Our FREE Cosmetic Surgery Market Report ranks the 49 biggest names in the biz against nine online metrics. Do you make the cut?

Brands Featured

  • nuffieldhealth.com
  • bmihealthcare.co.uk
  • mya.co.uk
  • thehospitalgroup.org
  • juvederm.co.uk
  • theprivateclinic.co.uk
  • pulselightclinic.co.uk
  • ramsayhealth.co.uk
  • harleymedical.co.uk
  • sknclinics.co.uk
  • skinhealthspa.com
  • transforminglives.co.uk
  • skinbase.co.uk
  • lbps.co.uk
  • spirehealthcare.com
  • efmedispa.com
  • skinviva.com
  • rivershospital.co.uk
  • parkhillhospital.co.uk
  • fairfield.org.uk
  • cosmeticskinclinic.com
  • elanic.co.uk
  • nucosmeticclinic.co.uk
  • newbirkdaleclinic.com
  • bellavou.co.uk
  • proskinclinics.com
  • aurora-clinics.co.uk
  • miloclinic.com
  • belvedereclinic.co.uk
  • stjosephshospital.co.uk
  • karidis.co.uk
  • mybreast.org
  • circlehealth.co.uk
  • cckat.com
  • staianoplasticsurgery.co.uk
  • courthouseclinics.com
  • outlineskincare.co.uk
  • epilightnewskin.co.uk
  • sthetix.co.uk
  • themcindoecentre.co.uk
  • hshairclinic.co.uk
  • cosmeticsurgery-partners.co.uk
  • drnewmansclinic.co.uk
  • jamesvmurphy.com
  • rhinoplasty.co.uk
  • clinicbeaucare.co.uk

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What to expect inside

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  • Cosmetic Surgery Market Report search trends page

Latest insights

  • mya.co.uk has the best Link Authority Score in the industry
  • thehospitalgroup.org has a high volume of referring links, however the average link is of poor quality
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: ramsayhealth.co.uk, rivershospital.co.uk and nuffieldhealth.com
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: harleymedical.co.uk, sknclinics.co.uk and transforminglives.co.uk

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20 pages Length

What Is The Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Report About?

This report takes a close look at the UK Cosmetic Surgery Market, where we try to identify which brand is performing the best in an online space.

We’ve looked at 46 different brand sites and ranked their performance against each other across key performance metrics such as brand reach, link authority, visibility change year on year and keyword potential. The report’s intended use is to give a glimpse into the state of the cosmetic surgery market and present a baseline analysis of individual digital performance.

We’re only able to gather a finite amount of data from the outside looking in. So, for companies interested we offer free digital audits, where we can get into the nitty-gritty and advise on the best ways to improve both PPC and Organic SEO performance.

There’s limited space in the design of the report so you won’t see all of the 46 companies mentioned. Only the top performers for each category are presented in the final design. If you’re a Cosmetic Surgery provider that can’t see your brand, don’t hesitate to contact the team, we’re more than happy to share the data on your brand!

Our Cosmetic Surgery industry analysis

Producing the report is only the first part of our job into market analysis. Once we have the data, we ensure it all makes sense and figure out why certain brands are at the top of their game in each area. We’ve brought this insight to you to give you the best overall view of the market and plastic surgery statistics. Read on to find out more.

Cosmetic Surgery SEO – who are the winners and losers?

It’s been an extremely mixed year in terms of visibility for the Cosmetic Surgery industry with some major shifts in positions.

Nuffield Health has moved into the top spot after a 9% increase in visibility.

BMI Healthcare has dropped into second place as they lost 14% of their visibility year on year.

Ramsay Healthcare has had a fantastic year for visibility, increasing theirs by an enormous 105%.

Spire Healthcare had an increase of 12% but Harley Medical had a decrease of 50%, moving them from second to fifth place in the chart.

