137% in conversion rate
187% in revenue
107% in average order value

Challenge. Accepted.

Lights4fun are a leading UK lights retailer, specialising in lights for home and garden. They needed our help in increasing their revenue generated in a cost-efficient manner, outside of the busy Christmas period.

We knew that focusing on positive growth throughout the year would lead to a greater share of the market during the naturally busier season. Our challenge was to drive greater efficiency around cost per click while uncovering new areas of opportunity within a crowded marketplace.

When we took the campaign over it was far too reliant on broad match keywords which was affecting Click Through Rate, quality scores and bid management. We identified the need to significantly expand keywords and Adgroups and employ a more balanced match type strategy.

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137increase in conversion rate.

The Actions.

A few key changes were significant to the success of this campaign.

Search Query

Analysis showed the team what queries were being asked that were not targeted in the existing limited account structure. Additional Google Analytics data allowed us to delve into the search history of the e-commerce platform for a more detailed background.

The combination of multiple data sets gave us the insight required to understand who was searching for what and when.

This shaped our approach to keyword generation, ad text creative, day parting and wider account targeting options.

Creative Adtext

We focused on making engaging ads that were relevant to the users’ search terms but also brought in a number of USPs to make Lights4fun stand out from the marketplace.

We introduced price into the copy and designated them to specific landing pages for a more fluid and tailored customer journey.

The result was higher click through rates from all relevant adverts and better conversion rated from all targeted landing pages.

Paid Media

Our previously mentioned groundwork meant that our data set increased considerably. Daily, weekly and monthly optimisation tasks continued to develop the performance of the campaign.

Practically this meant we could place paid media far more efficiently. The budget was focused into keyword groupings that showed higher conversion rates at more effective times of the day and more evenly distributed across device/locations.

187% increase in revenue.

The Results.

Gaining control over the account through a more balanced match type strategy and granular account structure meant we were able to better qualify visitors. The results came instantly:

Increase in conversion rate


Increase in average order value


Increase in revenue


Decrease in cost per click


Significant improvement in ROI.


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