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  • Lindt
  • Hotel Chocolat
  • Fortnum And Mason
  • Patisserie Valerie
  • Thorntons
  • Jelly Belly
  • Cadbury Gifts Direct
  • Green And Blacks
  • Guylian
  • Leonidas
  • Godiva Chocolates
  • Baker Days
  • British Corner Shop
  • Rococo Chocolates
  • Neuhaus Chocolates
  • Love Cocoa
  • Whitakers Chocolates
  • Friars
  • Sweets In The City
  • Monmore Confectionery
  • Toak Chocolate
  • Candy Hero
  • Cocoa Runners
  • Mums Bake Cakes
  • Charbonnel
  • Heavenly Sweets
  • Appleton Sweets
  • Liggys Cakes
  • The Cocoa Bean Company
  • Montezumas
  • Treasure Island Sweets
  • Chocolate Trading Co
  • Handy Candy
  • Zchocolat
  • Oldest Sweet Shop
  • Tangerine Uk Net
  • Hs Wholesale Sweets
  • Divine Chocolate Com
  • Bulk Wholesale Sweets
  • Choco N Choc
  • Chococo
  • Artis And Uchocolat
  • The Sweetie Jar
  • Keep It Sweet Co Uk

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  • 2020 Confectionery Market Report Front Cover
  • 2020 Confectionery Market Report Visibility Year On Year Page
  • 2020 Confectionery Market Report Winners & Losers

Latest insights

  • has the best Brand Reach Score in the industry
  • has the second highest Owned Social Score
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are:,, and
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year and have seen little to no online growth are: &

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Report Updated April 2020

What this Confectionery Market Report is all about...

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re going to love this sector report. We’ve unwrapped the confectionery industry in this edition of our sector reports, diving into the chocolate river to investigate how the market is performing online.

If you’re a brand invested in this industry, you’re going to see a whole host of important information when downloading this report. Visibility, keyword strategy and page speed are all discussed in detail; no stone is left unturned.

Additionally, we also include social scores, brand mentions and online reputation as a tasty snack, enabling you to get monumental insights into your competitors complete online marketing strategy.

Download the report today and treat your business to a noticeable boost tomorrow. With this report in your hands, your brand will be an unstoppable online force.

The winners and losers in the online confectionery industry

In general, despite the excessive sugar and calories, the confectionery industry is looking rather healthy, with the majority of brands experiencing a positive increase in visibility. In fact, the entire market has seen an upward turn in their visibility. Nice job!

Some brands have been doing better than others. Liggy Cakes, for example, have seen a huge increase of 292%! Similar results can be seen for Montezumas and Chococo, who have both experienced large surges in visibility.

Interestingly, large brands like Hotel Chocolat have seen a decline! Maybe they ought to download this report and see how these smaller brands are having success where they aren’t.

Which are the biggest online confectionery brands in 2020?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:


Which confectionery brands have seen the biggest online growth in 2020?

  1. (292%)
  2. (149%)
  3. (28%)
  4. (212%)
  5. (370%)

Which confectionery brands have seen the biggest losses in 2020?

  1. (-39%)
  2. (-33%)
  3. (-57%)
  4. (-72%)
  5. (-48%)

What are the high competition keywords in the confectionery industry?

Chocolate and sweets are craved by everyone around the world. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to find that getting a top spot on the SERPs for some of the keywords in this industry is incredibly difficult.

Although there are sneaky gaps to be taken advantage of, many of the search terms are highly competitive. Our report sniffs out these terms and lays them out for you in simple wording.

Take, for example, the term ‘chocolate box’. The keyword scores 80+ for competitive scores (out of 100) and receives 12K+ searches a month. Despite the competition, however, some of the brands on this report have managed to nab a first page position.

Hotel Chocolat is sitting pretty in position 2, despite experiencing a drop in visibility YoY. Going down further, Thorntons is spotted in position 4 and Cadbury Gifts Direct is in position 8.

Despite being a competitive keyword, these brands are smashing it, attracting 12K in search volume which they can convert into customers (if they have their CRO optimised).

