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Brands Featured

  • petsathome.com
  • thesprucepets.com
  • purina.co.uk
  • zooplus.co.uk
  • petplanet.co.uk
  • viovet.co.uk
  • fetch.co.uk
  • purina.com
  • hillspet.co.uk
  • petscorner.co.uk
  • omlet.co.uk
  • thepetexpress.co.uk
  • jollyes.co.uk
  • petshop.co.uk
  • vetuk.co.uk
  • timeforpaws.co.uk
  • lordsandlabradors.co.uk
  • ruffwear.co.uk
  • millbryhill.co.uk
  • exotic-pets.co.uk
  • reptilecentre.com
  • lilyskitchen.co.uk
  • orvis.co.uk
  • animeddirect.co.uk
  • pet-supermarket.co.uk
  • monsterpetsupplies.co.uk
  • urmstonaquatics.com
  • allaboutdogfood.co.uk
  • petco.com
  • ferplast.com
  • waitrosepet.com
  • bitiba.co.uk
  • prodograw.com
  • burgesspetcare.com
  • chewy.com
  • doggiesolutions.co.uk
  • dfordog.co.uk
  • swallowaquatics.co.uk
  • iams.com
  • petsandfriends.co.uk
  • farmandpetplace.co.uk
  • internetreptile.com
  • notinthedoghouse.co.uk
  • trixie.de
  • best-pets.co.uk
  • naturesmenu.co.uk
  • medicanimal.com
  • petwell.co.uk
  • feedem.co.uk
  • harringtonspetfood.com

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What to expect inside

  • 2022 Pet Supplies Market Report front cover
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  • 2022 Pet Supplies Market Report visibility chart

Latest insights

  • The market has grown 18% YoY.
  • Pets At Home, yet again, has the greatest brand reach.
  • thesprucepets.com has moves to the No.2 position in 2022! (Growing an outstanding +1000% YoY)
  • Animed Direct for the second year running leads the market in positive customer reviews

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1-50 Brands ranked

Report Updated June 2022

What this pet industry report is all about

Our free Pet Industry Report offers an array of pawsome metrics and stats to provide priceless insights into the pet supplies market. This will help you capitalise on a load of pet-ential marketing opportunities in 2022.

Download the report now for immediate access to the Pet Industry:

  • Visibility scores
  • Authority rankings
  • Keyword opportunities
  • Page speed analyses
  • Trust
  • Search volume trends
  • Brand reach

To download the free pet market report, fill in the form at the top of this page or continue reading for a little sneak peek.

The major winners and losses in the UK Pet Industry

The pet industry has done anything but roll over in 2022. In total, the UK Pet Industry grew in visibility by a significant 18% year-on-year from 2021 to 2022. Visibility is all about how easily your brand can be found online.

Despite the impressive average growth, amongst the winners, there were also some losses. The Spruce Pets, for example, saw a massive 1014% jump in visibility. Chewy also saw a similarly big jump, seeing an increase in visibility of 309%. Whilst on average there was an increase in industry visibility, some brands have seen some fur-ocious growth.

On the other side of the coin, there have also been some visibility faux paws. The massive brand Purina dropped 50% and The Pet Express dropped 42%. Despite notable visibility rises, some brands have had a rough year.

Want to see where your brand ended up on our visibility league table? Download the free report now.

Which are the most visible Pet Industry brands in 2022?

Here are the top 10 UK Pet Industry sites with the best visibility scores which we’re sure will be mewsic to their ears:

  1. petsathome.com
  2. thesprucepets.com
  3. purina.co.uk
  4. zooplus.co.uk
  5. petplanet.co.uk
  6. omlet.co.uk
  7. jollyes.co.uk
  8. chewy.com
  9. petshop.co.uk
  10. millbryhill.co.uk

Pets at Home has kept its P1 from 2021 with a visibility growth of 17%. However, Purina has lost its second-place position to The Spruce Pets which has climbed 14 positions. Chewy is another big climber, entering the top 10 through a 22-place rise.

Which Pet brands have seen the biggest growth in visibility in 2022?

Cats off to these Pet industry brands. They are the top 5 brands seeing the biggest jump in absolute visibility score:

  1. The Spruce Pets
  2. Pets at Home
  3. Chewy
  4. Jollyes
  5. Petco

Whilst there has been an 18% average in Pet Industry visibility growth, these are the highest performers. You can look to emulate their success by understanding their search engine strategies and working out how you can implement them.

Which Pet brands have seen the biggest visibility losses in 2022?

These brands have seen their absolute visibility decrease the most:

  1. purina.com
  2. thepetexpress.co.uk
  3. purina.co.uk
  4. hillspet.co.uk
  5. viovet.co.uk

These brands have seen the biggest hits to their visibility scores. They may have been hit hard by Google algorithm changes or require new strategies. Look to learn from their mistakes.

Which Pet brands have the best authority?

Website authority may be considered the strength or reputation of a website. Put simply the greater the authority (reputation and strength) the more likely that you will appear in the search results for keywords. Google aims to provide the best result for a user and search query, the stronger your website’s authority the more likely you are judged by Google to provide beneficial results. Resultingly, you will be rewarded with higher positions on the results pages. The authority is calculated by looking into a website’s popularity, size, age, and link-building.

These are the top 5 Pet Industry sites for domain authority:

  1. thesprucepets.com
  2. petco.com
  3. chewy.com
  4. purina.com
  5. petsathome.com

Whilst authority and visibility aren’t the same, they are heavily correlated hence why there are similar results. Visibility concerns your online presence, but authority concerns the strength of that presence. If you have good authority but no visibility, you could be sitting on a sleeping giant. The golden formula is to have both high authority and high visibility.

Get in touch to find out how we can help both boost authority and visibility to increase your sales or download our full report for further insight.

Page Speed across the Pet Industry?

Whilst a technical definition of page speed exists, in simple terms, it is the length of time it takes to display the page’s content. This includes everything on the page from text, images, and videos along with all the code necessary to power it.

Page speed matters because users demand it. Research by Google noted that the chances of a bounce rate jumped 32% when page load time increased from one to three seconds. Accounting for this, in 2010, Google announced that page speed would be included as a ranking factor and Google has doubled down on page speed’s importance with its 2017 Mobile-First update and introduction of Core Web Vitals in 2020.

As previously noted, Google aims to benefit the user and will, therefore, reward sites that deliver the best result and experience – page speed being a crucial element of that experience.

The whippets of the Pet Industry landscape with the fastest page speed scores are:

  1. thesprucepets.com
  2. pet-supermarket.co.uk
  3. prodograw.com
  4. viovet.co.uk
  5. iams.com

Our expert team of Technical SEO specialists along with UX professionals can help cut the excess fat off your site and improve its vitals so that it’s running like Bolt.

Does this Pet Industry report cost anything?

Negative. This report is free in its entirety. Simply fill out the form at the top of the page. This is just a quick summary of the report too, within the full report you’ll find we go into plenty more depth and breadth.

I can’t find my Pet brand?

If you can’t find your pet brand in our report, do not stress. Get in touch with one of our friendly faces and we can sort out a personalised report for your brand so you can see where you stand against the competition.

If you want to know more about the report, have any questions or want to chat more in-depth about these insights and how we can create a bespoke SEO strategy for your brand, get in touch today.

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