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Latest insights

  • is leading on brand
  • is the second most organically visible male grooming brand.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:,, and
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: &

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Updated May 2023

About Our Free Male Grooming Market Report

Inside our Salience Index Report, you will discover an array of SEO marketing data around the male grooming market. This is great for businesses in this sector as you can understand all the metrics within the market and where your brand is against your competitors.

Our full male grooming report is free and contains all sorts such as page speed, visibility metrics, and a plethora of keyword and trend opportunities to be used in your marketing campaign. Within this year’s report, we have included brands as well as eCommerce retailers so it gives you a lot more to dig into.

You can have all this information right now, just download our male grooming market report. But if you want a quick peek at all the data, we’ve put together some highlights for you.

The Leaders In The Online Male Grooming Market

This year, the online male grooming market is looking good with a fresh new cut, growing a total of 2% in organic visibility. With that being said, the brands leading the market in our male grooming report are:

  10. Mankind

Congratulations to our leaders, we can look to these to see what they are doing right in their marketing campaigns and learn from them.

Male Grooming Market Visibility Wins And Losses 

We not only have seen an increase in the overall market, but we have also seen some wins across brands. Our top 5 brands in our male grooming report which have grown the most in visibility are:

  1. (7%)
  2. (3%)
  3. (9%)
  4. (25%)
  5. (51%)

Congratulations to those who have won the most, we can even see most are within the leaders so good work. Braun has grown the most out of our winners and is creeping into the top 10 standing at number 6. So, look to them to see what they are doing, it’s clearly working.

Where there are wins, there must be losses. Our top 5 brands that have lost the most visibility in our male grooming market report are:

  1. (-26%)
  2. (-47%)
  3. (-31%)
  4. (-29%)
  5. (-26%)

Ouch, that cut is going to hurt. But, this isn’t the be-all and end-all, you can heal from this. And we can still see some brands sitting in the leaders so it isn’t all bad. Just need to boost your SEO.

Want to see where you came in our visibility league table? Get your hands on the free male grooming report now and discover where you sit compared with others.

Keywords & Trends In The Online Male Grooming Market

Keywords and trends are a great way to make an impact in the SERPs, you can rank higher, and gain more visibility (and let’s be honest more money). In our free male grooming market report, we have split keywords into two sections: high competition and opportunity.

High competition keywords are those with high search volume, so high profitability, but are harder to rank for as all your competition are playing the field. Still worth going after though if you’ve got the authority. Some top picks are ‘electric razor’, ‘shaver for men’, and ‘men skin care’.

Opportunity keywords are those which are high search volume but no competition, so it’s a lot easier to rank high in the SERPs. Some of these are ‘beard growth kit’, ‘mens skincare set’ and ‘hair gel for men’. Here it’s more of the specifics and kits, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

With trends we cover both emerging and receding in our male grooming report, so you have all the information on what to cover to really jump on and rank high. Our top picks for emerging trends are ‘cutting mens hair with clippers’, ‘mens medium hair styles’, and ‘slicked back hair product’. A lot seems to be around style and look, these can be supported with PLPs or even supplementary content.

Using keywords and trends is a great way to gauge where to go with your SEO campaign, we have a lot more where that came from, just download our free male grooming market report.

Male Grooming Market Social Media Presence 

SEO within your marketing campaign is great, but why not go further and utilise social media marketing? In an online world, digital brand reach is essential. With all the noise online, breaking through and reaching your ideal customers is harder than ever. But with the right marketing strategy, you can really boost your brand name, products, and sales.

Within our male grooming market report, we give you social data among you and your competitors as well as an owned social score. Our top performer on social media is Clinique with almost 12 million followers combined on several platforms. Followed by Philips with 11 million. Both of these are huge brand names, and both dominate Facebook.

Clinique is smashing their social media, posting helpful content such as guides and blogs to their page, and posting video content. We know video is being pushed out on platforms, and they do it well, posting consistently and showcasing products within them. People buy from a brand they know works.

If you want to see how you’ve done on digital brand reach or social media, download our free male grooming report for all the information.

Reviews & Brand Reputation In The Male Grooming Market

With Google implementing their E-E-A-T algorithm, trust is more important than ever before. Alongside expertise, experience, and authority. If you want to get those solid rankings, you need to demonstrate you’re a website to trust.

One way to achieve this is through Trust Pilot reviews. If you can accumulate a number of positive reviews, showing them off is a good way to get on Google’s side.

Because of this, we have included a brand reputation league table in the report which details all the reviews of your competitors. With this, you can see who is displaying the most trust and how you can do the same.

Here are the top 5 brands that are crushing it in terms of online reputation:


We can even see that although some of these have lost visibility, brand name and reviews keep them up and balance the scales.

If you want to learn more about the male grooming industry and how your brand can dominate the SERPs this year, then download our full male grooming market report for all the information.

Or, If you’d like a personalised report including your brand, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to groom your brand based on the same metrics included here. For some insight on your brand, future marketing strategy planning, or even a free SEO audit, contact us today and we’ll point your brand in the right direction.

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