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We’re a search marketing agency who have worked in the tech and e-services market for more than 10 years. From big to small, we know how to get brands to reach their full potential.

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Following the US, China and India, the UK is 4th worldwide in terms of tech investment. In 2018, the total venture capital investment within UK tech was around £6bn which was more than any other country in Europe. London has continuously remained the UK’s leader in high-growth tech investments over the last few years.

With technology continuously advancing, it is probably no surprise that around 90% of companies use cloud service providers as a storage solution. The UK was third in spending the most on cloud computing technologies in 2019, spending around $10bn.

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As cities get smarter, most governments are trying to prioritise safety and clean air. In December 2019, Scotland set out a plan for the innovation of driverless vehicles in the bid to make roads a safer place for travel. Due to heavily polluted air, Barcelona has also experimented with a car-free smart city. To see which businesses are successfully paving the way to sustainable cities, check out our tech & e-services reports now.

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