear.co.uk (143%)

Which online men’s clothing brands have seen the biggest losses in 2021?

  1. burton.co.uk (-22%)
  2. mainlinemenswear.co.uk (-30%)
  3. scottsmenswear.com (-13%)
  4. jacamo.co.uk (-33%)
  5. tmlewin.co.uk (-33%)

Which online men’s clothing brands have the best digital reach?

If you’re looking to get the most impact out of your online marketing, focusing on your digital brand reach is the way to go. By getting your brand to stay top of mind and tip of the tongue, you can make sure your marketing work harder (and smarter).

To capitalise on this metric, we’ve included a digital brand reach league table comparing all the men’s clothing brands. This league table uses social media engagement and online brand mentions to create a comprehensive ranking. Use this to see who is reaching their audience effectively and steal their best strategies.

To give you a sneak peek, the brand killing for digital brand reach in the men’s clothing space is Boohooman. This massive brand receives 301K monthly searches and has an owned social score of 3369, which is huge when compared to other brands in this industry.

Of course, Boohoo is a monstrous brand and has a wide reach. Being so well-known means their numbers are going to be inflated. Still, there could be some learnings to take from their site.

As well as Boohooman, other successful brands in the digital brand reach league table include End Clothing and Mr Porter. Check them out if you’re looking for tips!

Want to see where your brand came in the digital brand reach league table? Get the free report using the form atop this page.

What are the high competition keywords in the online men’s clothing industry?

High competition keywords are usually hard to land but can be incredibly profitable. Every big industry has these keywords and they’re usually the ones you want to target if you’re looking for significant results from your campaign.

Getting these keywords can take a while, however. They’re not available to those who aren’t willing to put in the work and investment needed to achieve them. However, if you’re reading this, we can presume your men’s apparel site fits into the ‘doer’ category as opposed to the ‘dabbler’ category.

Because of this, we analyse the top keywords in the online men’s fashion industry and see who’s sitting at the top. With this information, you can actively check out what they’re doing and model their success.

For quick reference, the most competitive term in the online men’s clothing industry is ‘mens clothing’. This generic keyword receives 90,500 searches every month and has a competitive rating of 62/100. Getting this keyword would take a lot of patience and strategy but would be a fruitful investment in the long run.

Interestingly, despite the intention of the keyword, none of the brands in the league table show up. Lots of high street retailers appear, but brands like Jacamo and Orvis achieve second-page rankings. Clearly, more optimisation is needed.

Want to see more high competition keywords like this one? Get the free report now.

What are the keyword opportunities in the online men’s clothing industry?

As well as high competition keywords, there are plenty of opportunity keywords available for smaller brands to use to get around the tougher competition. These are keywords that have high search volume but low competition. They are an excellent way to get more visibility with little effort.

Here’s a few things we noticed when analysing these opportunity keywords in the SERPs

Selling the Set

One trend in the opportunity keywords we found is the demand for matching t-shirt and short sets. Related keywords receive over 8,000 searches a month and the only brand that appears to be capitalising on this is Boohooman.

If a smaller brand were to set up a new category and optimise well with supporting content and proper intent analysis, they could see good results. Of course, work will need to be put into combat Boohoo, but it’s definitely possible.

Want to see more opportunities like this? Get the report using the form on this page.

Which online men’s clothing brands have the best online reputation?

Trust is an important factor when it comes to SEO, both in the eyes of the consumer and Google. Both are actively looking for trust signals when they land on your site and if they fail to find them, you may notice a dip in both sales and visibility.

One way to quickly display trust on a site is through online reviews. If you can successfully demonstrate that other customers have had a pleasant experience with your service or products, new customers will feel at ease. Google also likes seeing these kinds of signals as they factor them in when ranking.

Because online reviews are becoming increasingly important, we include an analysis in our report detailing the online reviews of each brand.

Here are the top 5 brands who are crushing it in terms of online reputation:

  1. matchesfashion.com
  2. dobell.co.uk
  3. endclothing.com
  4. cho.co.uk
  5. slaters.co.uk

Want to see where your brand ended up? Get the report now.

Which online men’s clothing brands have the fastest page speed?

You shouldn’t be serving your customers a slow-loading site. If your users aren’t satisfied with the speed, they’ll bounce off and go to your competition. Not only do consumers dislike slow speeds – Google does too.

Google announced a while ago that page speed is a factor considered when ranking websites. If your site is loading slow, you could be losing out on visibility.

Page speed is an important element you need to be tracking on your site. Because of this importance, we include a page speed analysis on all the brands in this report. With this, you can identify the speediest sites and mimic their structure.

Here’s what PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest men’s clothing brands:

  1. jackjones.com
  2. northernthreads.co.uk
  3. terracesmenswear.co.uk
  4. samuel-windsor.co.uk
  5. designerwear.co.uk

Interested to see where you came? Get the free report now.

Read more about the importance of page speed here.

Is this report free?

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