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  • 2023 Greetings Cards Market Report Front Cover
  • 2023 Greetings Cards Market Report Index
  • 2023 Greetings Cards Market Report Vis YoY
  • 2022 Greetings Cards Market Report Winners

Latest insights

  • has the greatest brand reach score.
  • has a high domain Authority, however their overall visibility is poor in comparison.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:, and
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: &

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1-50 Brands ranked

Updated September 2023

About Our Greeting Card Market Report

Every year we release our Salience Index Report all about how an industry has done SEO wise. Within this series we’ve opened up the greeting card industry, you can read through all the brands and analyse their online marketing efforts.

We’ve unpacked this industry within our greeting card report to deliver you metrics such as online visibility, keyword opportunities, and page speed analysis. All essential measurements for keeping you ahead of the SEO and online marketing curve this year and beyond.

If you’re looking to stamp your brand into the greeting card market and achieve some impressive results, this report has all that you need to know. You can have it all for free, just download our greeting card market report and it’ll be in your inbox in seconds. For a quick snippet into what’s to come, keep reading.

  • Industry Leaders In The Greeting Card Market

    Within the market as a whole, it’s increased in visibility by 26% in the past year. And with that, we’ve seen some brands pave their way as the leaders of the industry.

    Our top 10 greeting card brands in our report are:

  • Visibility Wins In The Greeting Card Industry Report

    With the wins of the market, we’ve also seen some brands gain visibility over the last year. These brands are clearly smashing their SEO efforts and moving up the SERPs.

    The top 5 visibility wins in our greeting card market report are:
    1. (14%)
    2. (309%)
    3. (72%)
    4. (61%)
    5. (78%)

    Wow, congratulations to our winners, we’ve got some big visibility increases there! With Dotty About Paper gaining such a large amount, it’s placed them into our leaders, great job!

  • Visibility Losses In The Greeting Card Industry Report

    Unfortunately, where there are wins there must also be losses. Don’t worry if you’ve lost visibility over the past year as it’s not the end of the world, it can be regained. And at most it’s a learning point.

    The top 5 visibility losses in our greeting card market report are:
    1. (-11%)
    2. (-88%)
    3. (-31%)
    4. (-32%)
    5. (-25%)

    Again, don’t worry if you’ve lost some visibility. Take it, learn from it and look to brands to see what works.

  • Keywords & Trends In The Greeting Card Market

    Within our greeting card market report we cover a wide range of industry insight, this includes keywords and trends. These are a good way to gain some visibility and rankings if you’ve lost any. Let’s start with keywords, which can be separated into high-competition and opportunity.

    High-competition keywords are those that are high in search volume but every brand is going after it, making it harder to rank high in the SERPs. Some high-competition keywords in our greeting card report are: ‘birthday card’ with 74k SV and a competitiveness rating of 51, ‘cards personalised’, and ‘thank you cards’. A lot of these centre around birthdays, events, and personalisation.

    Opportunity keywords are those that have high search volume but low competition, making it easier to rank high in the SERPs. This is great for those needing a boost and great for smaller brands. The top 3 opportunity keywords in our greeting card report are: ‘birthday card for mum’ with 8.1k SV and 12 competitiveness ranking, followed by ‘dad birthday card’, and ‘easter cards’. Getting more specific here, so if you’ve got these products, flaunt them with PLPs and keyword targeting.

    With trends we cover receding and emerging product and brand trends in our greeting market industry report, but for now let’s talk about emerging product trends. Our top 3 are ‘mother’s day cards’, ‘card for father’s day’ and ‘anniversary card’, again all about the holidays and events.

    For more about keywords and trends download our free greeting card market report and get all the best tips to what you should be targeting on your site to get the most visibility.

  • Social Media In The Online Greeting Card Industry

    Within our greeting card report, we also cover social media and brand reach to come up with a owned social score. This measures how successful brands are in terms of their social media strategies and how it effects brand awareness, and therefore impacts visibility and conversions.

    Social media is an essential element in any brand’s marketing strategy. It helps to get your brand and products out there in front of the customer even before they are in the buying journey.

    The brand leading the world of social media is Asda Photo, and they’ve been smashing it being top of our social data for the third year in a run. With over 3 million followers across various platforms and an owned social score of 5559, they get great engagement and reactions.
    In term of their strategy, they post a ton of relatable content as well as posting inspiration and activities to enjoy at home. This type of content engages the audience on their social media, bringing lots of traffic to their site.

    Social media efforts can impact your brand searches per month. But in terms of just strictly brand reach, Asda Photo comes in at 8th place with 12,100 brand searches a month. The winner in our brand reach score is none other than Not On The High Street, with 550,000 brand searches a month.

    These brands are doing great in terms of their social media and brand reaches and it’s worth taking a look at them to see what they’re doing and whether you can take any tips. For more, or to see where you stack up, download our free greeting card market report.

  • Importance Of Trust In The Greeting Card Market

    With the introduction of Google’s E-E-A-T algorithm changes, brand reputation and trust is now key. Demonstrating you’re a trustworthy brand will ensure you’re showing Google that they can feel comfortable ranking you and putting you in front of their audience. One way to do this is by showing off good reviews.

    Because this aspect is growing in importance, we perform a review of all the greeting card brands to see who has the best online reputation in terms of online reviews. With this, you can see who’s satisfying their customers and how you can improve.

    Here are the top 5 brands who are crushing it in terms of online reputation:

    A few of these we can see in our leaders list, so it’s clearly showing how important trust and reviews is in terms of ranking and visibility.

  • Page Speed In The Greeting Cards Market

    A fast site is essential in 2022. Without a speedy site, Google will devalue your site and you could lose rankings as a result. It’s best to keep your site running fast and optimise it where possible.

    Because this is so important, we performed a complete page speed analysis on the greeting card industry, so you can see the fastest brand and learn their best speed-boosting tricks.

    Here’s what PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest greeting cards brands:

  • Download Our Free Greeting Card Market Report

    For all the above snippets and more, our greeting card industry report has all the best market analysis data for you to have on hand. Whether you’re wondering what the current market is like, where you stack up or to get some ideas on where to focus your SEO this year, it has it all for free. Just download and get it straight into your inbox.

    We put this data together and send it out to brands that we’d love to work with and love to form positive relationships. If you can’t see your brand there is no need to worry, if we included every brand our report would go on forever. But we include every brand without our data so that the report has a wide scope of the industry, so get in touch and we can put together a personalised report for your brand.

    If you want to know anything about the report, want to chat SEO or even want a free SEO audit, feel free to contact us today.

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