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Brands Featured

  • dfs.co.uk
  • scs.co.uk
  • sofology.co.uk
  • cousinsfurniture.co.uk
  • sofa.com
  • loaf.com
  • darlingsofchelsea.co.uk
  • sofasofa.co.uk
  • leathersofaworld.com
  • sofa-club.co.uk
  • thesofaandchair.co.uk
  • sofasbysaxon.com
  • abakusdirect.co.uk
  • sofaworkshop.com
  • hslchairs.com
  • furnitureonline.co.uk
  • sofasandstuff.com
  • arloandjacob.com
  • thechesterfieldcompany.com
  • thomaslloyd.com
  • lovesofas.co.uk
  • sofasdirect.co.uk
  • frankknighton.co.uk
  • gplan.co.uk
  • chesterfields.co.uk
  • deluxdeco.co.uk
  • theenglishsofacompany.co.uk
  • sofa-company.co.uk
  • sitandsleep.co.uk
  • theloungeco.com
  • chesterfieldsofas.co.uk
  • esbfurniture.com
  • parkerknoll.co.uk
  • love-your-home.co.uk
  • sofas.mailshop.co.uk
  • distinctivechesterfields.com
  • nabru.co.uk
  • simplystylishsofas.co.uk
  • sofabrandsfactoryoutlet.co.uk
  • kcsofas.co.uk
  • uksofastore.co.uk
  • sofaitalia.co.uk
  • leathersofacompanyuk.com
  • onlinesofawholesale.com
  • johnsankey.co.uk
  • oldbootsofas.com
  • mysofaworld.com

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Latest insights

  • dfs.co.uk still has the greatest overall online visibility in the market
  • SCS is leading the way in customer reviews
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: DFS Spain, Sofa Club and Loaf
  • Sites that have stagnated in the last year and have seen little to no online growth are: darlingsofchelsea.co.uk, thesofaandchair.co.uk, and msofas.co.uk

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1-50 Brands ranked

Updated May 2021

What is the Sofa Market Report?

Here at Salience, we always want to figure out who’s leading the way in the sofa retailers industry. Because of this, we’ve checked through the range available across the market to find the brands with the biggest wow factor, as well as those that may need a bit of a re-upholster to get back to their full glory.

We’ve looked through a huge amount of data and statistics to get this in-depth look into how the sofa market is performing. With the knowledge we’ve gathered, you can take a quick seat to get a sense of the competition, and understand what’s working great and what may need a little extra work to be comfortable in the space.

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Who’s winning and losing in the sofa retailers industry?

The sofa retailers industry saw quite the jump in organic visibility in 2022, with an increase of 15% across the board. Bigger leaps have been seen before, but that’s still very telling of the way customers are searching these days, and with such a leap forward some key brands have taken full advantage of the situation to grow their own visibility.

To start with, let’s take a look at DFS. While it is their Spanish site that has taken the big wins, with a staggering 1130% difference on their previous year, this has helped the brand as a whole become more known across the board. Sofa Club has also done extremely well, with a very impressive 175% difference on display. Sofa.com follows after this with 79%, a respectable amount in its own right. These three may make good case studies to see just where your own brand may need a little inspiration for SEO practices.

On the other side, some sofa retailers have seen their visibility drop in the last 12 months. Sofas By Saxon has seen a -70% difference in their performance, with Abakus Direct following behind with a -59%. These aren’t small falls by any means, but neither of these brands should be disheartened by this. With some SEO adjustments and a bit of heavy lifting, they should be able to get back on track.

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Who are the biggest sofa retailer brands in 2022?

Here’s a quick list of the top 10 brands in the report:

  1. DFS
  2. Sofology
  3. Sofa.com
  4. Loaf
  5. SCS
  6. Sofa Club
  7. Chesterfield Sofas
  8. Sofas And Stuff
  9. Darlings Of Chelsea
  10. Arlo & Jacob

What sofa retailer brands are growing the most in 2022?

2022 has been a great year for growth for some sofa retailers. Here’s the top 5 performers:

  1. dfsspain.com
  2. sofa-club.co.uk
  3. sofa.com
  4. loaf.com
  5. sofology.co.uk

What sofa retailer brands are dropping the most in 2022?

Over time, some sofa retailers get a little worn out and sadly drop in the rankings. Here’s the 5 at the bottom for now:

  1. sofasbysaxon.com
  2. abakusdirect.co.uk
  3. msofas.co.uk
  4. thesofaandchair.co.uk
  5. darlingsofchelsea.co.uk

Which sofa retailers have the best digital reach?

The importance of getting this right is why we’ve made a league table to show who the cream of the crop is for digital reach, and who may be sinking a little lower. By gathering the monthly social media engagement and brand searches we’ve been able to produce some comprehensive data on the subject.

