139% in organic traffic
120% in revenue
132% in transactions

Making Lingerie More Visible

Lingerie Outlet Store came to us wanting to establish themselves as a trusted site and lingerie retailer.

They’d previously conducted most of their business on eBay and Amazon marketplace. They wanted to become less reliant on these outlets and increase the revenue generated through their site.

We wanted to appeal to the same people, keeping their customers while also bringing in new customers of the same demographic to the new site. Lingerie Outlet Store already had a new site in development when we started working with them on their SEO and wider digital strategy. Our primary concern was, therefore, ensuring this migration ran smoothly so we could implement improvements to the site which we knew would gain results.

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1777increase in organic visibility.

The Actions.

Our strategy was SEO focused and content-heavy. The team worked to a tight schedule to ensure a smooth transition to the new site and it culminated in some amazing results.

Site migration

The site migration was our primary concern – ensuring this ran smoothly was key to achieving our objectives. We carried out pre-live and post-live sets of actions including technical audits, monitoring of traffic, rankings and crawl status as well as website crawls. Any issues identified in pre-live tests were fixed, allowing the post-live checks to run more seamlessly.

We also produced a 301 redirect mapping document to ensure a seamless transition from the old site to the new, based on our new site structure recommendations.

Site content

We had to build out the site content from scratch, meaning all category & subcategory pages needed copy. We produced rich content over 700 words long for 120 pages and 300+ words for a further 11. They now rank for over 8,500 keywords in the UK which is growing weekly.

We built out magazine content based on popular queries and common searches to appeal to readers in the consideration purchase stage. Our aim is to build out this content and begin ranking for popular user queries.

Focus on brand pages

Research suggested that brand queries play a significant part in the purchasing intent of customers in this sector. With this insight, we developed a strategy to expand and improve the lingerie brands category.

We did this by streamlining the most popular brand pages into more user-friendly sections. So instead of just having one brand page, we divided the products into easier to navigate subcategories, for example, a page on Freya bras, Freya underwear etc.

We were able to offer a better customer journey while also targeting significantly more keywords.

Traffic up by 139%.

Internal link strategy

Given the significant change in the site structure, a robust internal linking strategy was developed to ensure important pages were as easy as possible to find. Additionally, we ensured all expanded brand pages were correctly connected through internal linking so search engines and users could easily identify related products.

From an external linking point of view, a comprehensive disavow file was compiled to ensure the link profile was as healthy as possible during the early stages of the campaign and before the site migration.

The Results.

We managed to achieve our objectives with results that were better than we could have ever imagined:

Increase in visibility


Increase in traffic


Increase in revenue


Increase in transactions


Number of keywords ranking for


Their most profitable year yet.


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