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We monitor SEO performance in over a hundred industries and XL Moto in the motorbike accessory sector has recently stood out. Here, we’ll highlight their approach to growth, offering inspiration to those looking to grow their online traffic and revenue.

They’ve achieved a 50% increase in organic visibility in the last 18 months, which will ultimately mean a large increase in sessions and revenue.

How has XLMoto achieved these results in the last 18 months? Read more…

Organic keyword rankings:

XLMoto has improved rankings across most generic searches.

In the image below, you can see improvements across generic searches such as motorcycle clothing and motorcycle boots, alongside guest brand queries, such as 24 MX, a well-known brand in the space.

They’ve also increased the number of brand searches available. While their position hasn’t changed, the number of people searching for their brand is increasing.

XLMoto’s clear and user-friendly mega menu.

The website does a great job of getting customers to where they need to be as quickly and succinctly as possible. So, you can see here in the mega menu that there’s a clear dropdown, which sends customers to the area they want to shop. This also has the added benefit of clearly communicating the site’s category hierarchy through the navigation of the site.

As an added bonus, the site creates a customised and relevant journey, with the ‘Add Your Bike’ feature taking out that consideration stage of “is this given product right for my needs?”. You can see that right below.

Useful FAQ’S And Useful Content.

The content on this page is also genuinely useful, with FAQs presented at the bottom of the page. The XL Moto team has clearly identified these considerations at XL Moto, such as the “are women’s motorcycle boots different from men’s?”.

If I were to add anything to this, I’d investigate an internal linking strategy to link out to guides or inspirational content to really answer customer journeys and take the depth of content further.

As part of this, I’d probably look at splitting out this ‘how-to’ content because it reflects a separate stage of the journey and, therefore, should be housed in a separate area of the website.

Halfords example:

Halfords do this really well. They have buying guides that sit within their own hub, and they also hold reciprocal linking between the relevant categories. You can see that through the links that exist on the page here. This natural web of content across a topic is where content depth can get your campaign firing on all cylinders.


Whether you are a new online company or have been in the Motorcycle market game for 10 years, keeping up with any minor changes across your website can make all the difference, as shown by XLMoto’s approach.