When looking closer at the keyword landscape, there is plenty of room for growth in new categories (even the high competition ones). Admittedly, many of the brands on this report focus on one or two types of confectionery – chocolate or sweets. However, if they were to increase their online product selection, they may be able to achieve a large increase in visibility.

What keyword opportunities are available for confectionery brands?

As well as high competition terms, our report also unravels the opportunity keywords which brands can use to sneak around their competition. These are terms that have high search volume but low competition. They’re essentially low-hanging fruit that could offer a large lift in website traffic if you’re able to get them.

Here are a few methods we noticed that will enable you to snatch up some of these lucrative terms.

Category Optimisation and Creation

A lot of the keywords discovered in this report are products which are simply not sold on some of the big brands’ sites. This means they are missing out on a huge opportunity to capitalise on these search queries and pick up the piles of cash that are laying in front of them.

For the brands that do sell the specific confectionery we’re referencing (to find out, download the report), they need to be optimising their categories with the keywords found in this report. If they’re appearing on the first page, they may have under optimised their site and require copy enhancements and semantic keyword insertion to help claim some of these easy positions.

Listicle Articles and Consideration Content

For some of the results on the SERPs for the opportunity keywords, listicle articles and consideration content were coming up. These are articles which focus on the period prior to a conversion and help push consumers in the right direction.

Many of the articles that were appearing were funnelling people to specific products and they are clearly satisfying the intent as they’re ranking near the top of the first page.

Brands should try to focus on producing buying guides and listicle articles to help funnel intention. They reap the rewards on search and will improve their conversions at the same time.

Which brands in the confectionery market are performing well on social?

Social networks are also investigated in our confectionery report, as social media is a key component in any brand’s online marketing strategy. If you’re a brand and aren’t on social media, you’re losing out on a ton of traffic, sales and loyal fans.

We explore your competitors’ social media strategy to see what they’re doing to build a presence and convert impressions into money. We also investigate brand mentions to see who’s being shouted about the most online. More often than not, these two variables coincide.

Performing the best in social media is Lindt, who have an owned social score of 14,658. This is exceptionally high when compared to other industries. As they’re also a large brand, they experience a lot of brand mentions – 22K a month to be precise. It’s safe to say they’re doing well with their social media and brand awareness marketing strategies.

When we take a look at their socials, it’s clear they know what they’re doing. They have a lot of followers on Facebook (over 7 million) and they post a ton of interesting, engaging content to their fan base. Where a lot of brands will just post products, Lindt make an active effort to showcase their unique products to their customers. They post a lot of testimonials and interactive videos that get hundreds of likes; a challenge on Facebook as their organic visibility is at a low.

Although there are plenty of brands to study when it comes to social media, Lindt do an exceptional job at engaging with their following and awarding their customers with momentary fame. If you’re wanting to improve your social game, this is the brand to watch.

Which confectionery brands have the best online reputation?

More people are looking at online reviews than ever before. They’re a symbol of trust and help people come to that all-important buying decision. After all, if the product was good for others, it’ll be good for you, right?

Because this is the case, making sure your online reviews are pristine is incredibly important. That’s why we examine Trust Pilot reviews to see which confectionery brand is pulling out all the stops to produce happy, life-long customers.

Here’s the top 5 confectionery brands for online reviews:


Which online confectionery brands have the fastest page speed?

Page speed is a must in 2020. If you’ve got a slow site, you can wave goodbye to high conversions and top-ranking positions. It’s as simple as that.

With page speed being an important UX signal for Google, optimising your pages for speed is essential. It’s for this reason we put a speed test in our report. We want you to have in-depth insight into how your competition are performing (so you can copy them and win).

Often, your site will need some improving.

Here’s what PageSpeed Insights identified as the top 5 fastest confectionery brands:


Read more about the importance of page speed here.

Do I have to pay for this report?

No, all our reports are free. We build relationships with brands by providing competitive insights. If you want to gain insider knowledge into your competitors, we suggest you download this report asap.

I can’t find my brand, where is it?

If you can’t find your brand, there’s no need to worry. Get in touch immediately and we can send out a personalised report featuring your brand compared against the competition.

If you want to know anything about the report or are curious about how we can create a bespoke SEO strategy for your brand, get in touch today.

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