Our free 2022 report looks at the 40 biggest Male Grooming Brands (UK), measured against 10 key online performance metrics. Where do you rank?

Brands Featured

  • philips.co.uk
  • cultbeauty.co.uk
  • mankind.co.uk
  • clinique.co.uk
  • greenpeople.co.uk
  • uk.braun.com
  • astonandfincher.co.uk
  • shavers.co.uk
  • kiehls.co.uk
  • wahl.co.uk
  • gillette.co.uk
  • lynxformen.com
  • wilkinsonsword.com
  • bulldogskincare.com
  • executive-shaving.co.uk
  • traditionalshaving.co.uk

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  • 2022 Male Grooming Report Front Cover
  • 2022 Male Grooming Report Index
  • 2022 Male Grooming Report Visibility Year On Year
  • 2022 Male Grooming Report Front Winners & Losers

Latest insights

  • philips.co.uk is leading on brand
  • cultbeauty.co.uk is the second most organically visible male grooming brand.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: philips.co.uk, mankind.co.uk and clinique.co.uk
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: cultbeauty.co.uk & uk.braun.com

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1-50 Brands ranked

Updated April 2022

What we know about the Male Grooming Products Market

We’ve been combing through the online male grooming marketing this week, discovering who’s been keeping their SEO and online marketing strategy neat and tidy in 2022.

Inside our Salience Index report, you’ll discover an array of data, such as page speed scores, visibility metrics, and a plethora of keyword opportunities just waiting to be utilised in a campaign. With this in their arsenal, any male grooming brand could drastically improve their visibility in this year and beyond.

For the full index, you can get all the insights on the male grooming market for free by downloading it above. However, if you want to get a quick peek at the data within, continue reading for some highlights.

The winners and losses in the online male grooming industry

The online male grooming space has been chopped up in the past year, dropping by a total of 12%  in organic visibility. This is likely due to shops being open and life returning to more of a new normal, but across the board, we have seen massive drops. Of course, not everyone has dropped, some brands have been taking care of their appearance and have seen massive wins!

The male grooming sites that have seen the most growth this year are:

  1. philips.co.uk (+22%)
  2. mankind.co.uk (+62%)
  3. greenpeople.co.uk (+90%)
  4. kiehls.co.uk (+78%)
  5. clinique.co.uk (+16%)

However, where there are winners, there must also be those that lose some visibility. Cult Beauty, for example, lost -51% organic visibility despite being such a big brand. Braun saw losses as well, experiencing a loss of -14%. Even smaller and growing brands like Big Green Smile have lost this year, dropping by a massive -53% organically! Clearly, these brands could do with some work.

Want to see where you came in our visibility league table? Get your hands on the free report now and discover whether you were a winner or a loser this year.

Which are the biggest online male grooming brands in 2021?

Regardless of which male grooming sites have seen the most growth, brands will always dominate. Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:

  1. cultbeauty.co.uk
  2. clinique.co.uk
  3. kiehls.co.uk
  4. harrys.com
  5. philips.co.uk
  6. aesop.com
  7. mankind.co.uk
  8. cornerstone.co.uk
  9. manscaped.com
  10. gillette.co.uk

We can see that even though Cult Beauty has lost visibility in the last year, the trust and knowledge of their brand keeps them relatively high up with a wider search volume. This proves a strong brand name and customer trust are very important.

Which online Male grooming brands have the best digital reach?

Digital brand reach is essential in 2022 and beyond. With all the noise online, breaking through and reaching your ideal customers is harder than ever. However, with the right online strategy and positioning, staying top-of-mind and tip-of-tongue is easier than you think.

To show you how your competitors are handling their brand reach, we include a digital brand reach league table in the male grooming Salience Index. With this, you can see how social media and online brand searches work together to ensure consumers know who you are.

For quick reference, the best male grooming brand for digital brand reach is Phillips, which receives over 6 million brand searches a month and has an owned social score of 22031. Of course, Phillips is a massive, well-established brand so it makes sense they’ll be at the top of this list. However, there are still things to learn from them if you’re looking to take your brand to the next level this year.

If you’re looking for advice on social media, Cult Beauty and Dollar Shave Club are the ones to watch. They have been all over social media, growing popular on Instagram through their use of promotions and use of not only their own social media but user-generated content. Their SEO is not up to scratch, with Cult Beauty even losing visibility, but they’re incredible when it comes to social media ads. Take a peek at their live ads using the FB Library tool. There is plenty to learn from these brands.

If you want to see how you’ve done one digital brand reach metrics last year, get the free report now.

What are the high competition keywords in the online Male grooming industry?

If you’re looking to make an impact in the SERPs, directing your SEO campaigns towards high competition keywords is the way to go. Although these keywords have stiff competition, they also have high search volume, meaning their profitable terms to have.

In our free male grooming report, we have performed an analysis of all the high competition keywords in the male grooming market. Using this, you can see what keywords you should be aiming for a design a bespoke strategy to achieving them.

For quick reference, the keyword with the highest competition in the male grooming market is “best hair clippers for men”. This keyword receives 2.6K+ searches every month and has a competitive rating of 40. One high competition keyword that is easier to jump on is “electric razor” which has the highest SV of 9.4K a month, however, the competitiveness rating is lower at 21. It’s safe to say getting these keywords under your belt would require a lot of resources.

Top brands can be seen in the SERPs here, but there is a lot of opportunity for guides and blog posts to dominate the ‘best x’ posts which promote a wide range of products and brand knowledge.

Want to see more high competition keywords? Get the free report now.

What are the keyword opportunities in the online Male grooming industry?

As well as high competition keywords, there are opportunity keywords included in this report. These are the keywords that have low competition but high search volume. If you’re a small brand with little authority, finding these keywords could be a lifesaver. They enable you to achieve good search volume without having to compete against established brands.

When evaluating the list of low competition keywords, there are a few trends that arise. These include “razer blades “and “electric shaver” at the top, both with 8.3K monthly searches. Even though “electric razor” is a high competition keyword as stated above, it’s variant “electric shaver” is not so worth going after. Next up is all about beard care. With ‘beard growth kit’ at 5.5K and ‘beard grooming kit’ at 4.5K searches.

By optimising product landing pages with these terms, or creating supplementary content on how to grow your beard, or how to groom, your brand can soar.

Which online Male grooming brands have the best online reputation?

With Google implementing their E-A-T algorithm, trust is more important than ever before. If you want to be getting those solid rankings you need to be demonstrating you’re a website to trust.

One way to achieve this is through Trust Pilot reviews. If you can accumulate a number of positive reviews, showing them off is a good way to get on Google’s side.

Because of this, we have included a brand reputation league table in the report which details all the reviews of your competitors. With this, you can see who is displaying the most trust and how you can do the same.

Here are the top 5 brands who are crushing it in terms of online reputation:

  1. harrys.com
  2. executive-shaving.co.uk
  3. cultbeauty.co.uk
  4. gillette.co.uk
  5. biggreensmile.com

We can even see that although some of these have lost visibility, brand name and reviews keep them up and balance the scales.

If you want to learn more about the male grooming industry, and ways that your brand can dominate the SERPs this year, then download our full market report for all the information.

Or, If you’d like a personalised report including your brand, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to groom your brand based on the same metrics included here. For unrivalled insight and future planning, contact us today and we’ll point your brand in the right direction.

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