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Travel & Accommodation Statistics

The amount of UK residents visiting countries abroad is currently at an all-time high. Research has shown that UK residents make more visits overseas than foreign residents make to the UK. This recent research also discovered that the total amount spent by UK residents overseas is higher than what foreign residents spend when visiting the UK.

The most frequent reason for UK residents visiting countries overseas was for holidays. This was the same for overseas residents visiting the UK. In 2018, there were 71.7 million visits overseas by UK residents making the spending around £45.5 billion.

A 2020 forecast from Visit Britain estimates that spending by overseas visitors in the UK will rise to £26.6bn. This is 1.6bn more than the current 2019 forecast.

Working, Studying and Volunteering Abroad

It is currently estimated that around 7.8% of undergraduate students work, study or volunteer abroad as part of their degree. This figure is aimed to be doubled by many universities within the year 2020. The largest proportion of undergraduates studying or working overseas is in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The top three countries that these mobile students visit are France, Spain and the US.

The volunteering sector often referred to as ‘voluntourism’ is estimated to have around 85 organisations within the UK place about 50,000 volunteers overseas each and every year. Many people are often attracted to the idea of working or volunteering in exchange for free travel and accommodation.

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