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With a varied history across many industries, a love for written content and a knack for variety, Ellen has worked in the world of SEO for four years and counting. Starting at Salience Search Marketing in 2022 as a Content Strategist, they've developed skills across editorials, UX, wireframes, user flows and various other areas of the field. They're also involved with bringing Salience together with Cross Team Conversations, giving everyone a voice and a space to learn from each other.

Something You Are Proud Of

If there's one thing Ellen loves, it's giving people a chance to talk. That's why they took the lead on bringing the company together on a bi-weekly basis with Cross Team Conversations. Born from a chat on a day out, and growing into a regular feature of Salience life, it’s become a great resource for people in different departments to find out more about their co-workers, what they do, and any other area of interest across the industry.

They've also worked on some award-winning campaigns, such as the Dreams Sleep Matters Club, which won an award from the UK Search Awards in 2022 – Check out more about that one here: https://salience.co.uk/work/turning-dreams-beds-into-the-owners-of-sleep/

A Bit About Yourself

Never shy to try new things, Ellen's a creative at heart. Their degree from the University of Lincoln in Journalism and Politics led them to the gaming journalism industry, but since then they've tried their hand at many different fields. From medical assistance to maintenance engineering, and all else in between, the one constant thread throughout was writing.

Between jobs, they worked freelance as a writer and editor, before finding their footing in the world of SEO and never looking back.

In their spare time, they jump between hobbies. From audio production and voice acting, to cooking, drawing, and even time for a cheeky gaming session or two, there's a lot going on behind the scenes!

Ellen's work spans across many clients. Whether it be designing a page to launch a gaming bed for Dreams, creating copy for their Sleep Matters Club, or writing informative journals for other clients like Urbanest, their focus is always content-driven.

Check out some of their work here:




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