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Brands Featured

  • moonpig.com
  • serenataflowers.com
  • flyingflowers.co.uk
  • funkypigeon.com
  • direct2florist.co.uk
  • teleflorist.co.uk
  • flowerssameday.co.uk
  • floraqueen.com
  • floom.com
  • flowerstation.co.uk
  • scillyflowers.co.uk
  • post-a-rose.com
  • handyflowers.co.uk
  • funeralflowers.org
  • west4flowers.co.uk
  • flowerbe.co.uk
  • homelandflorists.co.uk
  • myflorist.co.uk
  • blossominggifts.com
  • raysflorist.co.uk
  • fromyouflowers.com
  • realflowers.co.uk
  • janepackerdelivered.com
  • theorchardflorist.co.uk
  • lovelyfloraworld.com
  • flowersfromthefarm.co.uk
  • newcoventgardenmarket.com
  • homebargainsflowers.co.uk
  • mcqueens.co.uk
  • thegravesendflorist.co.uk
  • jparkers.co.uk
  • Flowersatmoorstreet.co.uk
  • arenaflowers.com
  • wildatheart.com
  • clareflorist.co.uk
  • greatbritishflorist.co.uk
  • flowercard.co.uk
  • Sarahraven.com
  • freddiesflowers.com
  • eflorist.co.uk
  • flowersbypost.com
  • 123-flowers.co.uk
  • appleyardflowers.com
  • bloomandwild.com
  • interflora.co.uk
  • waitroseflorist.com
  • bunches.co.uk
  • flowers.next.co.uk
  • prestigeflowers.co.uk
  • primrose.co.uk

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What to expect inside

Latest insights

  • interflora.co.uk has the second best customer review profile in the industry
  • moonpig.com has the highest organic visibility score.
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: moonpig.com and bloomandwild.com
  • Sites that have stagnated in the last year and have seen little to no online growth are: funkypigeon.com and primrose.co.uk

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Updated April 2021

What this Florist Retailers Market Report all about...

This free Florist Retailers Market Report gives you everything you need to grab a bunch of new marketing opportunities in 2022.

Inside, we’ve collected a bouquet of metrics and stats to provide priceless insights into the florist industry and how you can capitalise on online opportunities. Download the report now for immediate access to the UK Retail Floristry Market:

  • Visibility scores
  • Authority rankings
  • Keyword opportunities,
  • Page speed analyses
  • Trust
  • Search volume trends
  • Brand reach

Get your free copy now by filling in the form atop this page. If you’re still sceptical, continue reading for a sneaky summary.

The major winners and losses in the Retail Florist Market

With the start of the end of Covid in sight, the online florist market took a hit regarding visibility. Visibility is all about how easily your brand can be found online. In total, the average UK florist brand’s visibility decreased by 9%.

Despite a market-wide visibility decrease, some florist brands bloomed. Haute Florist, for example, witnessed a massive 397% uplift in visibility. Home Bargains Flowers saw something similar, seeing an increase in visibility of 279%. Evidently, there are big visibility growth opportunities in the UK florist industry for 2022.

Of course, there have also been some visibility losses. Big brands such as Waitrose Florist and Funky Pigeon saw a decrease in visibility of -12% and -20% respectively. Despite being large brands, online visibility continues to be a thorny issue.

Want to see where your brand ended up on our visibility league table? Download the free report now.

Which are the most visible online Florist brands in 2022?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 online florist sites with the rosiest visibility scores:

  1. moonpig.com
  2. interflora.co.uk
  3. funkypigeon.com
  4. waitroseflorist.com
  5. prestigeflowers.co.uk
  6. bloomandwild.com
  7. primrose.co.uk
  8. bunches.co.uk
  9. eflorist.co.uk
  10. jparkers.co.uk

Moonpig has retained its top spot from 2021 with Interflora overtaking Funky Pigeon to complete the podium positions. J Parker’s, Bunches and Bloom & Wild have bumped out 2021 top 10’s including Serenata Flowers and Flying Flowers.

Which Florist brands have seen the biggest growth in visibility in 2022?

These are the top 5 brands seeing the biggest jump in visibility score:

  1. Moonpig
  2. Home Bargains Flowers
  3. Bloom and Wild
  4. Appleyard Flowers
  5. Bunches

Despite an industry-wide decline in visibility, these are the green shoots of the florist industry. Look to emulate their success by understanding their search engine strategies and working out how you can implement them.

Which Florist brands have seen the biggest visibility losses in 2022?

These are the bottom 5 brands seeing their visibility wilt away:

  1. primrose.co.uk
  2. serenataflowers.com
  3. eflorist.co.uk
  4. flyingflowers.co.uk
  5. funkypigeon.com

On the other side of the coin, these brands have seen the biggest hits to their visibility scores. They may have been hit hard by Google algorithm changes or require new strategies. Look to learn from their mistakes.

Which Florist brands have the best authority?

