1904% in conversion rate
242% in lead volume
49% in click through rate

Challenge. Accepted.

SquareMeal is a market-leading, independent restaurant commentator providing up-to-date reviews of over 5,000 UK restaurants and bars. They were struggling to compete against long-standing industry brand names in a well-established market.

On top of this, the nature of search terms used in that market tended towards competitive, generic keywords with high average cost per clicks.

The challenge was to capture a greater percentage of the market share, maintain that level of competition and begin to grow the account in terms of spend and conversions while maintaining profitability.

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1904increase in conversion rate.

The Actions.

After a lot of research and planning we were able to carry out some significant changes.

Account Structure

Initially, we discovered that the correct keywords were not installed in each AdGroup. We restructured the account, ensuring that this was implemented.

We also redeveloped the bidding strategy and removed keywords with a significantly low-quality score that were impacting the overall health of the account.

This resulted in increased visibility and improved relevancy.


The old ad content was not gaining positive results. Our content team rewrote it, ensuring the most relevant and searched for search terms were included.

An analysis of the landing pages ensured that the most appropriate pages were connected to each ad set, maximising relevancy further.

On-page statistics and navigation improved and click through rate increased as a result.

Keyword Expansion

With the majority of traffic coming through generic search terms, we knew we needed to expand the reach of campaigns.

We created a plan for full specific keyword expansion. Pushing traffic through location specific keywords helped offset the inflated cost per conversions experienced across generic keywords, allowing for more budget to be spent across these.

We ensured to hit the target overall CPA, therefore growing continued brand recognition.

35% increase in traffic.

The Results.

By working closely with Square Meal, we have improved performance across the entire account, giving them the ability to compete in a tough market.

Increase in conversion rate


Increase in lead volume


Increase in click through rate


Increase in impressions


Increase in traffic


Increased quality score from 2 to 6.


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