57% in traffic
42% in revenue
42% in number of donations

Challenge. Accepted.

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. They required optimisation of their AdWords account to make the most of their busiest time of year, the Christmas period.

We first had to learn to understand a platform that is based on a seasonal trend that isn’t e-commerce or lead generation, but charity-based and relies heavily on donations.

Our goal was to gain as much visibility as possible without becoming generic and follow trends that other charities follow.

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increase in number of donations.

The Actions.

With a lot at stake and much more to gain, we focused our efforts on completing this project with some key movements.

Keyword Research

We first needed to gain as much insight as possible on the market and the charity in order to yield the best results.

We conducted an in-depth analysis into the charity, looking at keywords to target during quieter periods to maximise the impression share and gain donations.

Our team devised ad text that improved click through rate and relevancy of ads.

Keyword Monitoring

Once implemented, we analysed which ad text yielded the best click through rate against the poorer performing ads.

We constantly improved the keyword list, utilising the best performing keywords when the account is split into the Google Grants campaign and ran a full paid search option to increase donations.

Performance Monitoring

We monitored performance to maximise exposure and improved the structure of the account to ensure relevancy was kept.

The improved quality score across all areas of the account resulted in higher positions within the rankings overall.

57% increase in visibility.

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Ad Testing & Rotation

Finding a tone of voice that stood out from the noise was key. The go-to method of including Features & Benefits within the ad copy wasn’t going to cut it, we had to appeal to people on a more basic emotional level.

This change in tactic saw an increase in new visitors to the site as well as an increase in the number of donations.

The Results.

Based on the implementation of our PPC ads, the charity’s success has steadily risen.

Increase in impressions


Increase in traffic


Increase in new visitors


Increase in revenue


Increase in number of donations


The most successful Christmas campaign yet.

Over the past five years, Salience have transformed our online search marketing programme, engaging large volumes of potential supporters searching for us online so they find our website and are able to donate to our flagship Christmas direct marketing campaign. Over the time we have been working with them, they have increased our online donations through Google Adwords and keywords significantly. Their technical expertise and knowledge in this area are impressive, and they are a pleasure to work with.

Richard Moody, Head of Supporter Engagement

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