Want an example? Well, right now the brand with the biggest seat in the digital brand reach world is DFS. With other 670 thousand searches a month, and an incredibly impressive 240 thousand total followers across multiple social media streams like Twitter and Instagram, they’ve got the reach and the weight behind them to keep on climbing. Seeing what they do right in these spaces could help give your own brand the edge they need to rise in the ranks.

Digital brand reach is vital to survival when it comes to customers. Not only does it affect how your customers find you, but it also helps them remember who you are, as well as giving a helping hand to getting your name spread out even further when it comes to what you offer. How do you achieve this? By optimising your campaigns and content across social and search networks. Doing this can increase your reach dramatically, getting you recognised across the industry.

Curious about where your brand lands in the room? Get your hands on that free report and find out.

What are the high competition keywords in the sofa retailers industry?

Every industry has the keywords that each brand wants to wear the crown for. It’s just the way it works – the one who owns the biggest keywords in the market will get the best seat at the top. That means that the competition is fierce for these top-ranking terms, meaning you’ll need to do your research into the high volume, high competition terms and implement things properly to get that coveted seat.

To help you win that cushioned place, we’ve taken the initiative and searched through the market to find those key terms to add to your campaigns. Adding these will help you know where you’re aiming for and if you’re on track to grab that spot.

Interestingly, sitting at number 1 right now is “garden sofa”. It makes sense as people are getting out and about more, going over to each other’s homes and seeing their loved ones after the past few years, and with 48 thousand monthly searches it’s certainly one worth getting your teeth into.

Second place goes to “couch”, with a search volume of 18 thousand. A very competitive term, but one that can still be grabbed if you think smart with the content surrounding it. “Corner sofa” is another one that is a big contender, alongside many other specific kinds of sofas for people’s homes that lead the way for search volume across the board.

Interested in finding out more? Fill in the form for that free report, and you’ll get the full list sent directly to you.

Keyword opportunities in the sofa retailers’ market

Now we’ve talked about the big-name keywords, let’s take a look from the other side of the bench. Gaps in the keyword market can help brands grow exponentially in a shorter period of time than they may have thought possible, with large search volumes mostly being left by the wayside. With so much opportunity to be had, what’s the angle this time?

Colours and corners

The angle, it turns out, is somewhat literal; Colour terms and shapes of sofas are the key areas to getting ahead with these underused keywords. As an example, “black corner sofa” is sitting at 43 hundred monthly searches, and yet has a competitiveness score of 3, making it a great one to target if you have a product in that niche.

Other great examples with a large volume to back them up are “small corner sofa” and “blue sofa”, which if targeted right could give a great leap ahead of the other brands in the market. Just make sure to give them proper pages and supplemental informative copy to give the proper authority to back it up.

Which sofa retailer brands have the best online reputation?

When you’re shopping online do you look at reviews? Chances are, the answer is yes. So, keeping on top of those reviews is important for both your brand’s reputation and your Google ranking. After all, they also take a look at this metric to help with their ranking process.

Customers also use rankings to decide if something is worth buying, and with a purchase as big as a sofa (or other furniture) there’s no question that many will be thorough with their research. This means one thing: You should be even more thorough with how you manage your reviews, whether they be on your site itself or on third party places like Trust Pilot. The brand with the best reputation will do better, after all.

To help you better manage this, we’ve taken a look at all the sofa retailer brands with Trust Pilot reviews, compiled the data, and presented it in our report so you can see who’s got the best seat in the house. Then you can use this to improve your own place in the rankings.

Here’s  the top 5 brands with the strongest reputation online:

  1. scs.co.uk
  2. dfs.co.uk
  3. sofology.co.uk
  4. hslchairs.com
  5. sofaworkshop.com

Who in the sofa retailers listing has the best page speed?

How many times have you left a website because it loaded slowly? Likely more often than you’d think. In 2022, a fast website is critical to have, not only for the user experience but because Google takes note and adjusts your rank with it too. This makes getting your site running faster an easy win for everyone involved.

Because website speed is such an important factor, we’ve included a complete page speed analysis of the industry in our report. It’ll help you see which sites are lightning-fast and who’s lagging behind.

With that said, here’s what Pagespeed Insights identified as the 5 fastest sofa retailer brands:

  1. furniturestop.co.uk
  2. sofaworkshop.com
  3. designersofas4u.co.uk
  4. johnsankey.co.uk
  5. winchesterleather.com

If you’re asking why page speed is so vital, you can read more about this here.

How much to get my hands on this report?

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Where are we in this report? I can’t find our sofa retailer brand!

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