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  • has the second best Brand Reach Score in the industry
  • has the highest organic visibility
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:, and
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are:, and

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Report Updated September 2021

What is the Car Dealership Market Report?

In our 2021 online dealership report, we analyse the car sales industry brands such as Autotrader, and Evans Halshaw.

We’ve created a digital ranking to help car dealership brands understand where they score in comparison to the competition.

What’s in the 2021 Car Dealership Market Report?

This report consists of car dealership industry trends & ‘league tables’ measuring brands on metrics that are considered essential for ranking in Google.

A low score across all categories will yield in poor online performance.

Using our car dealership industry analysis can create a yardstick for you to understand what needs working on to improve how well you are seen online.

The winners and losers in the car dealership industry

The car dealership market has decreased -3% in the last 12 months.

We work this out by measuring the total online growth of 48 different dealerships over the year.

So, if your brand doesn’t fall in the -3% this year, then you are staying ahead of the market.

Some car sales brands this year have taken a beating:

Which car dealerships have seen the biggest losses in 2021?

  1. (-48%)
  2. (-31%)
  3. (-47%)
  4. (-65%)
  5. (-65%)

On the flip side, some brands have accelerated ahead of the market. These are our ‘winners’:


Which car dealerships have seen the biggest growth in 2021? (3%) (27%) (464%) (98%) (157%)

Which are the biggest car dealerships in 2021?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 car dealership industry sites:


What high competition keywords are available for car dealerships?

High competition keywords are where all the competition is – it’s competitive.

It helps to understand what the high competition phrases are, what sites are already achieving them and how.

Find what is working, reap the rewards.

High competition keywords are typically dominated by big sites i.e. Autotrader.

These big sites are usually pretty good. They are large with a sound technical setup.

Snoop on them and see how they are structuring their pages. Learn what they’re doing to rank on competitive keywords.

“used cars” – the most competitive keyword car dealerships battle for. The top position means being the first brand seen by 60k monthly searches.

That’s 110k people who ACTUALLY want to buy a used car seeing your forecourt every month.

Enter the high competition table:

Keyword Order Competitiveness Local Monthly Searches (UK)
used cars 1 75 110000
used cars for sale 2 69 90500
car dealerships near me 3 67 74000
car dealerships 4 66 60500
sell my car 5 61 49500
used car dealerships 6 72 27100
used cars for sale near me 7 70 27100
used cars near me 8 71 18100
used cars uk 9 70 18100
buy used cars 10 75 12100
used cars for sale uk 11 73 12100
used car dealerships near me 12 63 14800
buy my car 13 67 8100
used car finance 14 50 6600
used car leasing 15 45 8100

Here they are, the heavyweight keywords.

All high volume, all with a high competition score. There isn’t much room for small dealerships to rank well on these.

But big brands? These are gold medals you can swing about as bragging rights.

What keyword opportunities are available for online car dealerships?

What kind of fruit do SEOs like best?

Low hanging. 🥁

You might not get that, but it makes SEO’s laugh. ‘Low hanging’ is a term used for easy to grasp keywords.

i.e. not-competitive keywords.

These are the keywords that smaller brands really need to focus on.

Enter the opportunity competition table:

Keyword Order Competitiveness Local Monthly Searches
0 finance used cars 1 36 5400
used car prices 2 33 2900
used hybrid cars 3 34 2900
used 7-seater cars for sale near me 4 37 2400
7-seater cars used 5 34 1900
used car pcp 6 35 1900
car dealerships london 7 38 1900
when will car dealerships reopen uk 8 39 1900
when do car dealerships open 9 34 880
sell my car to a dealer 10 30 590
sell my financed car 11 28 390
sell my broken car 12 20 210
car dealerships in east london 13 21 210
sell my car for parts 14 22 210
sell my classic car 15 26 210

So, these auto dealership industry keywords have a half-decent search volume while still maintaining a low competition score.

Notice many opportunity keywords are more specific than high competition ones.

How are online dealerships performing on social?

Social media is great for getting in front of consumers daily.

Each year we produce a social media rank that looks at who is making the greatest impact on social.

Here are the top 5 making waves:

  5. have taken the top, with 535,652 social followers & 6,120,000 monthly brand searches, what are they doing right?

They post every day across all platforms

New tone/ approach for each platform (people behave differently on each)

Which car dealerships have the best online reputation?

Having a good review profile is essential in any industry, never mind as a car dealership.

Having third party reviews embedded in your site is a means of reinforcing your reputability (from sites like Trustpilot).

It’s now crucial for Google to see that you are a reputable business to rank well. has taken the No.1 spot as the most reputable brand, with 99,492 reviews at an average of 4.6 stars.

They’re quick to demonstrate their reputation on the home page

Here are the top 5 car sales market brands who are crushing it in terms of online reputation:


Which car dealerships have the fastest page speed?

Page speed is essential. If you’ve got a slow site, both your conversions and rankings will suffer.

Here’s what PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest car dealership brands:


Do I have to pay for this report?

The car sales market report is free, it’s all part of our genius ploy to get you to pay attention to our search marketing agency.

Why? Because we really, really want to sign a car dealership client, we think we could do a very good job.

I can’t find my brand, have you forgotten it?

Not all brands meet our thresholds when we put these reports together. If your brand is missing from this report, get in touch for more car sales industry.

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