Elsewhere in the top ten, there have been mostly losses with a couple of wins:

  • Skin Clinics (-62%)
  • Mya (-60%)
  • Harley Street Hair Clinic (+49%)
  • The Private Clinic (-57%)
  • MyBreast (+49%)

Keyword opportunities for Plastic Surgery sites

You’ll find our top competition and opportunity keyword charts in the full report. Use them to help you understand this section more clearly.

It’s clear to see that the keywords in this market are all based around types of treatments rather than specific clinics.

Well done to Nuffield Health who is ranking in the top 3 for many of the top opportunity keywords including ‘breast enlargement’, ‘breast augmentation’ and the high competition keyword ‘plastic surgery’.

Despite being a seemingly niche market, some of the keywords bring up products available on the high street making this a more competitive landscape than might once have been thought.

In addition to this, many of the search terms bring up press articles and videos about the procedures.

And almost every search term has related questions, proving there’s clearly a need for education and consideration in this sector.

Content is key

Clearly Harley Medical has paid attention to the need for answers in this field. Their article, ‘About Neck Lift Surgery’ has landed them a featured snippet for the term ‘neck lift’.

They’re also ranking in the top five for this term.

Spire Healthcare who is ranking in position one for the term also has a helpful guide on their Neck Lift page which covers all the FAQs.

Get yourself to the top

With this being such a varied digital landscape in terms of search engine results, and with local results winning most of the terms, you might find that using PPC in the cosmetic surgery industry is the way forward to appearing at the top of the page.

Well done to Sk:n who has the top ad slot for the highest competition term, ‘laser hair removal’.

How can Cosmetic Surgery sites build links?

Successful link building campaigns often feature fantastic content which has been outreached to the right publications. Building your link profile is vital as part of your SEO strategy as Google looks at this as a major ranking factor.

Mya is topping the chart for links with one of the highest link qualities and a good number of links per month.

A lot of their links appear to be going to images or surgery pages.

However, on closer inspection, it looks as though a lot of the URLs that have received a high number of links go through to a 404 page.

This means any links gained here would be lost which can damage the site’s overall link authority score.

They also have a few URLs for articles and forums which are redirecting to different pages on the site.

For any links here, the equity, albeit diluted slightly, will be transferred to the new page.

Identifying the 404 error pages and ensuring they’re redirected to a new page on the site could improve their link score overall.

Aurora is second in the chart with the highest average link quality.

Most of their linked pages are PDFs relating to customer questions.

They seem to be having the same issue with 404 errors on their site.

Nuffield Health is third in our chart with the highest average number of links per month of good quality.

They have a fantastic section dedicated to providing help and advice for many different medical queries, including cosmetic surgery.

These are brilliant guides and cover a fantastic range of issues, but they aren’t gaining any links.

A better outreach strategy and sharing these on their social media feeds could help them gain more links.

Social skills for Plastic Surgery industry sites

Nuffield Health is topping the social charts but most of their content relates to other aspects of the company such as fitness and other health advice.

Cosmetic Surgery is often deemed a controversial subject which could be the reason for them not posting much about their cosmetic surgery services.

As we mentioned in our previous episode, posting links to their cosmetic surgery articles could boost their profile in this area and also gain them some valuable links.

Mya is third in the list but has the second highest owned social score.

As their clinic offers solely cosmetic procedures, their social feeds are completely tailored towards this market.

They post lots of ‘before and after’ photos with client testimonials.

However, their biggest social asset is Instagram with over 51,000 followers.

Here, they post the same kind of content but also include memes, quotes, videos and reposts of customer photos.

This makes the experience feel more personalised and every post uses brand colours and styling.

They also recently tweeted a poll asking which procedure people would most like to see live on their Instagram story.

This kind of content is engaging, invites a response and also tailors the social experience to what customers and followers want.

Don’t keep cosmetics in the dark

Whether your clinic is solely dedicated to cosmetic surgery or offers it as part of a wider range, it’s still important to include it in your social media plan.

This kind of content is likely best suited to Instagram where the images do all the talking.

With an estimated 85% of millennials using their phones to make purchases before any other device and a membership of over 800 million, Instagram taps into an audience who can click and enquire in an instant.

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