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What's happening to the old Google Analytics ?

On July 1st 2023, google is entirely phasing out its legacy analytics platform, Google Universal Analytics. Meaning if you’re not already setup in GA4 well in advance, frankly, you’re up s*** creek without a paddle.

Data is at the core of what we do as search marketers, it’s been that way since we started back in 2009…

We’re a Human First Agency – that’s our fancy agency speak for seeing ourselves as business partners that function as an extension of yourselves. We’re far from quiet IT guys!

Salience helps build brands that last, using our strengths in data, logic, creativity and persuasion to serve your audience’s intent better and make you worthy of dominance in search.


What’s included in our GA4 migration?








Why Choose Salience for your GA4 migration?

Speed = dominance in our world.

Many of our services operate within an AGILE framework – In layman’s terms: we’re quick as a whip and fit like a glove.

Speed means we easily become an extension of your own team.

Slow progress & slow reactions are commonplace across the industry.

Great focus is given to crafting a close-knit partnership between our team & yours.

Across all our services, our human-first approach means we’re able to spin on a dime. Reacting to business challenges, consumer trends, or new opportunities as they happen, instead of getting bogged down with planners.

With Salience, you hire a hypercharged extension of your internal team, not a cookie cutter yes men.

When managing your migration, expect us to be thorough, we’ll be digging deep to find what’s important to you as an individual business.

How Much Does a GA4 Migration cost?

Pricing starts from £2,850. The bellow table should clear up where that cost goes:


  • Why is Google making discontinuing Universal Analytics

    Tech companies have seen increased pressure around privacy and data. GDPR in the EU was a game changer in 2016 and set the wheels in motion. The iOS 14 update in 2020 created huge blind spots in market teams’ data and measurements. Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla and Google have all announced the sun-setting of ‘cookies’. GA4 is a reflection of a cookie-less world in which marketing teams can still better understand user journeys.

  • When will Universal Analytics be dropped?

    July 2023 is the date you need to care about. You will be able to access to data for another 6
    months, but UA will stop collecting data at this time.

  • What is required from yourself?

    Access to all relevant tools in the website. Ability to make changes. Open mind in terms of what completion looks like. Willingness to engage in the process.

  • Who is a GA4 Migration relevant for?

    Anybody with a website! If you are a business with any sort of online journey, GA4 is an
    absolute prerequisite for understanding the journeys your customer takes.

  • What happens to their old UA? Does the data carryover or get archived?

    Data remains. 

  • What can UA do that GA4 cannot? What are the workarounds, or why does it not matter?

    UA out-of-the-box solutions for e-commerce, GA4 needs the events to fire.

  • What can GA4 do that UA cannot? Highlight anything particularly good.


  • When do we use UTMs and when do we use events?

    Google Ads doesn’t as auto-tagging works in a similar way to UTM.

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