37% in conversion rate
25% in session completions
122% in mobile goal completions

Challenge. Accepted.

Shake That Weight provide high quality, low calorie meals and meal replacement products for their consumers to lose weight safely. These guys needed a brand to communicate the benefits of their new product and establish them as leaders in the Supplements market.

The marketplace was already saturated with a high cost of entry. We needed to penetrate this in order to generate sales at a manageable fee, allowing us to keep their margins low and deliver a better value product to the consumer.

We identified a gap using market research and created an optimised and affordable marketing strategy with the data and knowledge of our teams. User groups helped create a recognisable brand that resonated with the target audience.

Shake That Weight has a wide variety of customers so simplifying the messaging across the website was important, while delivering a high conversion rate to support the advertising.

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37increase in conversion rate.

The Actions.

We wanted Shake That Weight to cut through the noise in this busy retail category. A few key changes and creations helped us do this.

Market Research

We identified that the diet marketplace was overcomplicated, full of confusing websites with a poor user journey that lacked support for customers who prefer a self-guided approach to dieting.

We produced an informative, easy flowing website to guide users through the ordering and checkout process, including diet plans with customer reviews placed for reassurance.


Telling the right story was paramount to the site’s success. The downfall of competitors was an over-complicated customer journey, so we simplified everything including design and used advanced eCommerce features and clear call to actions.

Our team of copywriters wrote the customer-centric website copy ensuring to stick close to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence guidelines.

Audience Building

We first targeted the market from a wider perspective with an in-depth PPC campaign using enticing ads created for tightly themed ad groups.

Continuous growth within the account has been gained through consistent refinement and optimisation with keyword research and search query analysis.

The process is still ongoing and we have begun building audiences through retargeting, display advertising, paid social demographic and behavioural targeting to expand exposure and improve ROI.

122% increase in mobile goal completions.


Due to the success of our work on the site, we are now producing creative content as part of a wider content marketing strategy for Shake That Weight.

Assets don’t have to be directly related to the product the company sells, just in the same ballpark. Our infographic on ‘How Many Calories Do You Burn in a Day?’ gained coverage from Tier 1 publications such as Marie Claire, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan due to the subject appealing to a number of different demographics.

Our infographics and assets will provide selfless content that can be used for outreach purposes and gain valuable links to the site.

The Results.

We’ve managed to boost this company’s performance to make them leaders in their industry. The results speak for themselves:

Increase in session duration


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in mobile goal completions


Increase in tablet goal completions


Increase in mobile conversion rate


Increase in tablet conversion rate


50,000+ sales and continuing.


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Working with Salience, we have developed a clear understanding of our online marketplace. They have helped develop an online strategy that continues to deliver sales, engage our audience and grow our business.

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