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Nat Took started her career in digital marketing by setting up her own travel blog in 2016 whilst working in other sectors. This led to her becoming self-taught in SEO and other digital marketing areas. With her travel blog and other websites ticking over, she then gained experience in a PR company specialising in travel, allowing her to gain further knowledge within this niche.

Nat then joined Salience Search Marketing in 2019 as a PR & Outreach Executive. Over time, she developed her skills in content and became a Content Strategist. During her time at Salience, she has worked with a number of clients in various niches and worked on award-winning campaigns.

Something You Are Proud Of

Nat is proud to have quickly developed her digital marketing skills, especially within content SEO, during her time at Salience. She has seen the company change and grow over the years and is looking forward to seeing what lies ahead with Salience.

Working on several big brands and helping with their content strategy has been an accomplishment. She has worked with brands like Dreams, Lindt, Carpetright and Brita.

During her early years at Salience, she devised an outreach campaign for women's health specialist Dr Brighten. This campaign saw a number of comics about menstruation being created and shared. The campaign gained a few links, including one from period charity Bloody Good Period, with whom Nat was able to liaise with for a further campaign.

Nat is also proud of helping Pet Drugs Online create their blog. She wholly owned this strategy and helped with what blogs should be moved from their current blog subdomain to the main domain, the content pillars and further editorial plans. Once this was up and started to get indexed, the blog began to rank for hundreds of keywords.

A Bit About Yourself

After spending time backpacking after Uni, Nat was bitten by the wanderlust bug. She loves exploring new places near and far and experiencing as much as possible, whether on a weekend break in the UK, a week exploring a few cities, or simply going on walks and hikes.

With a degree in Zoology and Conservation, the natural world is also something Nat has a keen interest in. When out on hikes, she often makes the walk take longer than it should as she decides to ID plants and animals that she may stumble across.

When she's not out exploring, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. Whether reading factual books, classic literature, or fantasy novels, she tends to have more than one book on the go at any one time. Her favourite author is Tolkien, who ignited her love for fantasy stories. If you want random facts about the Peter Jackson films, or how parts of Lord of the Rings link to the Silmarillion, or maybe an essay on the Valar of Arda, Nat is the one to go to.

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