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  • 2020 Greetings Cards Market Report Front Cover
  • 2020 Greetings Cards Market Report Index
  • 2020 Greetings Cards Market Report Vis YoY
  • 2020 Greetings Cards Market Report Winners & Losers

Latest insights

  • has the greatest brand reach score.
  • has a high domain Authority, however their overall visibilty is poor in comparison.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:, and
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: &

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Aug 2020

What is the Greetings Cards Market Report?

We’ve got a gift for you with this week’s sector report. We’ve finally opened up the greeting card industry and read through all the brands within, analysing their online marketing efforts from 2019 to 2020.

What’s in the greeting card industry report?

We’ve unpacked this industry, stripping back everything, and delivering you metrics such as online visibility, keyword opportunities, and page speed analysis. All essential measurements for keeping you ahead of the SEO and online marketing curve this year and beyond.

If you’re looking to stamp your brand into the greeting card market and achieve some impressive results, this report could be invaluable. Download your free copy above using the form. You won’t regret it.

The winners and losers in the online greeting cards industry

When looking at the greeting card industry as a whole, it appears there has been a lot of positive movement over the last year. In total, the greeting card market has increased by 8%. Some brands have experienced large surges in visibility, whereas others have been less fortunate.

Take Paperchase for example. They’ve seen an increase of 123% this year despite the uncertainty in the market. Nice one! However, some brands have achieved even better than this. Thortful managed to nab an increase of over 200%. Now that’s impressive.

Of course, there will be losers this year. These include the likes of Funky Pigeon who saw a loss of -21% this year. However, the biggest loss came from Photo Box with a loss of -81%. Not great but still repairable!

If you’re interested in seeing where your brand landed this year, get your free copy of the report above using the form.

Which are the biggest online greeting card brands in 2020?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:


Which online greeting card brands have seen the biggest growth in 2020?

  1. (114%)
  2. (123%)
  3. (57%)
  4. (239%)
  5. (10%)

Which online greeting card brands have seen the biggest losses in 2020?

  1. (-27%)
  2. (-21%)
  3. (-36%)
  4. (-81%)
  5. (-8%)

What high competition keywords are available for online greeting card brands?

Every industry has high competition keywords. These are the ones that (usually) hold the most search volume but also have the toughest competition. Nonetheless, achieving them is a noble task and with a solid campaign, it’s definitely achievable.

Because of their importance in search campaigns, we’ve detailed the best high competition keywords in the greeting card industry, so you know what to add to your strategy if you’re looking for big gains this year.

The most competitive keyword in the greeting card industry is ‘new home card’. This query has 5400 monthly searches and a high competition rating. Surprisingly, the high competition keywords in this industry don’t have the volume other industries have. 5000 monthly searches is considerably low for a high competition keyword.

Additionally, given the recent uncertainty and Covid-19, I’d be surprised if there were many people buying and moving into new homes. However, a deeper look into the greeting card industry trends would be needed.

In terms of the competition for these terms, large brands dominate the top half of the first page. Moon Pig, Funky Pigeon, and Thortful all have places. Of course, this is no surprise as these brands have large authority and are probably achieving these ranks as a result of this.

As a smaller brand, don’t let this sway you from attempting a campaign that’ll get you to the top for this query. With the right content and technical recommendations, profitable terms can be achieved without a boost to the links.

For more high competition terms and insight into the playing field of this industry, get the free greeting card market analysis now.

What keyword opportunities are available for online greeting card brands?

As well as high competition keywords, there are also opportunities that smaller (or large) brands can use to get ahead in the SEO game.

Opportunity keywords are sneaky and often enable brands to navigate the SERPs and achieve good rankings without attacking the large, authoritative brands.

We reviewed some of these opportunity keywords and analysed the kind of content and tactics you’ll need to use to get them with ease. Here’s a few things we noticed if you’re going to go after them.

An increase in E Cards

One clear trend in the opportunity keyword section is the increase in E cards. Now, this will probably be due to the recent Covid-19 situation, as people can’t send physical cards in case of infections, but it’s still something you can jump on in the coming year.

According to our emerging trends analysis (new to the reports), the keyword has increased by 374%. If you’re looking for maximum impact in the coming months, this could be a cool opportunity to get some quick wins.

Cards associated with games

With the rise of some video games, card themed around them are starting to pop up here and there in the keywords. One in particular we identified was Fortnite cards. Clearly, this game has picked up so much interest that children are expecting cards themed like it.

This is a chance for brands to research up-and-coming games and see what’s trending. From there, they can start to create personalised cards theme similarly and create categories around them.

This could be a lucrative way to keep your site fresh with new pages and content regularly. If you’re looking for more innovative ideas such as this, download the free report above.

How are online greeting card brands performing on social?

Social media is an essential element in any brand’s marketing strategy. We shouldn’t have to sell this to you too much, but you need to have some idea of what you should be doing to attract a passionate audience on social media.

To help struggling brands, we perform an analysis of the social media efforts of the brands within, along with a review of their brand mentions online to see how their efforts ripple into brand awareness.

Let’s take a quick look at the brand who’s crushing it on social for the greeting card industry.

The brand which appears to be killing it in is Somecards. They have close to 8 million followers across various platforms and appear to get great engagement, particularly on Facebook. They have a ton of followers on Facebook and get a decent number of likes and reactions given the platforms terrible organic reach. However, when digging deeper, you can begin to see how they’re getting this.

They post a ton of funny meme and ‘Buzzfeed-related’ content. Like top 10 memes that’ll make you laugh this morning. These get a lot of likes and probably bring lots of traffic to their site. However, I’d be interested to see what the conversions are like for this traffic.

Getting lots of engagement and traffic is always great. But to what end? Ideally, you want that traffic to actually mean something other than a vanity metric. The trouble with creating this kind of content is that it might not be attracting the right people.

Nonetheless, they’re still doing well on socials and it’s worth taking a look at them to see what they’re doing and whether you can take any tips.

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Which online greeting card brands have the best online reputation?

With the introduction of Google’s E-A-T algorithm changes, brand reputation is now key. Demonstrating you’re a trustworthy brand will ensure you’re showing Google that they can feel comfortable ranking you and show to their audience.

Related – Expertise, Authority & Trust Cheat Sheet 2020

One way to do this is by showing off good reviews.

Because this aspect is growing in importance, we perform a review of all the greeting card brands to see who has the best online reputation in terms of online reviews. With this, you can see who’s satisfying their customers and how you can improve.

Here are the top 5 brands who are crushing it in terms of online reputation:


Which online greeting card brands have the fastest page speed?

A fast site is essential in 2020. Without a speedy site, Google will de-value your site and you could lose rankings as a result. It’s best to keep your site running fast and optimise it where possible.

Because this is so important, we performed a complete page speed analysis on the greeting card industry, so you can see the fastest brand and learn their best speed-boosting tricks.

Here’s what PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest greeting cards brands:


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How much is this greeting card industry report?

This greeting card market analysis is entirely free. We put together this data and send it out to brands we’d love to work with in the hope of forming positive relationships. Feel free to download the report using the form above.

I can’t seem to find my brand, where is it?

Brands we include have to meet a certain threshold. If yours wasn’t included, it may have not met this requirement. However, no need to worry! We can put together a personalised report including your brand. Get in touch asap and we can put it together.

If you want to know anything about the report or are curious about how we can create a bespoke SEO strategy for your brand, get in touch today.

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