Our Catering Equipment Market Report analyses the online performance of 55 brands to spot catering industry trends. Are you ahead of the culinary crowd?

Brands Featured

  • lakeland.co.uk
  • nisbets.co.uk
  • howdens.com
  • souschef.co.uk
  • drinkstuff.com
  • lockhart.co.uk
  • dartington.co.uk
  • caterkwik.co.uk
  • stephensons.com
  • shop-equip.com
  • nextdaycatering.co.uk
  • russums-shop.co.uk
  • allianceonline.co.uk
  • webstaurantstore.com
  • lincat.co.uk
  • parry.co.uk
  • wineware.co.uk
  • restaurantsupply.com
  • jla.com
  • pattersons.co.uk
  • fem.co.uk
  • fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk
  • bunzlcatering.co.uk
  • cs-catering-equipment.co.uk
  • ascotwholesale.co.uk
  • brakesce.co.uk
  • bidfoodcateringequipment.co.uk
  • catering-appliance.com
  • chefs.net
  • catering24.co.uk
  • blue-seal.co.uk
  • fridgeland.co.uk
  • koolmaxgroup.com
  • monoequip.com
  • dentonscatering.com
  • gmsuppliesltd.co.uk
  • hopkins.biz
  • mbswholesale.co.uk
  • buzzcateringsupplies.com
  • directtableware.com
  • globalfse.co.uk
  • falconfoodservice.com
  • yorkcatering.co.uk
  • dcs.supplies
  • ceonline.co.uk
  • fisherscateringsupplies.co.uk
  • bgbenton.co.uk
  • 247cateringsupplies.co.uk
  • cateringequipmentcentre.co.uk
  • ajstuarts.com
  • mscateringsupplies.co.uk
  • barmans.co.uk
  • adexa.co.uk
  • easyequipment.com
  • kcm-catering-equipment.co.uk

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What to expect inside

  • Catering Equipment Market Report front cover
  • Catering Equipment Market Report contents page
  • Catering Equipment Market Report visibility rank

Latest insights

  • webstaurantstore.com has the best Link Authority Score in the industry
  • souschef.co.uk has a high volume of referring links, however the average link is of poor quality
  • Sites that have grown considerably in SEO visibility YOY are: lakeland.co.uk, howdens.com and nisbets.co.uk
  • Sites that have lost visibility in the last year are: howdens.com & caterkwik.co.uk

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20 pages Length

What is the Catering Equipment market report about?

This report focuses on the Catering Equipment & Supplies Market, featuring 55 of the top-ranking catering equipment brands in Google for the industries most competitive keywords (keywords used are shown in the report). The study looks at a range of different benchmark metrics, to give qualitative scores, that brands can use to gauge where they perform within key aspects of their sites organic performance.

What will the report provide me with?

With this report, Salience provide Catering equipment and supply companies with an understanding of how their digital marketing efforts measure up to their main competition; a snapshot of the industry’s digital performance for the year, considering visibility (current standings, movements, and events that may have contributed), and, perhaps most importantly, opportunities for digital growth.

There’s limited space in the design of the report so you won’t see all of the 55 companies mentioned. Only the top performers for each category are presented in the final design.

If you’re a catering equipment supplier that can’t see your brand, don’t hesitate to contact the team, we’re more than happy to share the data on your brand!

Our Catering Equipment industry analysis

This report looks at the entire catering equipment market, providing you with data and information to draw your own comparisons. However, we’ve highlighted the biggest wins across the market and discussed why and how certain brands have made it to the top. Read on for more information.

SEO wins and losses in the catering equipment market

Lakeland remains the market leaders and has raced ahead of their competitors in terms of visibility after a 44% increase this year.

Howdens has also kept their 2nd place spot but lost 13% visibility.

And Nisbets is still in 3rd place with a 3% increase.

Making up the top 5 are Drink Stuff (-20%) and Alliance Online (-4%).

Elsewhere in the top ten, it has been mostly losses with a couple of big wins:

  • Sous Chef (+125%)
  • Cater-Kwik (-31%)
  • Lockhart (62%)
  • Dartington (-1%)
  • Wineware (-11%)

Which catering equipment suppliers were named the biggest online brands?

Placing them in rank order, here’s a rundown of the top 10 sites identified by the report:

  1. lakeland.co.uk
  2. howdens.com
  3. nisbets.co.uk
  4. drinkstuff.com
  5. allianceonline.co.uk
  6. souschef.co.uk
  7. caterkwik.co.uk
  8. lockhart.co.uk
  9. dartington.co.uk
  10. wineware.co.uk

Which catering equipment brands saw the biggest growth, and who lost out?