Authority refers to the stature and reputation of your website. Search engines reward high authority sites as they’re judged to provide more useful content and services. The authority is calculated by looking into a website’s popularity, size, age and link-building. These are the top 5 online florists for domain authority:

1. flowers.next.co.uk
2. 1800flowers.com
3. teleflora.com
4. primrose.co.uk
5. serenataflowers.com

As you’ll notice, these aren’t the same results for those sprouting with visibility. The difference, in brief, is that authority concerns what the rest of the internet thinks about your site whilst visibility is what your site says signals about itself. If you have good authority but no visibility, you could be sitting on a sleeping giant. The golden formula is to have both high authority and high visibility.

Get in touch to find out how we can help both boost authority and visibility to increase your sales, or download our full report for further insight.

What is the keyword landscape in the Retail Florist Industry?

High competition keywords in the florist industry

High competition keywords are keywords with high search volume but are also targeted by the rest of the industry, therefore, making them hard to rank on Google’s results pages. Ranking for these, however, will see your sales grow exponentially.

Unsurprisingly, keywords such as “flowers”, “flower delivery” and “florist” all have very high search volume but are equally very competitive. Ranking for these terms is difficult but rewarding financially. Alternatively, you can also use these words to better map your site by creating category pages that build around keywords as, after all, this is what your customers are looking for. Due to the increased revenue potential, using and targeting high competition keywords can be a very fruitful task.

For “Flower Delivery”, a term with over 30,000 monthly searches, Interflora, Bloom & Wild and Prestige Flowers are the top 3 organic search results.

Download the full report to see a full list of high competition keywords for the flower industry.

Keyword opportunities in the florist industry

Opportunity keywords are the low-hanging fruit opportunities that have high search volume but low competition. These keywords are awesome if you’re a smaller brand and don’t have the authority (yet) to compete in the big leagues.

In the report, the most searched but least served keyword is “Florist near me”. This indicates that there are major opportunities for local SEO strategies.

Furthermore, events such as “Valentine’s Day flowers” and “Wedding flowers” also present opportunities. This is beanpoled by historical search volume data for the UK florist industry where major peaks occur around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and then Christmas.

Targeting these could involve new category pages and beefing out the mega navigation for events on your website.

Contact us if you would like to know more about these keyword opportunities and ways you can capitalise on them.

Which Florist brands have the best online reputation?

Users want to know whether they can trust your site; they want to know that if they are going to part with their cash, they will get the service they’re after. As Google knows this, trust is therefore a serious ranking factor along with expertise and authority, especially since Google’s E-A-T algorithm update.

Here are the top 5 brands with the highest reviewed sites considering both the number of reviews and review scores:

  1. funkypigeon.com
  2. interflora.co.uk
  3. bloomandwild.com
  4. moonpig.com
  5. eflorist.co.uk

User reviews, testimonials, trust-pilot integration, guarantees and credentials/certification are all sure-fire ways of increasing trust. Because this practice has become so important, we include a review and reputation analysis in our florist report.

This way, you can see who’s winning the trust of their consumers and showing Google they’re a brand worthy of ranking.

Want to see where your brand ended up? Get the report now.

Does this florist report cost anything?

No, this report is entirely free. We use these assets to build relationships with brands we want to work with. Feel free to download your free copy using the form atop this page.

Where is my florist brand?

Struggling to find your brand in our report. Not to worry! Simply get in touch and we’ll sort out a personalised report containing your brand, so you can compare it with the competition.

If you want to know anything about the report or are curious about how we can create a bespoke SEO strategy for your brand, get in touch today.

How much does the florist report cost?

Absolutely nothing! Our reports are completely free. We research industries that we’d like to work with and give the report out for free to build relationships. Therefore, you can have the data by simply filling out a quick form.

Help! I can’t find my brand in the report!

There’s no need to worry if you can’t find your brand in the report. We have various thresholds that need to be met when we build our reports – quite simply we can’t include everyone!
If you’re not included but would like to know where you sit and how you could improve, just get in touch. We’re more than happy to provide you a personalised report that includes your brand.

Which are the biggest online florist in 2020?

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 sites:
<li>moonpig.com </li>
<li> funkypigeon.com</li>
<li>Prestige Flowers</li>

Which online florists have seen the biggest growth in 2020?

<li>prestigeflowers.co.uk (+173%)</li>
<li>interflora.co.uk (+23%)</li>
<li>flowerstation.co.uk (+214%)</li>
<li> appleyardflowers.com (+161%)</li>
<li>direct2florist.co.uk (+46%) </li>
You’ll notice that the boost in visibility all three of these online florist brands achieved has ensured their spot in the top 10 biggest online florists for 2019.

Which brands saw the worst losses in the market since 2018?

<li>waitroseflorist.com (-36%)</li>
<li>serenataflowers.com (-24%)</li>
<li>moonpig.com (-4%)</li>
<li>flyingflowers.co.uk (-13%)</li>
<li>eflorist.co.uk (-8%)</li>

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