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  • has the best Brand Reach Score in the industry
  • has the highest organic visibility
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:, and
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are;, and

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December 2019

What Is The Live Trading Platform Market Performance Report About?

Where you sit in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) can fluctuate as much as the stock markets. If you want people to use your live trading platform though, you must be seen on these pages. Looking at your strengths and weaknesses online can help improve your online presence.

We’ve passed a critical eye over this market to see who has the best odds online and whose online share has fallen. A small change, no matter how risky, could be all it takes to improve your online game.

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Which are the biggest live trading platforms in 2020?

As an industry, the live trading platform market has seen its online visibility grow by 19.27%. There has been some seriously impressive growth in visibility for some brands, whereas others have not seen much change or have lost visibility. One more algorithm update could be enough to completely rock the boat.

  1. Oanda (+ 3%)
  2. IG (+ 50%)
  3. Forex (- 6%)
  4. FXCM (- 14%)
  5. Plus 500 (- 10%)
  6. ETX Capital (+ 134%)
  7. Forex Time (+ 3%)
  8. XM (- 6%)
  9. IQ Option (+ 289%)
  10. ADSS (+ 327%)

On the whole, visibility isn’t great in this market. Only the top two brands have visibility scores over 10,000 and so, are well ahead of the others. In total, only four brands have visibility scores over 1,000. Therefore, the top spots could be easy pickings for those willing to invest in their SEO strategy. This doesn’t have to be a mystery, we can discuss your options after filling in a form for your free SEO audit.


Trends In Live Trading Platforms

One to watch within live trading platforms is definitely cryptocurrency. Although this keyword is classed as ‘super hard’, it has a search volume of 110k. After an initial surge of interest at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, it has dropped but has stayed more ‘on trend’ than other keywords.

trends.embed.renderExploreWidget("TIMESERIES", {"comparisonItem":[{"keyword":"how to buy shares","geo":"GB","time":"2017-01-01 2019-12-03"},{"keyword":"tax free trading","geo":"GB","time":"2017-01-01 2019-12-03"},{"keyword":"cfd trading","geo":"GB","time":"2017-01-01 2019-12-03"},{"keyword":"stocks and shares","geo":"GB","time":"2017-01-01 2019-12-03"},{"keyword":"cryptocurrency","geo":"GB","time":"2017-01-01 2019-12-03"}],"category":0,"property":""}, {"exploreQuery":"date=2017-01-01%202019-12-03&geo=GB&q=how%20to%20buy%20shares,tax%20free%20trading,cfd%20trading,stocks%20and%20shares,cryptocurrency","guestPath":""});

From the image above, you can see the massive surge in cryptocurrency. As this is still ahead of other keywords, focusing on long-tail keywords surrounding this term would be a decent strategy.

Other keywords tend to fluctuate a lot. Though both ‘how to buy shares’ and ‘stocks and shares’ look to be on the rise again. The keyword ‘stocks and shares’ has a medium difficulty and a search volume of 7k, while ‘how to buy shares’ has an easy difficulty and a search volume of 4.8k. Targeting these, in preparation for the trend to rise, could put your company in a good position in the future.


Trading And Social Platforms

No matter what market you’re in, social media shouldn’t be ignored. Social media platforms have the power to get you in front of potential customers. They help show you know what you’re talking about and easily share testimonials from other customers.

The top five Tile brands on social sites are:

  1. IG
  2. Oanda
  3. Forex
  4. FXCM
  5. Plus 500

IG are topping our social charts, despite a low owned social score. They have the second-highest brand searches per month, which has helped them get to this position. On Facebook they regularly post about share prices, but get very little engagement.

One to follow on social is IQ Option, although they have very few brand searches a month, they have the best owned social score and come in at sixth place in our charts. On Facebook they are very active with ‘Trader of the Week’ posts and posts about events that could influence the stock market. They also make a solid effort to answer their customers questions quickly and in depth. Their Twitter account sees much of the same posts. On Instagram they make use of stories and post event statistics and facts, such as those around Black Friday and Halloween. They also leverage YouTube very well, with playlists such as “Platform and Account Basics”, “Analysis” and “Weekly Report”. If they can get their name out to improve brand searches they could easily climb our social charts quickly.


Page Speed on Live Trading Platforms

People are impatient online. In fact, half of your visitors will leave if they have to wait more than three seconds. Therefore, a fast page is vital if you want to get people signing up to your live trading platform.

We have identified the fastest live trading platform sites as:

  1. Plus 500
  2. Oanda
  3. ETX Capital
  4. ADSS
  5. IG

If you want to know why page speed is so important, click here.


How Much Will The Report Cost?

Absolutely nothing at all!  As our reports are created to provide unbiased insights for different sectors, we feel that it would be unfair to charge for these insights. We create these reports as it helps us to understand the markets that we love to work with and we’re happy to share them with anyone who would find the information helpful.


I Can’t Find My Brand In The Report!     

Not to worry! If you can’t see yourself in our live trading market report, it doesn’t mean you’ve not come up in our research, it’s just that we can’t fit every brand into the report. Just get in touch and we can provide a personalised version.

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