Giving you a preview of the report findings, the following were the biggest year-on-year visibility winners in the catering equipment market:

  • lakeland.co.uk
  • souschef.co.uk
  • cs-catering-equipment.co.uk
  • 247cateringsupplies.co.uk
  • lockhart.co.uk

On the other end of the spectrum, the catering equipment suppliers below lost out the most in terms of their their year-on-year visibility, and two noteworthy names among them are Howdens and Drinkstuff, who, despite their losses, hold spots in the list of biggest brands you’ve seen.

  • howdens.com
  • caterkwik.co.uk
  • drinkstuff.com
  • webstaurantstore.com
  • stephensons.com

What keyword opportunities are available to catering supply companies?

Despite coming 3rd place in terms of visibility, Nisbets is ranking within the top 3 for lots of our high competition and opportunity keywords. Their title tags tend to truncate and some of their meta descriptions are more like product lists, but they’re still getting themselves to the top of organic search results.

They have a lot of copy on their pages, explaining each type of product in more detail and providing answers to questions customers might have. Google says their aim is to best serve the user intent and have previously expressed that sites should do this by focusing on ‘producing great content’.

By extending their page copy, they have achieved this goal which has likely contributed to their SERPs position improvements.

Pay attention to PLAs

According to a study by Merkle, shopping ads now account for 60% of clicks on Google and product listing ad impressions increased by 47% last year.

Some of the search terms relating to specific items such as ‘commerical oven’ or ‘catering fridge’ bring up PLAs.

Adexa Direct and Catering Appliance are both doing this well, putting themselves right at the top of the page for keywords where they don’t otherwise rank highly.

Link building for catering supply brands

Google looks at your site’s link profile as a major ranking factor. So, it’s important to build it up with high-quality links.

Webstaurant Store has the highest number of searches per month of good quality, putting them at the top of the links chart. Their most linked-to page (aside from the homepage) is a buying guide on commercial toasters. The guide talks about each type of toaster in detail, including what to look out for, the benefits and things to consider.

The guide has over 2,200 links, adding huge value to the site.

Guides are a fantastic asset to your site as they provide useful information to customers while also showing Google that you know what you’re talking about and you can fulfil the user intent.

Lakeland is next in the list with the highest average link quality. They have a blog which contains lifestyles hints and tips as well as recipes and competitions. They also do posts in collaboration with influencers and celebrities such as Mary Berry.

The competitions and blog post images are gaining the most links here. Currently, the blog exists on a subdomain rather than a subfolder. Link equity gained here could be maximised if this change was made.

Sous Chef has the second-highest number of average monthly referrals. Their blog, Bureau Of Taste, has useful recipes, information about different foods and other lifestyle posts.

This is gaining a lot of links, but they don’t seem to be coming from sites with high domain authorities which is why the average link quality is so low in comparison. They could improve this score by outreaching their work to higher tier publications and creating work that will gain those links.

Unique data pieces such as surveys, infographics and other designed assets are perfect for link-building.

How are brands in the catering equipment market performing on social?

Lakeland is topping the social charts with the highest average number of brand searches and biggest owned social score.

And it’s easy to see why when you browse through their feeds.

Here’s what we loved about Lakeland’s social media:

  • Content that’s unique to each platform and suitable for the different audiences that use them
  • Links to their blogs
  • Interesting product promotions – step by step guides on how to use them
  • Product videos which are shoppable
  • Links to external articles they feature in or support
  • Updates on charity work
  • Effective use of Instagram story highlights

Nisbets is next on the list with a high number of brand searches per month and a good owned social score. They generally post product promotions and discount offers. However, they do also publish links to their blog posts.

Their Twitter feed highlights their staff and company insights which give the catering equipment brand a personality.

They are mostly using Instagram for product images with the image hotspot feature enabled.

Do I have to pay for the catering industry report?

No, this report is free. Just like all the other reports we produce. These reports help us to build relationships with brands in specific industries. Feel free to download your free copy with the form above.

I can’t find my brand, have you forgotten it?

Not all brands meet our thresholds when we put these B2B market reports together. If your brand is missing from this report, get in touch asap and we can include your brand in a personal report.

Speak to us if you have any more questions and don’t forget to download the report below.

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